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Decoration Ideas For a Fancy Wedding

Discarded tires can be painted in different colors and stacked up to form a small staircase for the stage. You can also use them as table covers, planters, and flower arrangements. Alternatively, you can string fairy lights across them and use them as tablecloths. This will give your venue a garden-inspired look. For more decoration ideas, read the articles below!


When it comes to tableware, your wedding will likely have various options. Everyone will need utensils, napkins, glassware, and dishes. Plates take up the most space and are where your place cards will sit, so they’re an essential part of the decor. While you can choose plain-white options if you want a simple look, you can consider colored plates and other items to add design to your table.

If you want to avoid traditional china, you can purchase recycled-plastic tableware. Bamboo and palm leaves are both environmentally friendly, and they’re a great way to save money at the same time. Personalized napkins are also available. If you’re looking for a stylish but affordable option, try Oriental Trading. They have everything you need to make your wedding look gorgeous, and they ship directly to your door.

When shopping for tableware, you can choose to include personalized coasters. These are not only decorative but also functional. Guests will love the keepsakes, and they’ll be reminded of your wedding day for years to come. Another essential detail to consider is table number cards. These will guide guests to their tables and prevent confusion about where to sit. Make your guests feel comfortable and keep the event flowing. You can find the perfect tableware for your big day with these tips.

Bouquet arrangements

A fancy wedding does not have to mean over the top. You can opt for a simple bouquet or a sophisticated and elaborate arrangement. A lei made with one or two focal flowers can be an elegant and romantic choice. Choose statement blooms such as lilies or calla lilies. There are also other options, such as mixed bouquets. You should consider your budget in choosing the right flower type for your wedding bouquet, as expensive and extravagant flowers are often hard to find.

Lilies of the valley are another classic choice for a fancy wedding. These small, bell-shaped flowers are often used to fill more giant bouquets, and they can also be a lovely touch in a larger arrangement. Their delicate appearance and sweet fragrance make them an elegant choice. Lilies are the most popular flower for weddings, but blue, yellow, and purple varieties are also more expensive.

Some brides opt for unusual bouquets, like the crescent-shaped one from Marigold SF. It looks like it is made of natural materials and pairs pale pink with fuchsia and purple. Bows & Arrows Flowers even tied their bouquets with the fabric of the bride’s mother’s wedding dress. The bouquet complements her semi-sheer dress with floral appliques.

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While there are many other options for fancy wedding decorations, candles are a timeless favorite. Candles will add romantic moods to your festivities, whether you’re planning a romantic brunch wedding or an elegant evening under the stars. There are several ways to stage candles, from vintage glass vases to trendy terrariums. You can also add some candles to your table centerpieces or use them as a centerpiece as filler.

To create elegant candle centerpieces, consider using taper candles. These candles are elegant and graceful. They get their name from the way their wick tapers toward the top. You can buy candles in different colors and sizes and arrange them in elegant candlestick holders or candelabras for a classic look. To make a candle that looks extra special, try heating paraffin wax in a double boiler.

Candles create a lovely glow along the pathway to the ceremony. Whether you’re using an outdoor setting, or a dimly-lit hallway, adding candles to the aisle will guide your guests through the ceremony. Your guests will feel the love and magic as they make their way to the reception area. There are also many different ways to use candles as decoration ideas for a fancy wedding. So, whatever your vision is for your wedding, you’ll be sure to find the perfect wedding decoration.

Garden-inspired decor

A garden-inspired wedding theme is an environmentally friendly and whimsical way to celebrate your nuptials. Using succulents as centerpieces, you can make the most of the natural beauty of your setting. A bride’s gown, groom’s tux, and bouquet will stand against the colorful, succulent arrangement. You can also incorporate edible flowers in the venue’s decor, such as sunflowers and sweet peas.

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The garden-inspired decor is an obvious choice to create a distinctly romantic and whimsical atmosphere. Adding cloches and other ethereal touches is an absolute must. Adding florals to bell jars and place settings is easy to achieve the desired effect. Another simple way to make the dessert table look elegant is to add velvet ribbon around flatware. This way, guests can also use the dessert table as a centerpiece.

The garden-themed decor is in style and on-trend. There are many ways to incorporate a garden-inspired set into your fancy wedding, from flowers and greenery to invitations. The best way to pull this theme off is to invite your guests to dress up as their favorite fairytale characters. Not only will they enjoy the opportunity to dress up as their favorite fairytale characters, but you’ll be able to make their day even more memorable.

Modern decor

If you’d like your wedding to look elegant but modern, you can easily change some decorations. Modern wedding decor includes greenery and floral centerpieces. Instead of using flowers, you can use greenery from your garden, cheaper than flowers. Using greenery as decor at your wedding can save you money since you can quickly harvest it from your backyard. In addition to flowers, you can add other elements such as green votive candles.

