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Easy Things to Draw With a Pencil

Drawing something as simple as a cupcake can be a lot of fun. This easy-to-remove subject will allow you to practice your geometric shapes and add details. Aside from that, drawing Zentangles is therapeutic and can transport you to another world. Regardless of your level of artistic ability, there is a simple thing to draw with a pencil that is fun and therapeutic to do. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Drawing from the shoulder

The best way to draw from the shoulder is to remove with your elbow as your pivot. This allows you to use the entire arm in one smooth movement while maintaining a comfortable grip. In addition, it will enable you to hold the pencil higher and gently, leading your strokes more quickly and accurately. This method works best on a surface that does not allow you to rest your elbow on top of it. You can use an easel to draw on when you draw from the shoulder.

It is helpful to start from the shoulder if you are a beginner. Then you can work up to a point where you want to draw. Once you know how to remove it from the shoulder, you can start working on the arm’s motion. This way, you can get a better feel for where to place your hands and where to position them. As you practice, you can work on extending and retracting your arm.

While drawing with a pencil can be expressive, it can also be tedious. Getting stuck on a small detail and spending hours refining it is easy. This frustration can lead to giving up on drawing altogether and reaffirming that it’s just too difficult. Drawing from the shoulder is not easy, but the benefits make it well worth the effort. You can practice this technique if you know how to draw correctly.

Drawing from a favorite artist’s work

When you first begin to draw, you should visualize what you would like your final artwork to look like. Pay attention to the size, orientation, and proportions of your Drawing. Make thumbnail sketches or use photo editing software to figure out the composition. Afterward, you can draw from the image to refine it. Then, remove from a favorite artist’s work to get an idea of the composition.

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A pencil is an excellent medium for creating sketches. Unlike a paintbrush, it’s affordable and requires no training. However, drawing with a pencil requires a great deal of control. Pencil drawings show great attention to detail, as well as skill. Some of the best pencil drawings were created by children. Shania McDonagh, a sixteen-year-old artist from Ireland, won the Texaco Children’s Art Competition, which is an excellent place to begin your sketching endeavors.

A few artists to check out our American and European artists’ distinct styles. You might find a favorite style among them. Artists like Marissa Textor are known for creating photorealistic pencil drawings. Their work typically features nature and rugged landscapes. Another good example is the work of Alex Konahin, a Latvian who also works with a pencil. His work often features disproportionality, although it is difficult to determine if this is his current style.

Drawing from a photo

Have a hard time drawing lips? You don’t have to be a talented artist to outline lips. Use your iPhone’s photo editing apps to turn your photos into sketches. Photo Lab, for example, can transform pictures into drawings automatically. Just upload your image, and a few taps on your iPhone will convert it into a sketch. Then, you can add your lines to finish it.

First, choose a sketch filter that works with your subject matter. If you’re trying to draw a lone tree, you probably won’t get the best results from a colorful cartoon filter. A monochrome, black and white pencil sketch will likely work best for a photo of a barren landscape. A brightly-colored drawing would be appropriate for a picture of a happy child. To fine-tune your sketching effect, try using custom settings. This way, you can create something that’s uniquely yours.

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Drawing from a dream vacation

Consider drawing from your dream vacation if you are always drawn to a blank page. You might find it soothing to imagine a sunny day on a beach. However, try reversing your perspective if you feel stuck when you draw a vacation scene. Removing a dream vacation scene can help determine whether your dream has a specific meaning. If your goal is about a tropical island, you might want to reframe your Drawing to reflect the place you’re most comfortable.

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Your dream may reveal your creativity and artistic abilities. It may also indicate an essential disagreement with a partner or an old friend. If you see a pencil, you’re probably being challenged in your work or with your creative abilities. This may signify trying a new creative endeavor or improving your current situation. The pencil symbolizes a creative outlet and can also reveal your hidden talents. You may be drafting a picture to help you express yourself and learn something new in your dream.

Drawing a crystal

To draw a crystal, you should begin by defining the contours and boundaries of the surface. Next, you should remove the face of the crystal. Draw a smooth hand with lines that are both straight and smooth. You can also paint the crystal if you wish. For example, blue crystals will darken toward the bottom, while white crystals will appear bright and white. The light must be defined on the surfaces closest to the light source.

You will need special watercolor paper and a pencil to draw a crystal. First, use the pencil to draw two parallel lines across the middle of the sheet, then add a fifth-cm-long straight line. After completing the outline, cut the crystal into pieces and connect the cables. Now, you will have a beautiful crystal drawing. You can refer to Peggy’s botanical line drawing to draw a crystal with a pencil.

After completing the outline, draw the faces of the crystal. Students enjoy dissolving the pencil work with a wet brush. After that, move the brush around the crystal and paint one section at a time. It should look like a mosaic. Eventually, the crystal will look like it was formed over thousands of years. You can try to draw a crystal by following the steps outlined in the packet.

Drawing a sleeping arctic fox

If you want to draw an arctic fox, here are the steps to remove one. First, outline the fox using black and orange pencils. Once the outline is completed, make small, light strokes on the remaining areas. This will add texture and fill in large sizes. Afterward, add details to the fox’s face. You can also use any shade of pencil to make it look like you are sleeping.

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Next, draw the rest of the arctic fox with light strokes. You can also add other details and try different poses to give the Drawing a unique look. Once you have finished drawing, finish your piece with colors. It is time to practice once you have mastered the steps to draw a sleeping arctic fox. Fortunately, this tutorial will teach you six easy steps to remove the sleeping arctic fox.

