Do Americans Like Kurdish People?

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Does Biden’s friendship with the Kurds date back 20 years? Is it true that Nashville, Tennessee has more Kurdish residents than any other U.S. city? Does this relationship explain why Biden is being derided in the Turkish media as an “enemy of Turkey?”

Biden’s friendship with the Kurds goes back twenty years.

While his friendship with the Kurdish people dates back two decades, Biden is more likely to address the issue of the Iranian-Kurdish conflict in the future. During his time as a senator from Delaware, Biden embraced the Kurdish cause and stayed friendly with Masoud Barzani, the president of the Kurdistan Regional Government. Biden hosted Barzani at the White House in 2015, referring to him as a “friend of the Kurdistan nation.” Later, during his final trip abroad, Biden also met with him at the Davos World Economic Forum.

In addition to his friendship with the Kurds, Biden has made it a point to stand up for the rights of Kurds and their independence. During his time as vice president under the Obama administration, Biden used his relationships with Kurdish leaders to help the Kurds avoid strengthening their position vis-à-vis Baghdad. Biden supported the Kurds’ right to self-determination, but he also pressured Erbil and Barzani to compromise with Baghdad. For example, he asked Barzani to delay the vote on the KRI constitution because Kirkuk was included. The inclusion of Kirkuk would have ignited ethnic conflict and undermined U.S. interests in the region.

After the election, Biden visited Erbil and met with the Kurdish leadership. The Biden trip to the region fueled hopes for U.S. policy stability in Syria. He also met with SDF leadership in August and September 2021, highlighting the importance of peace in the area and the ongoing battle against ISIS. And the Biden visit rekindled the friendship between the two groups.

Nashville has more Kurdish residents than any other city in the U.S.

Despite recent political turmoil, there are still many signs of a welcoming culture in Nashville, including the presence of a large Kurdish population. The Metro Nashville Police Department employs a Kurdish police officer, and another is in training. Nawzad Hawrami, who manages the city’s predominantly Kurdish mosque, also serves on Mayor Megan Barry’s New Americans Advisory Council. While the city has many ethnic groups and religious groups, the Kurdish community is more interested in foreign policy and education.

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More Kurdish immigrants have settled in Nashville than anywhere else in the United States. The Kurdish community in Nashville, Tennessee, consists of about 15,000 people. Many Kurdish immigrants come to Nashville from other U.S. cities to seek refuge. Many of them buy baklava, flatbread, and black tea at the city’s two Kurdish markets.

Despite its size and diversity, Nashville’s population of Kurds is often subject to bad news. The emergence of a Kurdish gang in Nashville was reported in the wake of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. During the midst of this, a mosque near Vanderbilt University burned. The construction of an Islamic center in Nashville was nearly blocked. The ACLU defended the religious rights of the community.

The Kurdish community in Nashville has long been linked to other communities. The first wave of refugees from Iraq, known as the Anfal Campaign, came to the Middle Tennessee city. As Saddam Hussein’s Anfal campaign swept through Iraq, many Kurdish families fled the conflict and sought refuge in the United States. These refugees impacted the city immediately and made it their home.

Turkish media slams Biden as an “enemy of Turkey.”

The Biden administration has sought to reassure Ankara by referring to its relationship with Turkey that Ankara has long decried as “anti-democratic.” It used languages such as the Ottoman Empire and its capitals of Istanbul and Constantinople. Biden conveyed his message to Turkish officials just a day before making his controversial statement. The readout of that maiden conversation highlights how the United States is interested in bilateral relations.

The case involving Halkbank may be of particular significance for Turkey, given the erosion of democratic norms in the country. Some Turkish government believes Fethullah Gulen was the architect of a failed coup attempt in July 2016. The Halkbank case could have implications for Iran sanctions. Turkey has also repeatedly branded Biden as an “enemy of Turkey” after the Obama administration used the word “genocide” to refer to the Ottoman Armenians during World War I.

