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Decorating Themes For Ganesh Festival

You might want to go for Eco-friendly and Out-of-the-box decor. You can also go with traditional themes and make use of paper quilling. Here are a few ideas to get you started. During the festive season, peacocks are common and are particularly beautiful. You can decorate your seat with a peacock figurine. Instead of using a white snowy theme, consider incorporating Mahadev Shiv and cool white lights.


If you are looking for an eco-friendly way to decorate your home during the Ganesh festival, some ideas can make your home more beautiful. Use natural materials, such as oil lamps and candles, or adorn with backlit 3D wallpaper. You can also use eco-friendly home decorations like mud and clay. The Himalayas are a great place to place Ganesh Ji.

Another eco-friendly way to decorate your house for the Ganesh festival is with sugarcane sticks. This is not only eco-friendly but also holy in Indian culture. Using these sticks to create a Ganpati mandap will create an elegant and unique decor that will impress your visitors and keep your budget in check. In addition to the sugarcane sticks, there are many other eco-friendly Ganpati decorating themes that you can try out.

A green Ganpati decoration is one of the simplest ways to create a festive atmosphere without polluting the environment. The idols can be made of degradable materials such as paper, cloth, and jute. Eco-friendly Ganpati decorations can also include eco-friendly Ganesh idols. These can be made from natural soil or clay, so they are not as heavy on the environment as the usual papier-mache idols.

Out of the box

There are various out-of-the-box decorating themes that you can use during the Ganesh festival. One way to make the festival more exciting is to create a regal bed for Lord Ganesh. You can build a bed using foam, a sponge, or ply. You can also use a wooden structure to create a platform for the idol. You can add some beads or net fabric to the bed if you want a more traditional look.

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Paper pinwheels make attractive decorations for the Ganesh festival. They can be easily obtained from local markets or nearby stationary stores. You can even use them on the background wall of the mandap to create a festive ambiance. Decorate it with paper pinwheels once you have the perfect background wall for Lord Ganesha. These decorative elements are readily available and are low maintenance. Also, paper pinwheels are inexpensive and easy to find.


Depending on the style of home or business you have, you may want to decorate with the traditional themes of this Hindu festival. Whether you adorn your walls with conventional Ganesh paintings or use eco-friendly techniques, you can find something for every taste and style. For example, you may decorate your home with the colors yellow and white or try incorporating the colors of the holy cities of Haridwar, Varanasi, or Kedarnath. You can even add a day to each work desk or study table. You can also purchase new office furniture, such as office chairs, and put flowers in them for additional decoration ideas.

Another traditional decorating theme for this Hindu festival is to create a river valley with the god sitting on a mountain. You can use natural or eco-friendly methods to make these hills or paint them to look like mountains. Add wildflowers and green grass mats to further accent the natural feel of this theme. Breaking a coconut is another tradition for decorating a mandap. The symbolism behind this practice is that it signifies new beginnings.

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Paper quelling

You can make Ganesh mandaps, tree makers, and other beautiful decorations using quelled papers. You can also place an ice-blue quelled piece around the deity’s seat, which will create a chilly carpet for the deity’s heart. Then, you can enfold the middle of the Ganesh idol with these paper creations.

You can decorate your home with paper quilling, too. This is a great way to honor Ganesh uniquely. Stiff paper is typically used for art projects and can be found at stationery stores or schools. Once you’ve gotten its hang, you can fold it into a boat and decorate it. Paper boats make perfect gifts for family members, and you can give each one a colorful mast.

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If you don’t feel comfortable making your decorations, you can hire a flower artist to decorate your paper statue. Yellow marigolds and orange marigolds are both excellent choices for the figures. You can also decorate your Ganesha statue with marigolds or flowers. These flowers will not only make the Ganesha statue look beautiful, but they won’t wilt or fade over time.


One of the most beautiful and elegant aspects of any Ganesh festival is its reception. The primary purpose of preparing the reception is to display Ganpati idols. Flowers are used for decorating the altar and the chowki. However, flowers are pretty expensive, so you can also use Origami to replace them. Origami is a great way to decorate the mandap while keeping your guests entertained.

Origami is a Japanese art of folding paper. It can be used to create simple designs and then attach them to walls and other surfaces. If you plan to do it yourself, you can choose a particular design and color scheme and make a paper version. Making your Ganpati decoration can be fun and rewarding for both of you. Here are some tips that you can follow to decorate your home for Ganesh!

The most common and popular way to decorate the mandap for the Ganesh festival is through Origami. This art form is easy to learn, and it can be an excellent decorating theme for Ganesh Chaturthi. You can use different paper types to create various objects, including houses and trees. There are many different kinds of Origami available online, so it’s easy to find an easy way to decorate with this art form.

Glass jar lanterns

A great way to celebrate the Ganesh festival is to decorate your home traditionally. Make use of glass jar lanterns to hang in your home. You can buy one or two to light up your home and place them in strategic spots in your house. Alternatively, you can make your lanterns from recycled glass jars. Here are some ideas for making your own.

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The Ganesh Festival is a Hindu holiday that commemorates Lord Ganesh. Traditionally, this festival is celebrated with simple and elegant decoration ideas. Candles are an obvious choice, but lanterns are a more innovative option. Instead, you can recycle old glass jars and decorate them with glitter or candles. This will give your entrance an elegant look and give your guests a feeling of welcome.

Another inexpensive but effective way to decorate your mandap is with metal kleshas. Fill them with blooming flowers and decorative leaves and hang them on rope strips. Hang them at different heights from a dark wooden frame. You can turn these lanterns on either side of the idol or behind it. A significant strand of marigolds is also a beautiful decoration to please Lord Ganesha.

