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DIY Mothers Day Photo Gift

A DIY Mothers Day Photo Gift that is easy, cheap but meaningful and something that will put a smile on her face.

You know that mom has a houseful of photos of the family when you were all little, but does she have any photos out of herself when she was a child and growing up?

What are the hobbies and things that mom has done all her life that you would like to celebrate. Does she love the water and swimming? gardening? racing Nascar? 

As kids we think of our mothers as always being a grown up and forgetting that they had a life before us. This Mother's Day why not give her a framed photo(s) of herself  in the acknowledgement that her childhood was important as well.

DIY Mothers Day Photo Gift Ideas

With modern photo development it is incredibly easy to copy a photograph and have it printed in any size that you would like.

If you have a scanner at home you can easily scan it and send it to a local store to have it printed, you could even scan it with your phone or just take a photo of it with your phone!

The hardest part of doing this for mom is getting the picture in the first place. If she has any brothers or sisters you can as them if they have any good photos of her as a child otherwise you might have to pull a Mission Impossible and sneak one from her photo albums.

A Photo Cube is a great way to place photos all in one place and have an interesting display of them.

A DIY Mothers Day gift that shows that you really have been paying attention to what is important to her.

You can do them all in black and white so any odd colorings from the different decades won't show.  Here is a photo cube of her through out the years from childhood to adult years showing her love of the beach.

Sometimes there are no childhood photos available because of any number of sad circumstances but you can always use a favorite photo of their youth.

This is a photo taken of my mother when she was 15 and trying her best to look like Rita Hayworth. It is easy to tweak photos so that mom is the star in them.

If you have time you can do a side by side photo where you try to recreate mom's hair-do on yourself and give a double framed photo of her and you as the gift!

You can photoshop strangers out of pictures, crop it so that they are in the center and change the color if the photo had faded or the colors had turned green.

If you don't have the programs on your computer to do this you can always send a digital copy to someone that can and then they can send it back to you.

Looking through photos of your mother as a child is bound to bring up a lot of questions that you can ask her on Mother's Day. It is also a great way to get caught up on family history.

This would also be a wonderful thing to do for your grandmother. If would be interesting to hear about her childhood and youth and the stories behind the photo that you give her.

Mother's day is suppose to be a celebration of you mother and what better way to do it than to find out more about her.  This a thoughtful, inexpensive fun DIY Mothers Day Photo Gift that she is sure to appreciate.

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