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How to Sew an Easy Backpack

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Easy Knapsack to Sew

When I say this is a simple backpack to stitch I imply really simple, incredibly, simple it actually doesn’t get simpler than this!

This knapsack pattern is so basic to stitch you can make one up in much less than an hour.

I make use of to send my kids to swimming lessons with these backpacks as they were small enough to fit on their backs but big enough to hold their coastline towels, brushes, swimsuit and also various other bits and items that they needed.

As I always made mine from cotton they were basic to throw in the laundry (after eliminating the cords) to get rid of the chlorine odor from their wet swimwear.

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These can be utilized for all different objectives for kids and adults full of whatever you need.

Naturally these are suitable on your own during the summertime when you desire an enjoyable bag instead of a handbag.

Easy Knapsack to Stitch Tutorial

I constantly make use of cotton or a mostly cotton mix. If the textile that you selected is thick sufficient you will not need to line it yet I discover lining these knapsacks makes a better surface.

Cut two pieces of your backpack fashion fabric 15 inches by 19 inches.

Cut 2 items of your lining fabric the very same dimension, 15 inches by 19 inches.

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Take one style material and one lining material and also put them ideal sides with each other. Stitch around all four sides however leaving a small opening to turn it from top to bottom.

Transform right side out. Press the edges out so they are crisp. Sew the opening closed.

Repeat with the 2nd style fabric and also lining.

Iron these items.

On each of the items deny among the 15 inch sides by 1-1/2 inches. Iron the edge as well as sew across the bottom of the turn. You are making a tunnel for the cable to experience.

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With the two pieces appropriate sides together sew from an inch listed below the tunnel where the cable goes all around the backpack to an inch below beyond.

Turn this inside out and also press.

You will certainly be placing two grommets in at the bottom of the bag, one in each corner

Following the direction on the grommet plan place a grommet in each corner of the bottom of the bag regarding 1/2 an inch from each edge.

(Quickly you punch an opening where you desire the grommet, area one side of the grommet with, position the opposite of the grommet on as well as with the device included in the package you hammer them with each other.)

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Taking two pieces of cable or rope each 64 inches long you are mosting likely to string them with the top channels of the backpack.

I locate it easier to place the cord on a big safety pin and also draw the pin with the channel.

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You will certainly draw it with one side and then the various other so both side of the cable will certainly get on one side.

With the 2nd piece of cable do the exact same yet begin on the opposite side of the bag.

At the end of the bag where the grommets are pull one of the cables with and tie it together with the various other to create a knot. this on both sides.

You can have a lot fun making this backpack in a selection of fabrics to match the activities you are using them for.

With less than an a yard of textile and also an hour of your time you can make a simple knapsack to sew.

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