Easter Bags Printable

Free printable Easter Bags for treats or small gifts.

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This Easter Bags Printable is  great as sometimes you don't want to give a big Easter Basket to celebrate the season but need a little (cheap..cheep) container to pop a few things into. 

These Easter bags printable are an easy craft idea. You just have to print them off from our PDFs to make them at home. They take just 2 pieces of standard paper and a glue stick to construct each bag.

They are ideal if you need to make a bunch for a group or want to add a bag into an Easter basket that will keep a precious token safe.

Formed on a tissue paper box they are fast and easy to put together and very addictive to make.

Free Easter Bags Printable PDF's

To make this craft there are three different style that you can choose from.

A cute little Easter Bunny Bag PDF

 a happy little Easter Chick Bag PDF

or a colorful  Easter Egg Bag PDF

New Styles HERE

Print out the Easter craft design that you want and take a plain piece of paper glue it to the side of the print.

Center the design in the middle of the large side of a tissue paper box (size 2-3/4 inches by 4-1/4 inches and 8-3/4 inches high) and firmly  crease the paper on two sides. Take the paper off the tissue box and fold the creases so they are crisp.

Put the paper back on the tissue box and wrap it around the tissue box creasing the other two edges.

Take it off again and fold the other two creases so they are crisp.

You can cut off about an inch of excess paper if you feel the bag will be too bulky.

Put it back on the tissue box and glue the edges together.

The top of the bag will be flush to the top of the tissue box. Put this face down on your table and fold over the bottom as you would in wrapping a gift.

Glue each fold that you make. If the gifts that you are putting in to the bag are going to be very heavy you should cut a piece of cereal cardboard the size of the bottom of the bag and glue it into the inside of the bag.

Make sure that the bag bottom is well glued so nothing will fall out.

Carefully slide off the tissue box.

You can crease the bag so it has folds in the sides if you want or if you need to store them flat before you use them.

On a clean surface place the image side down and push in the sides so the folds on the front of the bag meet the folds on the back of the back. 

Press to make side creases.

You could just add your Easter gifts inside and fold over the tops and staple them closed but I decided to fold them over, punch two holes about a half an inch apart. I then pulled the ribbon through each hole at the back and cut the ends. 

This Easter Bags Printable is a easy and fast Easter craft to make that looks great and can be filled with either candies, little gifts or small toys.

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