Begin by drawing the face. The face should be a wide rectangle or trapezoid shape with a pointed tail. Next, remove the eyes and mouth. Use a black and orange fine liner pen to make the ear shapes. Finally, you can finish your Drawing by adding a storyline. This step is crucial when you’re drawing a sleeping arctic fox.

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There are a few great options if you’re looking for resources to learn how to draw. You can watch YouTube videos on the subject or buy books on drawing techniques. For advanced drawers, Art of Wei is an excellent choice. This podcast is full of information on human anatomy and drawing people. You can also listen to the audio version. Art of Wei also has a podcast that’s worth checking out.

Emmy Kalia’s channel

If you are looking for inspiration on how to draw people, you can follow Emmy Kalia’s YouTube channel. Emmy specializes in teaching people how to draw portraits with a pencil. Her paintings are detailed and impressed me. Her method of describing each part of a face and the way to remove hair is also excellent. This channel is a great place to start if you’re starting out learning to draw people.

Emmy Kalia is a pencil artist from Holland who has been drawing since August 2014. Her artwork looks as if it was taken from a photograph. She uses colored pencils to achieve this incredible level of detail. I’m a beginner in Drawing and wanted to learn as much as possible before committing myself as a full-fledged artist. I’ve learned so much from her channel.

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There are many art YouTube channels, but one of my favorites is Emmy Kalia. She combines her videos with time lapses to teach her subscribers how to draw. She also gives materials lists for each video and has a subscription option. Purchasing her products through her affiliate links can also earn you some passive income. You can start a side business by selling your artwork if you enjoy drawing.

Betty Edwards’ book

The author of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain is a world-renowned art teacher and author. Her work has sold millions of copies worldwide. Her first book, published in 1979, was an instant bestseller, remaining a NY Times best seller for more than a year. It’s also used in colleges and schools worldwide. Her latest book, Drawing on the Dominant Eye, will be out in early November.

In this book, Edwards breaks down the drawing process into three main steps. The author discusses how to measure your progress and record your initial starting point. The author also advises using the right side of the brain, which utilizes more intuitive thinking. The book will help you improve your drawing skills in a short period. This book will be a welcome addition to their library for those who want to improve their drawing skills.

While Drawing may not be a part of your everyday life, it can improve your creative process. Betty Edwards is a world-renowned artist and speaker who regularly speaks at art schools and universities. She received her doctorate in psychology from UCLA. She has appeared on Time, the Today Show, and many other media. You can find her books in bookstores and online. She also consults for many leading creative businesses.

Betty Edwards’ groundbreaking Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain was first published in 1979 and has since become an essential art textbook. Today, it is the standard text for art schools and artists worldwide. More than three million copies of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain have been sold worldwide and translated into thirteen languages. The author’s methods have inspired many artists and helped millions of people to improve their skills.

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Kimon Nicolaides’ book

This book is not about creating beautiful pencil drawings but about capturing everyday life and expressing emotions. Kimon Nicolaides’ book is inspiring and a lot of fun. It was published posthumously after Nicolaides’ death in 1938. The book has sold over two hundred and fifty hardcover editions. The book’s narrator, Kimon Nicolaides, was a self-taught artist and has left a lasting legacy of art.

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The book follows a step-by-step schedule for three to four hours of daily Drawing, with gradual ramp-ups in various concepts such as contour and weight. Kimon Nicolaides’ book has an extensive list of drawings that illustrate the different aspects of Drawing. Although this is a comprehensive guide to the art subject, it is also helpful for those who have just taken a five-day course. The book also includes ample space for sketches, so you can continue practicing Drawing even if you don’t finish the book.


You probably have heard of Sketchbook Pro and Photoshop, but did you know there are other ways to learn how to draw? You can even check out online resources, such as Ctrl+Paint and Sycra. Both of these resources offer tutorials that will help you improve your skills as an artist. Some of the resources are free, while others cost a few dollars.

Consider a tutorial site offering free drawing lessons if you’re a beginner looking to improve your skills. The site’s creator, Brenda Hoddinott, is an artist herself, and her place is well-supported. The site also includes tutorials, free lessons, and a discussion board with tips and tricks for improving your skills.

For aspiring artists, Ctrl+Paint offers free online painting lessons inspired by Khan Academy. These instructional videos cover everything from basic principles of composition to digital painting. Their videos are about five minutes long, and you can integrate them into your existing curriculum. Those who would rather watch a tutorial than learn from scratch offer the option of purchasing digital products.

While there are paid resources for advanced artists, free drawing tutorials are still an excellent way to start learning. There are free tutorials on Ctrl+Paint that cover the basics. You can also take an online course from an artist-led service like Proko. This offers top-quality video tutorials for the aspiring artist to master the basics.


You can find many resources on Udemy that will teach you how to draw. Many artists recommend using the Art & Science of Drawing course on the site, a series of lessons designed to help you learn the fundamentals of Drawing. This is a good option if you have a limited budget or want to learn specific techniques. These courses are affordable and will help you improve your drawing skills.

One of the most attractive features of Udemy is its wide variety of courses. There are courses for hard and soft skills, and you can choose from various instructors who are experts in their fields. You can also take the course at your own pace and explore different topics. You can enroll in The Complete 2022 Web Development Bootcamp, or The Ultimate Drawing Course, depending on what you’d like to learn.

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