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Marigold flowers

One of the most common decoration themes for the Hindu Ganesh festival is the use of marigold flowers. This color has many symbolic meanings. It is the most popular flower of Lord Ganesha and is a popular choice for decorations. Marigolds are also considered auspicious and are associated with good fortune and prosperity. Marigold flowers are also famous for other festivals, such as Diwali and Kwanzaa.

You can go for a simple decoration theme for Marigold flowers. For example, instead of using the elaborate garlands associated with Ganesh, use simple tablecloths and marigold flower garlands. You can cover the whole table with these garlands to make it more festive and attractive. You can also use marigolds to complement other flowers such as roses, tulips, and orange roses.

A simple, natural-looking setup is another good choice. A royal seat made of silver is adorned with marigold garlands. A metallic Diya stand/lamp is positioned on both sides of the heart. A beautiful eco-friendly Ganpati can be placed on the seat with marigold garlands. Marigold flowers are a traditional choice for decorating a Ganesh pandal.

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Clay idols

Clay idols are an excellent option for home decoration during the Ganesh festival. Children can use clay as a medium for creating their own Ganesha statues, placing them next to figures on mandaps. You can also be creative and use various innovative designs for the idols. For example, you can create a crown and add jewelry to the idols. Similarly, you can paint them any color of your choice. Natural clays can be found in the market.

One of the biggest problems associated with festivals is water pollution. Therefore, you should consider using eco-friendly Ganesha idols. These idols are made of clay rather than POP, which is not degradable and pollutes water bodies. You can also use earthen diyas to decorate the stairs and windowsills of a duplex house. Moreover, it would help if you tried to avoid throwing away flowers after decorating the idols.

You might be wondering: How can you decorate a Jain home, or where to find the best pieces? Whether you’re looking for traditional French decor or modern Millennial pieces, you’re in luck! There are over 150 original pieces at The Decor Remedy. They have been hand-picking the best selections with over ten years in business for more than ten decades. They have several different designs you can try, too, including Jaipur pottery tiles, Millennial design elements, and colorful rugs.

Traditional French

If you’re considering decorating your Jain home in the traditional French style, here are some things you can do to achieve the look. This style emphasizes the importance of finding the perfect piece for a room. You can do this by browsing second-hand shops. Also, the French are big advocates of sustainable and ecological decorating. You’ll find that many French homes use upcycled and recycled pieces in their decor.

When choosing the right pieces to decorate your Jain home, remember that practical items are the key to French country decor. For instance, a sturdy bench can serve as a place to sit while getting dressed or taking off muddy boots. Look for bars with storage space to add authentic character to your home. Alternatively, you can opt for neutral linen-upholstered benches to add additional storage space to your Jain home. Another popular design is a curved bed frame with tufted headboards and footboards.

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Millennial design elements

You’re not alone if you’ve ever wondered how millennials decorate their homes. According to Ariel Okin, a Manhattan-based interior designer, this design trend results from the Millennial generation’s love of traditional decor. While this generation is not necessarily opposed to classic elements, they are also attracted to trends considered “stuffy” by most mainstream cultures. Grandmillennial style, for example, incorporates traditional elements into a home with a modern edge. This style is often characterized by cane or wicker detailing, and antiques are a vital part of the overall aesthetic.

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Millennial design elements for decorating a Jainism-style home have been adapted into different styles and designs, but the basic principle is the same. Furniture should blend seamlessly with the home’s interior, while a combination of techniques will enhance the look and feel of the space. For example, if you’re decorating a bedroom, you can mix and match furniture pieces and accessories. Adding a coffee table to the living room can be an excellent way to use an ottoman and provide additional storage space. Old trunks are a great way to transform into a nightstand as well.

Millennials have a unique sense of style and are not afraid to try new things. This generation is known for its outstanding personalities and is prone to mixing modern and traditional styles. They don’t like to commit to a class and instead prefer experimenting with many design elements to find the perfect look for their home. They also tend to live on a tight budget, so making sure the design of the Jain home reflects the personality and values of its owners will be a big hit.

Jaipur pottery tiles

One of the most famous art forms of the Rajasthan state is the Jaipur blue pottery. This pottery is known for its unique color palette of royal blue and turquoise. Historically renowned, this type of pottery is now protected by Geographical Indications (GIs) as a particular type of ceramic art. Jaipur blue pottery is used to create trinket boxes, coasters, and small bowls. These ceramics are painted with geometric and animal motifs.

Blue Jaipur pottery tiles are a beautiful way to spruce up the decor in your Jain home. These beautiful tiles are hand-painted and can be found in various styles. Neerja Jaipur is pottery and ceramic tile manufacturer in India that manufactures blue pottery tiles and other decorative pieces. They also produce pottery for corporate gifts and weddings. Neerja Jaipur is the largest pottery manufacturer, employing more than 1,000 skilled artisans.

The blue pottery craft first came to India during the 14th century, with the Mongols bringing a Persian art form and glazing technique to their new country. The blue pottery craft was nearly lost in the city by the 1950s. Still, it was revived in Jaipur in the late 1960s by Kripal Singh Shekhawat, Rajmata Gayatri Devi of Jaipur, and Kamala Devi Chattopadhyay.

Shibani Jain’s home is not defined by geographical features but by her simplistic creativity and art. She incorporates traditional Indian art into her home while conveying an eclectic, well-traveled aesthetic. Her colorful cabinets are a perfect complement to the carved wall panel. Whether it is a vibrant blue cabinet or a colorful table mat, Jain enjoys blending different color palettes in her home.

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