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Candles and lights are an ideal choice for contemporary wedding decor. These elements exude romance and comfort and look beautiful almost anywhere. A floating candle in a pool seems magical. Or a cluster of candles in a vase looks romantic in a park. Tea lights look beautiful at a wedding reception and go great with flowers or greenery. They are also a great way to accent chandeliers or drapes. Modern wedding decor also incorporates floating candles for an atmospheric effect.

Centerpieces can be anything from a cluster of peonies or a pillar of fresh flowers. Centerpieces should be used on the table and the floor. Incorporating these items into your decor will add depth and texture to the space. Couples on a tight budget can decorate the sweetheart table or scaled-down versions of the centerpieces on other tables.

DIY decor

Use your creative side to decorate the venue and save money for a DIY-inspired wedding! Hanging lanterns are a classic decoration for weddings, and they add pops of color to the space. Instead of flowers, try tying balloons to chairs and tables. And instead of putting flowers on the bridesmaids’ bouquets, have them carry balloons! Here are some DIY wedding decoration ideas:

For centerpieces, you can use jars. You can wrap them in satin or transparent lace and place candles inside for a whimsical touch. Pots can also be decorated with ribbons or twine. You can even use them as table numbers! You can add a personalized message to them by tying a bow or attaching a lace bow. Various DIY wedding decorations are very versatile. Try making mason jar centerpieces!

Another DIY wedding decoration is a table candle centerpiece. Candles in mason jars look lovely when surrounded by a garland of flowers. You can also fill lanterns with twinkly lights, making for an excellent light-up centerpiece! You can also create an upcycled wedding arbor by reusing an old vintage doorway. Decorate it with pretty garlands, or use wire ties to make a backdrop. A vintage drink station is another DIY idea. A table with drawers and lace over it can serve as the backdrop for the drinks.

Hanging fans and bunting can be inexpensive and easy DIY decor for your wedding. They are a great way to add a touch of whimsy and add a summer fete style to your big day. You can also create DIY flower wall backdrops with flowers and long ribbons. You can even tie fairy lights to the aisle! Then, use them to decorate for the reception afterward! This way, everyone will have fun and save money while decorating for your big day.

If you’re getting married on a budget, consider these just married car decorations. These decorations include pom-poms, Silly String, Lilly Carnations, Streamers, and Liquid chalk. All of these materials can be easily attached to the car. In addition, you can buy pom-poms in various colors to decorate the sign. If you’re looking for a more permanent sign, consider purchasing a “just married” decal. These are inexpensive and easy to apply.

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Silly String

Using Silly String as your wedding car decoration is a fun, festive way to decorate your special day. Spray the car with colorful streamers and balloons to make it look like a bride and groom are on their way to a wedding. Strings can be tied together in large bows to create a more significant impact. While not as elegant as more elaborate decorations, the silly string will undoubtedly add a personal touch to your wedding day.

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Depending on the season, you can opt to use flowers, stuffed animals, or even Christmas lights through the windows. Decorative flowers will add a romantic touch to your wedding theme. If your wedding is during the summer, you can string Christmas lights through your wedding car to make the vehicle look enchanted. While summer is the best time to use these decorations, you can even create them yourself. If you do not feel like making the decorations, you can use pre-made plastic flowers.

There are many ways to decorate your car, and you can use window clings as a no-fuss way to decorate your vehicle without worrying about damaging the paint. Window clings also allow you to showcase your new couple’s wedding date and initials. Suppose you were once stuck; smooth any bubbles with a credit card. You can also attach a stylish banner to the back of your car using string or ribbon. Adding streamers is a great way to complete the look.

Lilly Carnations

You can decorate the trunk of your wedding car with colorful and elegant “I LOVE YOU” foil balloons. You can also place a “JUST MARRIED” sign on the car’s roof. Lily Carnations make the car look fresh and bright. Lilies and carnations are the perfect choices for decorating a white wedding car. Add some pink fabric bows and a ribbon with your wedding date.

You can also mass them together to create a lush, layered look. Carnations are cheap and come in an array of colors. Although they are used a lot at weddings, some couples feel wary of using them on their wedding day because they have been labeled “filler” flowers. But carnations can be used for many purposes and cut your floral budget in half.

Adding a “just married” sign to your car is a classic way to announce your new union. A wooden “welcome to forever” sign is a great option. Streamers, cans, and strings can help you personalize the sign. The lace fabric sign can also be adorned with flowers. You can even add a bouquet or a floral garland.


Streamers are a popular way to decorate a getaway vehicle. They add a festive touch to the car without making it noisy or unattractive. Streamers can be found in all shapes and sizes and are available in colorful and slick styles. Streamers are also environmentally friendly and biodegrade when they fall off the car. If you are looking for the best ideas for decorating your getaway vehicle, consider using streamers to make it stunning.

