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Easter Table Setting

While pink might at first glance seem an odd choice for an Easter table setting it pulls it together perfectly. This pink is a soft pastel hue and it becomes a great backdrop for the white and gold tones of the linens and place mats.

Pulling Together Your Easter Table Setting

Round Charger Dinner Plates, Gold 13 inch, Set of 1,2,4,6, or 12 (1)

I let the colors of the flowers and the figurines dominate the table and left the rest of the elements on the plainer side. I used a pink table cloth, gold mesh place mat, gold under-plates, white dishes,  gold rimmed cup & saucer, white napkins and a delicate silverware called Garland.

The basis of this tablescape is gold, white and pink, when you start throwing too many elements on the table it can make it look too busy. 

The flower arrangement was a very simple design of only three types of flowers. There was no one at the flower section of the grocery store to help me so I could not buy any greenery. (The green you see are from the leaves of the flowers.)

I made this arrangement with miniature white carnations, miniature pink carnations and pink alstroemeria in a silver plated rose bowl that I had placed a flower frog in. (Learn how to make flower arrangements with flower frogs HERE.)

I love to add a multitude of whimsical things to the table and even though the base of it was composed of fine linens and china I added my Beatrix Potter collection of musical figurines, 1950s chick salt & pepper shakers, Bunny Artist Place Cards (you can get the free printable HERE) and colorful Easter eggs.

I have a small collection of vintage salt & pepper shakers. I love the figural ones such as these little chicks because they are small, bright and happy.  Too many of them can look cheap so use elements like this with a light touch.

Another one of my Beatrix Potter Music Figurines.

Poorly Peter Rabbit.

Mrs. Rabbit

I love collecting small whimsical items to add to my table but have learned over the years that unless it is a children's table you have to do it sparingly. This rabbit napkin ring while charming, did not make the cut. He might get used on a magic themed table later this year or he would also look good on a Alice in Wonderland themed table.

I tried for a balance between elegant and fun with this table setting! The combination of pink, white and gold is one I love to use and would be great on a Valentine's table or a ladies lunch.

Have fun with your Easter table setting and have a lovely Easter.