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If you are new to Clash of Clans, you may be wondering what Elixir is and how to manage it effectively. This resource can be looted from enemies, used to upgrade barracks and spell factories, and more. Keep reading to learn more! After all, Elixir is a valuable resource for Clash of Clans.

Dark Elixir is a valuable resource in Clash of Clans.

As a new player, you may be wondering why you should spend your time crafting and using dark Elixir instead of Elixir. Well, the dark Elixir has more than one use in the game. For starters, it can be used for upgrades. It can also increase the damage to your troops and the loot they drop in wars. You may be wondering why it is worth it, but there are many benefits to investing your time in creating and using this resource.

There are many ways to collect dark Elixir. One way is to use drills. You can build exercises that hold 360 dark elixirs when you’re not attacking. After six collection cycles, these drills will fill up every hour and yield 2160 dark elixir. Furthermore, you can use them to protect your treasury, which will keep it safe from enemy attacks.

To improve your ability to produce dark Elixir, you can use the dark elixir storage building. This is the only resource building that does not have a counterpart in the Builder Base. Whenever an attacker attacks you, they will receive a certain amount of Dark Elixir per hit. Also, an upgraded building will take longer to destroy. Even if it is destroyed, it will remain fully functional and count toward the Heroic Heist Achievement.

While Dark Elixir is valuable in Clash of Clans, it’s still not enough to build every single one of them. Instead, it would help if you planned every raid to get Dark Elixir Storage in addition to Gold and trophies. You can also use Barbarians or Archers to barch, but this won’t usually get you to Dark Elixir storage.

Aside from being an essential resource in Clash of Clans, Dark Elixir also has other uses. It can upgrade specific units in the game, such as Barbarian King and Archer Queen. In addition to being a precious resource in Clash of Clans, dark Elixir can also be used to build and upgrade Dark Elixir troops.

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It can be looted

Dark Elixir is looted from two types of Resource Buildings: storage and drills. The amount you can steal from the warehouse depends on your drill’s size and storage capacity. When you destroy an enemy’s Town Hall, you get 80% of the League Bonus, and the remaining 8% comes from loot. The loot bonus increases as the town hall are destroyed.

The dark Elixir can be loot-collected from enemy bases, and it can also be obtained as a Season reward. Each season, players can collect up to 4,500 Dark Elixir, equal to the total looted from enemy bases. However, it is only possible to store 50,000 Dark Elixir in the Season Bank without a Gold Pass. The maximum storage capacity of a Season Bank is 250,000 Dark Elixir with a Gold Pass.

While the Elixir can be looted from other players’ bases, the best times to raid are when your shields are complete and you want to improve your city. CWL is better for people who don’t raid often. When you do raid, you should do so with specific objectives and don’t raid too frequently. Regardless of the strategy you use to loot Elixir; you’ll find the best way to maximize the number of resources you have in your inventory and get the most bang for your buck.

Once you’ve gotten enough Dark Elixir, it’s time to build a strong army. Building a strong military is a good idea, but you should also know that it costs Elixir to make it. You can get cheap, quality army troops for Clash of Clans by building a more reasonable army and training them up. If you can get an inferior army, you can do this quickly and efficiently. If you can afford it, this will pay off big time in the long run.

Collecting Gold and Elixir from bases is another way to get the coveted resources. While Gold and Elixir can be looted from buildings and dungeons, the Gold and Elixir will be more likely to remain in collectors than from other sources. Aside from Gold, you can also get Dark Elixir from mines and drills.

It can be used to build spell factories.

You can spend Elixir to unlock powerful spells. The first spell you can open from the elixir spell factory is a Lightning Spell, which damages all buildings, including the clan castle and town hall. A Healing Spell, which requires unlocking townhall 6, heals troops with significant damage and heroes. You can use a combination of these spells to win battles.

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Another spell you can unlock from your Spell Factory is Heal. This potent spell is your ultimate counter to splash damage defenses and traps, especially if you’re playing pre-TH8-9. This spell also has good offensive capability since it hits six times in a circle seven tiles wide and does not take up the space of regular troops. Moreover, it’s an effective way to counter AoE defenses.

You can use the Elixir to build spell factories in the Clash of Clans game. These factories are made of metal and wooden legs. The legs of the Spell Factory are metal, while the valve and handwheel on its front are rigid. The rear structure is slingshot-looking and houses a giant stirring spoon. It changes from gray metal to bronze and has three gold rails around the cauldron.

