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Emergency Chocolate Printable

Emergency chocolate printable - because there are times that chocolate is not a treat, it is a medical emergency!

This emergency chocolate printable is a great way to satisfy someones craving for chocolate. A perfect gift to give so they will have a private stash of chocolates on hand.

These would make great stocking stuffers, Valentine gift or inexpensive presents for co-workers. It is a great fast and easy last minute gift to make. 

Emergency Chocolate Printable


For these I used the 1.5 ounce size chocolate bars (43 gr) that I could buy in bulk on-line and more expensively from grocery stores.

While I used Hersey's chocolates you can use any brand as long as the size of the chocolate is about 5 inches by 1-3/4 inches and that it is a smooth surface.

Print off as many copies of emergency chocolate pdf  that you will need, there are 2 wrappers on each pdf.

 Print Emergency Chocolate PDF

Place the pages separately on a table to make sure that the ink from the printer dries. I usually just let them dry for an hour or I will print them in the evening and let them dry over night. (It really depends on how cheap your ink is.)

Cut the pdfs in half so you have two wrappers. On a clean surface place the wrapper face down.

Center the chocolate bar over the center of the graphics. Cut off the excess paper from the sides, top and bottom of the wrapper. 

Carefully wrap the paper around the chocolate bar making sure that you don't smudge the ink.

You are wrapping it like you would a gift with the seams on the back on the sides folded in to points and wrapped to the back.

I press in the sides of the paper so it forms to the curve of the chocolate bar.

Tape the wrapper to the chocolate bar and you're done!

May 6th is National Nurses Day and this would make a fun little gift for the nurses in your life. (I was contacted by a nursing teacher who told me that she made a bunch of these up and gave them out as prizes in her class.)

These would also be amusing for someone who has just finished a first aid course.

You could also pop a few of them into a gift bag for someone who is recuperating along with a get well soon card.

They are perfect for students that are stressing through exams or to the love lorn at Valentine's.  

Emergency chocolates, no home should be without them.