Inexpensive Printable Christmas Treat Box

An inexpensive printable Christmas treat box that is super easy to make and looks fabulous! The perfect cheap way to hand out your cookies and treats! I designed this last year and want to make sure that you see it as it is the perfect little box for Christmas!

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While making homemade treats is great fun it can be hard to find nice packaging that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I designed this 7 inch long, 3 1/4 inch wide and 1 3/4 inch deep, sliding treat box as a great alternative to pricey store bought bags. It takes two sheets of card stock to make the box, labels that are printed on card stock and 7/8th inch wide satin ribbon. It is simple and fast to put together with scotch tape and a glue stick!

I place my treats in medium size freezer bags that I place in sideways. The excess bag gets tucked under for a clean and neat look and it makes it easy to just take a few items out at a time and then seal the bag to keep the food fresh.

Inexpensive Printable Christmas Treat Box Tutorial

Download these three Pdfs for the Inexpensive Printable Christmas Treat Box

Box Sleeve Pdf

Box Bed Pdf

Box Tag Merry Christmas Enjoy Pdf

You are goint to be printing them on card stock.  Print off the three pdfs.

With a bone folder or the dull edge of a knife (I use a dull letter opener) you are going to score the lines on the sleeve page of the box. (Scoring is when you use a ruler and run the dull edge of a bone folder or knife on the dotted lines to create a drepression in the paper that will make it simple to fold on that score.)

Cut the along the outside lines only.

Fold the box along the scored lines.

You are going to flip over the box and on the large section measure out a piece of 7/8th inch ribbon. It will be about 10 inches.

Flip the box over to the inside and tape the edges of the ribbon to the inside. You want to make sure that the frayed edges are well taped so they will not catch on the box when it is slide open or closed.

Flip back to the front and cut out one of the Merry Christmas Enjoy tags and using a glue stick glue it to the middle of the ribbon.

Fold the box together again and I use scotch tape to tape the box together but if you want an neater edge then you could use a glue stick. You will then need to let the glue dry before you continue.

On the box bed pdf score all the lines.

Cut around the outside lines only.

On the black lines cut through them.

Fold the box on each line. With the tabs on the inside of the box assemble the box.

Use a glue stick to glue the tabs to the inside.

With a hole punch, punch a hole in the middle of one end.

Cut a piece of 7/8th ribbon 3 inches long.

Fold the ribbon in half width wise and pinch the raw ends together.

Push the raw ends through the hole and using scotch tape, tape it in place.

From one of your cut pdfs use the left over card stock and cut a piece as wide as the end of your box but not quite as tall.

Glue this piece of card stock over the ribbon end so it looks neat and tidy.

Slip the box into the sleeve and you are done your inexpensive  printable Christmas treat box!

So what to put into your inexpensive printable Christmas treat box? I love making homemade goodies like cookies, fudge, and flavored popcorn mixes but when I'm in a hurry but still want to give something I will visit my local bulk food store and see what treats I can get from there.

I find this works especially well if I am giving a group of people the same gift (workers at an office for example). When I know the people better I will custom chose the goodies for them, it can range from a mix of teas or coffees or different types of candies that I know that they enjoy.

A inexpensive printable Christmas treat box, perfect for a elegant, easy and inexpensive gift.

Inexpensive Printable Christmas Treat Box

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