Once you have upgraded your barracks, you can build your Spell Factory. However, the timer for upgrades continues to tick, so upgrade buildings before you leave the game. This will ensure that they are elevated when you return to it later. The spell factory gives you the ability to craft spells, which you can use to attack other players or enemies.

Buildings on Clash of Clans can help you expand your empire. For instance, when you build a level 4 Dark Spell Factory, you can create a magenta mixture of Elixir that represents a skeleton spell. If you are making a level 5 Dark Spell Factory, you can hide up to 2,200 elixirs, and 11 maxed Poison and Earthquake spells. However, the new update on 12/10/16 has made this feature unavailable.

It can be used to upgrade barracks.

While upgrading your Barracks, you can use Gems to boost the production of your troops. The amount of Gems you need depends on how much time is left in your training period. If you have 30 Gems to spare, you can boost your troop production four times. You will need at least two Gems to upgrade your barracks. Once the training is completed, you will be credited with the new troop cost.

The Barracks is where you train troops that require Elixir. Upgrading them will unlock new troops. For example, when upgrading your Barracks, you should use Dragons first, followed by Archers. The latter would be more expensive than the former, and you would have to use more Elixir per housing space. If you don’t upgrade your Barracks at every level, you won’t be able to train new Elixir troops. Once you’re finished, you can move them to your Army Camps.

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Leveling your Barracks can allow you to train more powerful troops. Level 1 barracks can take 250 hit points, and they only take a minute to build. Level 2 takes 15 minutes, increasing your barracks’ capacity from 20 to 30 troops. Level 3 barracks take a whole day to make. You can upgrade your barracks to Level 7 with 240,000 elixirs.

You can get more troops and spells when upgrading your barracks on Clash of Clan. These are both useful for winning epic battles, but you should remember that the values may change before an update reaches the market. And remember that the barracks’ value may change before the update is released. That’s why you should check with your friend before you begin upgrading your barracks.

Increasing your barracks’ level will not increase your resources simultaneously. However, it would help upgrade the Dark Barracks as soon as possible. It would help if you used Dark Elixir for this purpose. And don’t forget to upgrade your barbarian king to level four. Keep upgrading these structures as you gather more resources, as upgrading them too fast will make your base vulnerable to attacks.

The most crucial aspect to consider before donating a troop during clan wars is its level. While all troops are valuable, the level cap may limit your choice. That being said, low-level troops can also be a significant donation to other clan members. Here are some tips to help you choose the best troop to donate to during clan wars. Don’t give a low-level troop if you don’t have to!

Clan castle troops

To be the best Donator, you should know how to choose the best Clan Castle troops to donate to during clan wars. It would help if you considered donating three kinds of soldiers, ranging from high-level ranged units to low-level balloons. Higher-level troops are the best to present, depending on your level, since they can hit both ground and air units. Also, you should know that higher-level clans can request better-level troops to donate.

Donating troops is a great way to boost your Clan Castle and increase your chances of winning. During a Clan War, you need to have a lot of soldiers, and donating the same type of troop to different Clans makes your opponent’s life easier. When contributing troops, keep in mind that you should have both air and ground units since it is difficult for your opponent to predict how you will attack. Having a mixture of troops will help your Clan Castle stand its ground against attacks.

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Remember that high-level enemy Clan Castle defenders can be tough to face, so don’t give them too many high-level units. A ring of archers with a wizard on the outside is effective against this type of enemy. Try to avoid donating units that are too high-level until you can get them at a higher level. Getting clan games and joining a clan war league will help you advance quickly.

You can check out the latest Clash of Clans App updates if you’re new to the game. Some exciting changes are coming to Clan Wars, and one of them is the Clan Castle Troop Donation! It’s worth a shot! Get in now to play Clash of Clans! You’ll find it free on Google Play and the App Store. Remember, this game includes in-app purchases.

Before joining a clan war, you should learn how to strategize for a successful attack. Every player in the game has their attack style, so you should request specific reinforcements before a battle. During clan wars, everyone expects high-level troops. However, particular troops can help you three-star a base faster. The most valuable troops are dragons, pekkas, and witches.

Clan wars require five players on each team. Each Clan can only do one war every two days, so it’s essential to make sure your Clan has at least five members on each team. Each player has two attacks, and each group is trying to 3-star as many enemy bases as possible. Each floor has small amounts of loot. If a clan can get a star, they’ll receive bonus loot to their Clan Castle.

