DIY Halloween Prop Pumpkin Boy

This DIY Halloween Prop Pumpkin Boy is surprisingly fast and easy to pull together. I was a bit hesitant about posting about it since it was one of those things that I made with just bits and pieces that hanging around the house but I thought that just the general idea of how to make it would be fun to share.

I had made a Lord of the Pumpkins the year before and I wanted to surround him with his minions. (There is more information about the Pumpkin Lord at the end of the article, if you want me to make a tutorial on the Pumpkin Lord then leave a comment to let me know.)

While I only had time to make one little guy this year next year I plan to have a bunch more.

DIY Halloween Prop Pumpkin Boy Tutorial

It started with the idea of using this pumpkin bucket as a head. These are cheap and easy to find. I ended up going back after I build my pumpkin boy and drilling holes at the bottom of the pumpkin bucket so when it rained the water would drain out. 

Limbs were made from old 2 foot long curtain hanger rods and a block of 2 by 2 six inch long wood.

I drilled a hole in the top of each of the curtain rods.

I screwed the curtain rod to the block of wood, one on each side of the wood but with both of the rods "feet" facing forward. These were screwed in tight but I could still move the rods around to pose the pumpkin boy.

Pushing the legs to the side I drilled a hole in the middle of the wood block that was large enough to fit a bolt through. This is what I used to attach the pumpkin head to the body.

I took a heavy gauge wire hanger, cut of the hanger part and straightened the wire the best I could. I ended up leaving it in a slight arc form as it looked like the Pumpkin Boy was reaching his arms out.

I didn't have anything on hand that I could use as a staple to attach the wire arms to the block of wood so I took screws and washers and attached them on either end of the block of wood but only tightened them enough to be able to slip the wire underneath them.

I then added a third screw and washer to the middle and opposite side of the block of wood to keep the wire arms in place. I then tightened all the screws to lock in the wire arms snugly.

This is what the finished armature of the Pumpkin Boy looked like. It is very basic but very quick to put together.

To dress my DIY Halloween Prop Pumpkin Boy I a sewed tubes of black cloth. I was not sure the size I wanted so here I am sewing the tube before I cut the fabric. 

When I was satisfied with the tube I cut off the excess and turned it inside out.

Here is each of the limbs covered with the black tubing and wired at the top of each limb to keep it from sliding off. Later I used staples to attach the tubes to the shirt of the Pumpkin Boy to keep everything secure.

I cut a piece of black cloth slightly long than I wanted the shirt to be and wide enough to cover the shoulders. I then cut a opening in the middle. You can see tiny white hairs all over the shirt courtesy of my little Westie.

Here is the body placed over the shirt. Then I just pulled down the front of the shirt.

Like I stated before I just stapled the shirt in place at the back and stapled the fabric of the arms and legs to the shirt as well.

I drilled a hole at the bottom of the pumpkin bucket and placed it over the bolt that I already had in place and secured it with a nut. I found that the shirt was a bit too long so I tucked it underneath inside and stapled it in place. DIY Halloween Prop Pumpkin Boy.

The cape was made from a piece of 45 inch wide orange fabric that I cut 24 inches long.  I turned over the hem a quarter in and sewed it and then turned it down 3-1/2 inches and sewed it. I then sewed above that by 1-1/2 inches to make a channel for a draw string. I also hemmed the bottom of the cape.

I wanted to use a black chord as the drawstring but didn't have one on hand so I used this thin orange ribbon instead. Attaching it to a bobby pin I pulled it through the channel.

I tested the cape on the pumpkin boy and marked where I wanted the cape to be on the ribbon.

I sewed the ribbon to the cape where I had marked it. If you don't do this then the gathers will be all loose at the front of the cape.

Here is my completed diy Halloween prop pumpkin boy. He is so basic that there are many other ways that you could dress him up (like putting him in a dress and making him a she).

DIY Halloween Prop Pumpkin Boy

Outside with the Lord of the Pumpkins. He doesn't stand up by himself even though he had "feet". I hammered a rebar into the ground and slipped one of his legs over it. Even in high winds this is keeping him steady.

The top of the head is left open, since he is in a garden that is slightly raised no one can see this. I popped a string of red outdoor lights into his head to light him up at night.

This is a photo that was taken last year with me standing beside the Lord of the Pumpkins. I am 5'9" so you can see how big he is.

Like the pumpkin boy he was made with what ever I had lying about. He is build using 1 by 2s and bolts. His body is stuffed with plastic bags and his head is an old blow mold that I had in my Halloween collection.

His throne is made from 2 by 4s and 1 by 4s and a branch that I found in the backyard.

A close up of the blow mold head.

So let me know what you think of this project! DIY Halloween Prop Pumpkin Boy.

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