Clash of Clans – Which Attack is Best For Town Hall 9?

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You’ve reached town hall nine, wondering which attack to use next. Is it Zap, GoWiVa, or Half air & Half ground? Or should you try something new and see which one works best for you? This article will discuss all four options and help you determine which is best for your build. After all, you’re the one who’ll be doing the most damage, so make sure it’s an attack you’ll often be using.


Whether you’re a town hall nine newbie or a veteran of clan wars, you’ve probably wondered whether the GoWiVa attack is right for you. The following will give you some helpful advice. First, remember that this attack isn’t the most versatile one. In clan wars, you should focus on upgrading your defenses. Golems, Wizards, and Golem are all significant players in an offensive strategy. These three troops can deal insane damage with their abilities. Spells and the support forces will help you wrap up the rest of your base.

A good Town Hall 9 attack strategy involves using Healers, Giants, Dark Elixir, and Discharge. While GoWiVa is a solid choice for attacking the Town Hall in Town Hall 9, you should use other units like Diskarte and Giants to maximize your profits. The main reason for this is that GoWiVa is more potent against GoWiVa than other attacks in the game.

The GoWiVa attack strategy is similar to the GoWiPe approach but includes different types of units. It has more powerful heroes than P.E.K.K.As such, so it requires proper troop placement. Golems and Wizards are the most expensive troops, but they can be effective against enemy Heroes as long as they are in a favorable position. On the other hand, Valkyries are better at taking down enemy Heroes.

If you’re at least 50% and have two stars, the GoWiVa attack can be a perfect choice. While this attack is not effective against a well-developed base, it can be a good choice if you have a low-leveled army. A single golem can bring out troops, while an archer can drop poison spells. These troops can clear the clan castle and the enemies.

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While a zap attack is an excellent way to kill a dragon and is the most robust way to defend against a TH9, it is not the best choice for Town Hall 9. If you are looking for a fast way to take down a base, you should use the Baby Dragon strategy instead. This strategy is very effective against TH9 Max bases without the use of Heroes. It requires two air defenses to be destroyed, two lightning spells to be removed, and a funnel of dragons.

While it’s easy to learn, the Zap attack strategy is advantageous with heroes in the upgrade. The system also has no significant drawbacks compared to other attack strategies, allowing even new players to use it. The primary engine of the attack is the electro dragon, and it must survive to deal maximum damage. However, this strategy can work in any league. The zap attack strategy is one of the easiest to learn and use.

Half air & half ground

One of the best strategies for fighting enemy towers is the Half air & half ground attack in Town Hall 9. Using the Half air and the other on the ground gives you the best chance to eliminate one or two of the enemy’s air defenses. Your ground troops are great for destroying the Archer queen and Clan Castle troops, while your air units take out the rest of the enemy’s defenses.


In Clash of Clans, you need to adjust your attack and defense strategy to maximize your defenses and strengths. There are new troops to unlock every time you reach a current town hall level, so it’s crucial to change your strategies accordingly. Fortunately, these troops can help you with multiplayer loot and war attacks. Read on for tips on how to use them to your advantage.

The enraged attack is the best option when you first start the game. During this time, your troops should be located in the first compartment of your base. If you have a Jump Spell, drop the Rage Spell. It will connect your forces with the central area. Next, drop a second Rage Spell to increase the power of your troops. This will allow you to three-star your battles more easily.

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Witch Slap

While some players prefer spamming, others prefer using a more specialized attack. Whether you’re using yetis or witches, there are many ways to maximize your attack power. Witches can be combined with yetis to optimize their damage and speed up the completion of your base. Witches also have additional benefits over wizards, as they can clear enemy defenses faster. The Witch Slap offensive attack strategy is most effective against open grounds. You’ll need eight Earthquake spells in this strategy, which opens two compartments in the layout. Alternatively, you can move your log launcher into the core and add golems to it.