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Recently, several major news organizations have taken a swipe at the Biden administration, accusing it of favoring the PYD and YPG, two offshoots of the PKK. The YPG and PYD are both pro-Kurdish groups. In July, the YPG and PYD were linked to a failed coup attempt.

The Saudi crown prince is Erdogan’s rival in the Middle East. The crown prince has pushed through a blockade of Qatar, approached Israel, and taken a hard line toward Iran. Erdogan has criticized the Saudi crown prince in the same breath. Erdogan is now attempting to build a narrative that will appeal to his support base. The Turkish media slams Biden as an “enemy of Turkey” by juxtaposing the gruesome killing with the Saudi crown prince’s meeting with Jamal Khashoggi’s son.

U.S. policy on the Kurdish region in Iraq

The KRG leadership has long hoped for greater autonomy for Iraq’s Kurdish region, but the Kurdish-American Congressional Caucus has complicated the process. Congress approved a U.S. consulate in Erbil in 2011 despite concerns that it would be an obstacle to economic development. But, the KRG leadership has made compromises with Baghdad and Washington to reap the benefits of increased trust.

In response to the referendum, the U.S. government halted its support of the Kurdish independence movement and warned the region not to hold a referendum in 2014. While this decision is likely to hurt U.S. efforts to fight the Islamic State caliphate, it also threatens to cause internal and regional conflict with other countries. It is unclear how the U.S. will respond to the referendum’s outcome if it occurs.

The U.S. policy on the Kurdish region in Iraq has not been formulated coherently. Instead, U.S. policymakers have treated the Kurdish community in individual states, and no state has granted them their autonomous status. However, Iraq has had an autonomous Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) since the early 1990s, and the central government is now testing the will of the KRG. As a result, the U.S. will have to maintain a delicate balance between the Iraqi central government and the KRG.

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This is a time when the Kurdish region of Iraq needs international attention. ISIS is a significant threat to the Kurdish region, which borders Iraq and is surrounded by Baghdad. There are several reasons why it should be recognized as such. The international community needs to focus on this conflict to end the Kurdish uprising in Iraq. So, the U.S. has a long way to go.

Syrian Kurdish forces are U.S. allies.

In a recent Atlantic article, Peter Wehner asserted that the U.S. should abandon the Kurds, despite their longtime loyalty to the United States. CNN also shoehorned Russia into the story, and Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Trudy Rubin declared that the president’s actions were sufficient grounds for impeachment. Regardless of what happens in Syria, Trump’s treatment of the Syrian Kurds has caused alarm among U.S. allies.

But why would a U.S. ally want to annex a Syrian region that belongs to its neighbor? The U.S. and Russia may be playing the same game. If Russia’s annexation of Syria is successful, then the United States may take over the role of the financier. Meanwhile, Turkey may not want to deal with another nation. But, if it does, the U.S. and Turkey may be in a much worse spot than it is today.

The United States’ withdrawal from Afghanistan has already sparked fears among allies. Meanwhile, the Kurdish forces in northeast Syria face a multi-pronged opposition. A Turkish incursion is also an impending danger. But recent U.S. meetings with the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) resulted in Joe Biden’s pledge not to abandon the SDF.

The United States must not walk away from the YPG alliance but must insist that the Turkish operation Peace Spring remain limited to the areas where the YPG is based. Furthermore, it must make sure that any deals with the YPG do not lead to a humanitarian catastrophe, which could worsen the situation. And while U.S. and Turkish negotiations continue, Syria’s Kurdish forces must focus on messaging and dialogue with Turkey to achieve a political settlement.

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But why didn’t Napoleon use military balloons in his war with the Confederates? His mitrailleuses were easily captured or lost, and his gallstones tormented him mercilessly. Perhaps most importantly, his balloons didn’t fit into his strategic conceptions. Here are some of the reasons why. (Read on to discover more.) Or perhaps you’re just curious. Whatever the reason, you’re not alone.

Confederate Balloons were quickly lost, destroyed, or captured.

