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Easy Thanksgiving Leftover Containers For Your Guest

Easy Thanksgiving leftover containers for your guest to take home all the extra food is a great thing to have on hand! I always make way too much food when I have the family over (especially the sweets) and they are always delighted to take some home with them. 

If it is your tradition to send everybody off with a little bit of something then it is always awkward to know what to put it in. You don't want to give them a dish that they have to return and paper plates covered with plastic just look a bit disheartening after such a fabulous meal.

Easy Thanksgiving Leftover Containers Tutorial

I came up with this idea several years ago. Though I try not to buy any food in excess packaging some times it can't be avoided and through out the year I keep the light plastic containers that many bakery, fruit and vegetable come in.

I clean them out and use them for take out containers for my guest. But I also have my little trick of making them look fancy-shmancy.

Peel off as much of the food sticker as you can. 

Print off these free Thanksgiving Leftover labels and adhere them over the old label with a glue stick. There, done, it looks great and is so easy to do!

Free Thanksgiving Leftover Labels Pdf

I also save the plastic containers that fruits and berries come in and line them with wax paper.

These containers have air holes in them at the bottoms and sides to keep air circulating around the fruits and berries. While these containers wouldn't be very good for wet left overs like mash potatoes they are ideal for solid type desserts, such as a slice of cake, cookies, bars and pastries.

Roll out enough wax paper so you could line the top, sides and bottom of your container.

Take a piece of tissue paper and cut it to the same size as the wax paper.

Fold one side of the tissue and wax paper to the middle.

Using the container that you plan to line, measure the base of the container and fold the second side in so it is slightly smaller than the base.

Line the container from one side with a small amount of the wax covered paper above the edge of the side. Press it into the bottom of the container and up the other side.

Crease it at the top and fold it over the top.

Cut off any excess wax covered paper. I like to cut it about an inch longer than the top, do another fold and fold the excess down the side. Place whatever goody you want in the container.

Close the top and glue a label on it if you have not already done so.

Here is another example using a larger container. Again I lined it starting at one side where I left about an inch over the side edge, pressed it into the container and the other side.

So I didn't have anything yummy to place into the container (haven't started my baking yet) so I decided to use these apples (not that apples aren't yummy).

Fold down the one inch edge on one side.

Cover the apples and cut about an inch longer than you need and fold down the far edge and tuck it into the side.

With a label on it it looks great!

I make these up well before thanksgiving and try to have them in a variety of sizes as some people just want one more little nibble and others would gladly take home everything they can.

The great thing about this little trick as you can make the tissue paper suit what ever the occasion is. If you are giving them a slice of birthday cake you can use tissue paper that has Happy Birthday on it. 

Easy Thanksgiving leftover containers that will seal your reputation as the hostess that has everything under control and that sends your guest off with the leftovers of a fabulous meal without you having to worry about anyone returning dishes or containers! 

Gobble, gobble!