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DIY Fashion

DIY Fashion is about learning how to do a few simple things that will help you have amazing style that costs a fraction of what people would think.

DIY Fashion 101

What are the first things that you need to know about DIY Fashion? Probably that a little goes a long way. Some of the simplest and most elegant clothes that women can wear are the Classic Clothes, clothes that are timeless and worth hunting out. 15 Classic Clothes Than Never Go Out Of Fashion, helps you start your classic clothes wardrobe.

On my podcast Be the Best Dressed Woman In The Room, I talk about the 3 things you have to do to be well dressed woman in the room regardless of how much money you have.

Coming Soon:

Learn to Move Your Style Up A Notch - not sure that you are dressing as well as you could? Move your Style Up with these ideas.

Learn how to Build A Perfect Wardrobe on a Budget so you will never be able to say that you don't have a thing to wear.

Learning about Dressing Appropriately so you will always be confident and stylish in any situation.

Five Places to Get Great Clothes That You Might Not Have Thought Of, the mall isn't the only place to get great clothes.

When money is tight learn how to Look Great In Cheap Clothes. Trick to use when your budget is tight.

When you have great clothes know how to take care of them.

How to Sew a Bra Strap Holder - Look pulled together with this easy fix.

The Secret of How to Clean Silk - Learn from a fabric conservator the easiest and best way to clean you silk clothes and scarves.

Making Your Nylons Last Longer - Great trick so you won't always be splashing out money on them.

The Secret of Breaking in Shoes - Get easy relief for you feet by breaking in your shoes before you wear them out.

Making Socks Organizer from Bristol Board - for your socks, briefs or underwear this very simple very inexpensive organizer will keep your draws organized and looking great.

Inexpensive Cedar Blocks for the Closet - Have your closet smell great and keep away the moths.

Your Fashion DIY include

Making Shoe Clips to Dress up Your Shoes - One pair of shoes with endless options.

Changing the Look of Your Clothes with Buttons - Change  ugly buttons to make your clothes stand out.

How to Sew a Fold Up Shopping Bag to Look Stylish not Frumpy

All this and so much more in the coming weeks!