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Streamers are inexpensive and easy to use. You can use mummy wrap for the same effect, but it won’t be as colorful as streamers. Streamers can be made of crepe paper or metallic material, which sparkles in the sun and doesn’t bleed when wet. You can also tie big bows to the vehicle’s hood to add an extra touch of flair.

Using window clings is an easy, no-fuss way to decorate your car without wasting time or money on paint. This is a great way to highlight the couple’s initials and wedding date without the worry of peeling off the decals when it rains. You can also use a tin can to hang streamers from the car’s window, which creates a loud noise and capture attention. You can tie the streamers together in a cluster or attach them to the bumper.

Liquid chalk

Just married signs on your wedding car are the perfect way to express your excitement, and there are many creative ways to use them. Adding a “Just Married” sign to your car’s back window is easy to display your new title. You can even write your new spouse’s name and wedding date on the car’s windows with a chalk marker. Liquid chalk is a great decoration option because it is safe, inexpensive, and easy to wipe off. However, be sure that the message doesn’t distract the driver from driving!

Another great way to decorate your car is to use pom-poms. Pom-poms are a fun way to decorate signs, and they can be purchased in many different colors. If you prefer to use colored chalk, you can write your message with chalk. You can buy a just-married decal and attach it to your car’s window even more straightforwardly. This decal is very easy to apply and comes in an elegant script font.

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If you use colored balloons, choose a banner that features the same “just married” message. These banners are easy to hang and are made from thick card stock. They are also available for free two-day shipping, so don’t delay! Just be sure to order them early enough to have them in time. Check out Pinterest for more ideas and pictures if you’re unsure what to use.

Flower centerpieces

A wedding car decorated with flowers is a traditional way to celebrate the couple’s new life together. In addition to flowers, a wooden just-married sign will also serve as a wedding favor. The couple can decorate the poster with cans, strings, or streamers and leave the message on the car’s trunk. Streamers can be fashioned from lace fabric and attached with string or ribbon to the car’s box. A flower-covered wreath or streamer is another unique way to decorate the vehicle.

For the decoration of the car, the bride and groom may choose flowers that will hold up well in the vehicle. If the bride and groom have a simple wedding, small flower arrangements tied to side mirrors may work perfectly. Bright, single-colored flowers may be appropriate, while darker or more exotic flowers may make a statement. If the wedding couple prefers to keep the car decoration simple, she can choose single-colored blooms, such as hydrangeas or daisies.

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Flowers and wreaths will not go unnoticed if you have a boho-chic or woodland-themed wedding. A wreath of greenery is an excellent alternative to a floral arrangement. Evergreen foliage such as rosemary, fir, and pine can be woven into a wreath for a rustic look. Or, if you’re having a summer wedding, try using a lemon leaf wreath instead of flowers.


There are numerous options for just-married car decorations. One excellent option is a window cling, which you can stick on the window without risking damage to the paint job. For a more durable option, purchase rubber lettering that spells out the newlyweds’ names. String or ribbon will help hold the letters and add some flair. You can also add flowers or streamers to the front of the car.

For a romantic gesture, consider decorating the front and rear of the car. You can buy a “just married” license plate from a party store. You can even get one personalized with the couple’s names and wedding dates. Then, please attach it to the front or rear window of the wedding car. This decoration is both simple and fun! The bride and groom will enjoy the attention they get as they ride down the road.

A heart-shaped balloon can be placed on the car’s roof in a romantic mood. It’s romantic and fun to glimpse the newlyweds’ love-making trip. To make the vehicle even more romantic, use ribbons and bows that spell out the newlyweds’ names and vows. A heart-shaped balloon is also a cute idea.

Greenery bunches

Decorating your car is a beautiful way to announce your marriage. A classic way to do this is to display a just married sign on the car’s back window. The message can be inscribed on a wooden sign, or you can choose a lace fabric option and decorate it yourself. Other great ideas for decorating your car include wreaths, pom-poms, and ribbons. Your vehicle can also be decorated with the wedding hashtag.

Using greenery as car decoration is a classic wedding tradition, and you can easily add it to your getaway car. Consult your wedding florist for tips on attaching the greenery garland to your car’s bumper. If you are not comfortable fastening greenery to your car’s windows, consider using letter balloons to spell out fun messages. Choose “Cheers” or even your initials and wedding date to make the design more personal. You can also add a “Just Married” sticker to your vehicle to make it more stylish.

When it comes to wedding car decorations, greenery was a popular trend in 2017. You can use it wherever flowers are traditionally used. From the bouquet to the cake, greenery can be used to alternative traditional flowers. Despite the popularity of flowers, greenery has many benefits. While it doesn’t look as glamorous as flowers, it adds a touch of old-world charm. Greenery is also an excellent choice for wedding decorations, as it will give your car a country or boho-chic vibe.

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