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The Pumpkin Boy by Al Sarrantonio

When Jody Wendt sees a metal boy with a pumpkin head, she follows him into the woods to find out who he is. The story of The Pumpkin Boy is part of Al Sarrantonio’s Orangefield cycle. The plot is a bit hazy, but the characters are all very real. The story is haunting and a must read for any young reader. The Pumpkin Boy is a child with a heart of gold.

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The story goes that the pumpkin prince picked bananas to throw down a tree. As he was climbing down the tree, the pumpkin fell, breaking into a million pieces. When the pieces were rearranged, a young prince-like man emerged from the broken Pumpkin. He was a handsome young man with plump banana stalk legs and a moon face. The girls gathered around to help the newlyweds. This story is based on the traditional story of a boy who falls in love.

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The pumpkin boy and the princess walked down the street together. When the girl returned home, the villagers were amazed to see the newlywed couple. Many of them asked her about the groom and the princess. She told them that the pumpkin was the prince. As a result, the village girls began serving the couple. They served them food, cleaned up, and gave them water. The princess, who was very shy and reserved, was surprised when the young man popped out of the Pumpkin.

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The two walked into the forest and picked a few bananas to throw down a tree. The Pumpkin fell, and fell as he was climbing. The girl went back to her parents’ home and the village girls began to serve the boy and the princess. Some of them gave food, helped her with her chores, and even helped her with the washing. Others gave her water. And the pumpkin boys and the princess continued to be together.

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The Pumpkin Prince and the princess had a beautiful relationship. The princess had a beautiful daughter and a handsome pumpkin boy. The two were in love and the princess was very happy. The two women had been a long time friends and had been married in the village for several years. They had a lot of fun together. They also had children together, so the girl and the prince had to spend more time together. The princess and the pumpkin boy stayed together for one year.

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The pumpkin prince and princess were a happy couple. The princess had no other children. The girl had a sweet little boy named Pumpkin. He and the princess were very happy, but the prince was very jealous of the girl. The pumpkin prince made the princess marry a prince and the princess slept with the prince. The girl was very grateful to the Pumpkin boy and the pumpkin man. It also made her love for her more. The girls who came to the wedding were so happy.

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