While the best attack may be different for each Clan, they’re all critical to winning. Whether your attack is the most effective depends on how many stars you have won during your spell. For example, if you destroy the Town Hall, you’ll get one star. Your Clan will earn three stars if you kill 50% or more of an enemy’s war base. However, if you’re fighting against a clan that hasn’t yet won a war, you’ll get three stars for your team.

Requirements for joining a clan

In the Battlefield 4 game, one of the most critical factors to winning a battle is the ability to strategize for a clan war. A Clan strategy prevents everyone from attacking the same enemy base so that no one can score as many stars. These strategies are based on several criteria. Read on to learn more about the different kinds of systems. Read on for tips on strategizing for a clan war.

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When creating a clan, you need to purchase 1,500 in the game. You can find other players who have the same tag and invite them to join the Clan. After you are accepted into a clan, you will have to recruit new members. To do this, open up the Clan Wars menu on your game’s homepage. From there, you will see all the clans that are currently active. Click on the one that interests you. You can also create your Clan if you’d like. Make sure to use Latin letters for the name and tag.

Once you’ve joined a clan, the next step is to determine your eligibility for war participation. Families are placed in Bronze III to Champion I, and each Clan War League is a unique challenge. Clans are awarded trophies for their efforts, and they must be active participants to win. This will determine how well the Clan is regarded within the community. If you can’t participate in a clan war, you can always rejoin a clan with which you were previously active.

To join a clan war, you must have 20 members. You also must have a level 4 Throne and a clan room before you join. Once you’ve achieved these two requirements, you can begin clan war preparation. The first war will start soon after the opponent clan has been discovered. In the meantime, the Clan will be busy preparing for the next battle. But wait a few hours for the clan war to start.

Once your Clan is ready to start a war, the Clan Leader will open up the Clan Wars screen. Select the members of your Clan. Players can also use the Clan Wars button to start a war. Clan wars can take as much as 47 hours, and the winner is the Clan with the most stars. Clans can earn bonus loot by winning battles. Unlike the Battle Royale game, Clan Wars only last for 47 hours and are available to all opt-in players.

Clan war matchmaking makes sure that the two teams have equal numbers of members. During regular clan wars, the size of the teams is five versus five, but it is also possible to create a group with ten or fifteen members. The dimensions of teams in the Champions League can range from five vs. five to ten or twenty-five members. You can also form a group of up to 30 members.

Level cap on troop donations in clan wars

If you want to increase the level of your troops, you can donate them to another clan that has a higher level than your own. If your Clan is at level 5, you can increase the story of the troops that you donate to them. However, this won’t affect troop levels that you’ve obtained from Clan perks. You can still contribute higher-level troops to other clans. This will result in a more significant total of experience points for you.

The level cap on troop donations is now set at 50. The game is available on Android and iOS, and you can download it for free. This free game also includes in-app purchases. In addition, you can earn rewards through the weekly challenge. As long as you have the right level cap, you can keep upgrading your troops and completing your objectives. Until the next update, you can enjoy the game. We hope this helps you achieve your goals in the game!

When donating troops, you can also donate gems. This is useful for a few reasons. You can use Gems for this, but it requires a lot of gems. Also, it’s not worth the time to invest in Gems for each donation. Second, you can spend Gems on items not required to be purchased in the store. Besides that, if you want to get more gems, you can donate more than one Gem per troop.

In addition, you can also request a specific type of troop or spell from other players. It’s also possible to ask Siege Machines if you’re donating troops. Clan members can contribute to any army that you don’t already have. This will improve your attack and defense in multiplayer battles. Moreover, you can also ask your clanmates to donate forces that you didn’t unlock.

If you’re having trouble recruiting troops, you can use the Clan Castle for your forces. It’s also helpful to have a mix of troops. If you’re using air troops and ground troops, you’ll have an easier time fighting your opponent. Then, you can use the Guard Clan Castle mode to send troops automatically every time your town gets raided. If you cannot find the troops you need, you can use the Troop Training view and request donations from your clan members.

The first attack should be made on the opponent’s territory so that you can attack him for the third time. However, the second attack should be used in the last 12 hours to clean up and earn more stars. Lastly, it’s important to remember that you can’t attack a lower-level player because he’s in a lower-level area. Otherwise, you’ll have a lower-level clan, and nobody will contribute.

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