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Christmas Tag Printable

This Christmas Tag Printable is a simple design that will look great on gifts. Outlined in red with a star & dot design on the bottom it has both a retro vibe to it and a very modern feel.

This tag looks fabulous on the Free Printable Stripped Giftwrap that I also designed. The tag also looks great on plain white paper or plain red paper.

If I am going to give you any advice about Christmas it is to print off more Christmas tags than you think you will need and to do it now. It always seems to happen when you think you have enough time to do everything that something will go wrong, the printer will run out of ink, your connection to the printer won't work or you have used up your last piece of printer paper.

These tags are so versatile that you could use them year round.

Christmas Tag Printable 

These tags are easy to print off, just use the Pdf below.

Christmas Tag Printable Pdf

I like to cut around the tag so the lines show, I leave about 1/8th of an inch around the lines. I then use a hole punch to make the hole at the top. If you don't have a hole punch then you could make a hole with a pencil or pen at the top but it won't look as neatly done as if you had used a hole punch.

If you think that your gift will be roughly handled then you could print off your gift tag on card stock. If you don't have any access to card stock but want to make your paper tag sturdier then print off the tag on regular paper and then cover the top area with clear scotch tape on both the front and the back of the tag. When you punch the hole through the double layer of tape it will be protected from tears and rips.

If you are looking for a Christmas gift tag that is a bit more ornate then you can use the Gift Tag From Santa HERE.

It is part of the series that I designed that includes a envelope and letter from Santa HERE.

It is always important to place tags on the gifts that you give people. In the flurry of gift giving during the holidays people forget who gave what and then are usually too shy to try to figure it out (how do you ask someone what they had given you without offending them).

A simple but lovely Christmas tag that will look great.