Witches are one of the most versatile units in Clash of Clans. They can overpower single and splash defenses. Their Town Hall 9 level makes them more durable, and they benefit from supporting healers. Ideally, you’ll use a witch squad with healers to extend their life spans. Witch Slap strategies typically focus on breaking the village’s core and dropping your main army. Witches can also be used to attack other units in the village’s center. If you want to make the Witches last longer, support them with healers and other departments to force the enemy into the core.

As for witches, you’ll need at least two to five Witches, with one behind the golems. Wizards and Witches can also be used to clear out exterior buildings. Witches and Wizards can be deployed in groups to complete the attack when the base is open. You can also use Jump Spells to break down defensive systems and deploy Heroes to meet the attack requirements.

Are you looking to build a strong base with high defense? Wondering what TH9 troops you should have? If so, this article will help you decide what you should put on your floor. We will also look at TH9 heroes and spells. If you want to build an army that can take down TH9s, level 2 Witches are your best bet. You get two more troops when you use them, which is a good start.

TH9 troops

There are several ways to maximize your troops’ levels and get the best possible rewards. For instance, you can raise the story of the Barbarian King to 30 and use it to funnel troops that have low health. You can also increase the level of the Queen to 30. Queens is the most effective damage dealing heroines, but they cost 6,000,000 E. This method takes about ten days to the max. There are also a few ways to maximize the D.P.S. of your troops, such as changing your rage spell to a healing one.

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First, you should level up your Dark Barracks. The level of your Dark Barracks is fundamental, as you will need two upgrades to unlock Golems. The Golems should be upgraded by 13 days after you enter TH8. Another way to get them quickly is to drop them down the list. Fortunately, there are ways to maximize their potentials, such as upgrading Golems and Healers. Golems are not a must, but they are highly effective for raid and war attacks.

You can also increase your troops’ level by upgrading your walls to TH8. When you reach Level 9, you should upgrade them to Level 2. After that, you can upgrade your Core Wall to Level 9 or 10. When you reach Level 10, you can upgrade it to TH10, but this is not necessary. It is better to keep upgrading your troops’ level when compared to TH9 because they can’t kill you.

While building a Clan Castle is essential, the Spell Factory is more crucial. You can use the Spell Factory to produce four spells in battle and unlock Jump and Freeze. The Spell Factory costs 1,600,000 E and takes five days to complete. The Army Camps are also fundamental. After you upgrade your Lab and Spell Factory, the Army Camps should be your primary focus. Army Camps contain two hundred troops, cost 2,250,000 E, and take five days to build.

TH9 defenses

Increasing TH9 defenses is not as difficult as it sounds. You need to know how to maximize your power. This article will give you some tips for improving your defenses. First, you need to max the level of your troops. Moreover, you must know how to deploy your rage spells to increase the defensive weight of your base. You can do so by switching to wizards and changing your rage spell to a heal spell.

Upgrade your barracks and army camps. Upgrade your barracks as quickly as possible. You will get an extra 20 troops by doing so. Then, upgrade your clan castle and army camps. It would help if you upgraded the spell factory, which unlocks the freeze and jumps spells. The lava hound is a useful war troop, as it can destroy buildings. TH9 defenses leveling can take up to six months, but you can achieve it in as little as one month!

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Don’t max TH7 or TH8. It takes too long to level heroes. Besides, mixers usually have maxed defenses and idle builders. Most TH9s are maxed at TH9, and there are no lvl15 heroes in their squads. This is a sign of a weak player and a bad player. Keep the A.Q. and D.E. up and ensure that your gold and elixir storage are upgraded before upgrading to TH10.

The TH9 defense level is probably the most difficult. However, players who already have a level 6 town hall and a seven town hall are prepared to farm. However, it takes three to four weeks to build the walls. While these buildings are essential, they are more critical than the troops themselves. TH9 defense leveling is vital for both psychological and strategic reasons. You’ll need a good base and a strong wall.

