Easter Lily in a Bowl

Planting a Easter Lily in a bowl will make your grocery store plant look as if it came from a designer florist.

An Easter Lily is a beautiful plant to have in the home during the holidays but the the plain ugly plastic container they come in are not very attractive.

Even if they are sold with foil wrap around them they don't really do justice to the beauty of the plant so a more decorative way to present pants is to plant them in bowls. 

This Easter Lily looks stunning planted in a blue and white Chinese bowl.

There are some tricks and tips that you need to know if you are planning to do this. 

Grocery stores and big box stores generally start selling Easter Lilies about 3 weeks before Easter. They will be tight budded at this time as you want the full bloom to be closer to the actual date of Easter.

Easter Lilies are very highly scented and while most people love the smell of them a few people can find them overwhelming if they are in a small room. I place my Easter Lilies in the front hallway where they can be admired by all and the scent gently drifts through the house.

Planting a Easter Lily in a Bowl

Line the base of your bowl with plastic, I just used a white plastic grocery bag.

If the top of your pot it higher than the bowl take a good pair of scissors or metal snips and cut off the top of the pot.

Take a few handfuls of stone or pebbles and spread them on top of the plastic bag.

Cover the pebbles and plastic with soil and even it out.

You can use this same technique with many other plants.

I have noticed this done with orchids in home decor magazines where they have several orchids left in their own pots but planted together in a bowl.

Remember to keep your Easter Lilies watered but do not swamp them with water as there is no drainage in the bowl. Your lilies will last longer if you do not place them in direct sunlight, but if the most gorgeous place for them is by a window then it is better to admire them there and have them last for a shorter time.

I generally throw the spent plant onto my garden compost heap as getting them to bloom again for next year at Easter is almost impossible as their natural blooming time is in June and July.

An Easter Lily in a Bowl is a beautiful decorative touch at Easter.

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