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Easter Egg Box Printable

Free printable Easter Egg box.

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This egg shaped Easter Egg Box Printable is simple to make and you can put all sorts of little treats in it.

You can either cover them with fabric, as I have done here, or use some fun paper that you might have on hand. I have used cereal box card board to put this together so it is a recycling project as well.

This is an easy little inexpensive project that would be fun to do with the kids.

Easter Egg Box Printable Tutorial

Print out a copy of the

Easter Egg Box.pdf

and make a template out of stiff cereal board.

Cut out two egg shapes from cereal board using your template. 

If you are covering your egg with fabric or paper try to find a thicker cereal board to make the front and back. 

(You could make this out of colored card stock but realize that the egg will be a little more delicate unless you glue two pieces of card stock together.)

The thicker the fabric the more glue you will have to use and there will be more chance of the cardboard warping.

Center your egg on the fabric and cut a egg shape about 1 inch larger on all sides. I used very thin cotton and poly/cotton fabric to cover the eggs. 

I flipped the cereal cardboard as the design was showing through the fabric on the other side. Using a glue stick, glue the fabric to the egg shape.

Cut slits all around the egg so you can pull the fabric and glue it onto the back of the egg.

Print off a copy of the

Easter Box Lid and Base Liner.pdf

from regular paper and glue it on the back of the egg so you are neatly covering the fabric edge.

Make a second egg for the back of your Easter box.

Print off

Easter Box Top.pdf

Easter Box Bottom.pdf

Cut out the boxes and score along the fold lines with a bone folder or other dull edge. Fold the edges up to make the box and glue or tape the flaps. I taped the top lid flaps to the outside and the bottom lid flaps to the inside so the box would smoothly fit together.

Center the boxes on the eggs and using a glue stick glue them down.

Make sure that when the boxes are placed together the eggs align.

These bright happy boxes can be filled with all sorts of goodies and be part of a Easter Basket or, if there is something really nice inside, the main gift at Easter.

An Easter Egg Box Printable makes a cute addition to your Easter.

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