TH9 heroes

One mistake new players make is maxing their TH7 and TH8 heroes. This strategy can be counterproductive because maxing heroes takes a long time. In addition, mixers often have a lot of idle builders and defenses. You can tell this because most TH9s are maxed at this stage and do not have any lvl15 heroes. In short, they’re weak players and wrong at the game.

In TH9, upgrading army camps gives you an extra twenty troops. Besides, upgrading it provides you with better looting power. So it’s a good idea to upgrade your army camps on day one. As for the building, you should upgrade the resource building, clan castle, and army camps with five builders. A spell factory upgrade unlocks the jump and freezes spells. This way, you’ll be able to get the highest number of troops in a shorter period.

TH9 also allows players to upgrade their heroes, such as the Archer Queen and Barbarian King. They can reach level 30 quickly if they’re correctly upgraded. But if you’re not a serious player, you can skip upgrading your town hall and focus on maxing out your heroes. Getting many troops on your team will significantly improve your overall gameplay. And remember to keep this in mind as you upgrade your town hall.

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TH9 also introduces new buildings and resource buildings. You can now max out your Archer Tower, Wizard Tower, and Wall. Your base will also receive new facilities and resources, including the Air Defense and Giant Bomb. And a unique resource for your floor is the Archer Queen Altar. This will increase the size of your army. If you want to have an elite army, you’ll need many troops.

TH9 spells

The TH9 spells are mainly for adding defensive weight to your castle. To get the maximum defense, you should upgrade the skeleton traps in your court to Level 3. This will require about 1,300,000 G but will create chaos for the enemy troops. You can also place additional bombs and traps to make your enemies’ castles harder to defend. This spell is effective against any enemy and is highly recommended in battle.

You can spend 80,000 DE or 3,000,000 E to upgrade Golems and use them in battle. Healers, which are very useful in war and raid situations, cost 3,000,000 E and take seven days to research. Golems are not the only TH9 spells, but they can be highly beneficial. To level them up, you should upgrade them twice. You can choose between two upgrades, one for the Golem and another for the Soldier.

TH9 spells are essential for your castle and should be upgraded when you reach the TH9 level. You can make a good starting point with the Witches by elevating her to Level 2. Then, upgrade her troops to Level 5 and use her Royal Cloak ability. Then, push to Level 15, so you can make her even more robust. A level 15 Archer Queen is a great way to dominate the TH9s in low to mid-level games.

The spells you use to defend your castle should be targeted with great care. You should also make sure that they do not overlap with each other. Otherwise, you will end up with a one-star defense. And when your troops are a low-level army, the witch skeleton will distract their guards and allow your troops to clear their base. This technique can get you three stars in clan war attacks.

TH9 lab

If you want to max your TH9 in clash of clans, you should start with defense. Maxing defense and building walls don’t take long, but maxing troops do. In a level 10 laboratory, your walls should now be 2m in height, up from 3m previously. You should invest 60 to 90mil elixir to level up your walls. This extra gold and medicine can be put towards building all of your lvl 8 walls, ensuring that you can protect your lab and troops.

In the Laboratory, you can upgrade your troops to the TH9 level. It will take you around eight days to max out an lvl6 barch, but it will take two days to upgrade it. Similarly, you can upgrade an lvl1 tower to an lvl1 bomb or air defense. You can also upgrade four builders to build a giant bomb or a seeking air mine.

The Witches are another troop at level 2. They’re great for taking out TH9s and useful for trophy pushing. They’re available for 6,000,000 E. LaLoonIon is an excellent low to mid TH9 attack strategy. If you doubt what to do with this unit, try upgrading it to level 2. You’ll need elixirs and dark elixirs.

Once you have upgraded your Laboratory, you can upgrade troops and spells in your Barracks. Each upgrade unlocks a new troop level, but you can’t use it while it’s being upgraded. Once the upgrade is complete, you can enqueue the units and move on. You can upgrade your Laboratory with Gems and Magic Items. Just make sure to upgrade it before you run out of money! You’ll be glad you did!

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