Although the military used aeronauts during the Civil War, they were highly vulnerable to ground fire and erratic winds. Often, friendly troops mistook the balloons for enemy aircraft. Furthermore, Confederate gunners resented the observation above and fired potshots at balloons with each ascent. For this reason, many of the Confederate balloons were lost, destroyed, or captured.

While the military used balloons to scout areas, they were quickly lost, destroyed, or captured. During the Civil War, aeronautics was still in its infancy. As such, balloons were temperamental and forward-looking. Union army decision-makers did not understand the significance of balloons. For that reason, Union air force decision-makers did not use them, despite their great potential for aerial surveillance.

Lowe did have a problem with paying his civilian aeronauts. They often went unpaid for extended periods. Consequently, Ebenezer Seaver and Ebenezer Mason refused to take their duties until paid. In addition, John Steiner complained about not receiving enough money and quit the Marine Corps. Nevertheless, the military continued to use Confederate balloons, but it was not without cost.

Lowe had a personal animus toward John La Mountain. This prevented him from cooperating with him and even defended his command of the Balloon Corps. This was not an easy task because Lowe would not give in to La Mountain’s pressure from the press. Moreover, he had an aversion to the media, which he used to his advantage. After reading La Mountain’s article, Lowe felt the need to defend his command position.

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Napoleon underestimated the Russian winter.

In 1812, the French and Russian armies fought a battle on the icy plains of Smolensk, a port located two weeks from Moscow. Napoleon hoped to capture Moscow in two weeks and pin down the Russian army near the border. However, he underestimated the Russian winter with military balloons and failed to accomplish his strategic objective. After a successful campaign in the summer of 1812, Napoleon marched on Moscow in September, but he was likely to lose the battle without the veteran cadres of his first campaign.

Although Napoleon was a brilliant strategist, he lacked a basic understanding of war logistics. He thought an army marches on its stomach but left Moscow with no food for his horses. The Russian winter was particularly harsh, and his troops were starving. Although Napoleon was a charismatic leader, he was an epic idiot when it came to logistics. He underestimated the Russian winter with military balloons and was ultimately forced to renegotiate his strategy.

The French army fought against the Netherlands in 1795 during a harsh winter. Then, on November 9, the temperatures were as low as 15 below zero. The French could not advance through the Berezina, and thousands of men were killed or wounded. The Russian winter was also brutal for the French, whose soldiers could not march due to the thaw stroke.

Despite the Russian winter, Napoleon’s army fought a two-front war. He failed to consolidate the Spanish territories and did not maintain the military-industrial support he needed to win the war. He also was unable to drive the British off the continent. His primary mistake was not consolidating his Spanish holdings and instead of marching on to Russia. Napoleon’s ambition sowed the seeds of his destruction.

His mitrailleuses were quickly captured.

In 1861, General Irvin McDowell, commander of the Army of the Potomac, called on Lowe to use his balloon, Enterprise, to direct artillery fire on the Confederate encampment. Lowe used flag signals to run artillery fire to the target without allowing the gunners to see the marks. In the process, he revolutionized the use of artillery.

The problem with balloons was their unwieldiness and difficult maneuverability. They could damage themselves and injure pilots and attendants. Even worse, they were useless for observations, and their poor visibility made them ineffective in the field. This hampered the development of military balloons. And since balloons had to be launched and landed by a pilot, their balloons were easy to capture. Ultimately, the balloons were captured by the enemy, but this did not stop the development of military balloons.

In September 1870, when Paris was under attack by Prussians, France’s aeronauts suggested that a balloon could be used to send messages to the provisional government in Tours. Le Neptune was launched by professional aeronaut Jules Durouf from Montmartre on that fateful day. It carried twenty pounds of mail and landed behind enemy lines in Chateau de Craconville.

The Southern side had also tried to develop balloons during the Civil War, but a lack of money and materials led to many failed attempts. The first Southern balloon was described as a cotton-coated, rigid-coated cotton bag. It was quickly captured by the Federals, which led to its demise. And, as the North’s forces began to take over the beachheads, Reed had a hard time locating his soldiers and his equipment.

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