Cheap Halloween Decorating Spooky Portraits

Cheap Halloween decorating spooky portraits is fast and fun and you get a lot of bang for your buck. I use two methods for my spooky portraits, photos that I have found online and the angle portraits that dollar stores and craft stores sell during Halloween (the portraits that look like antique photos straight on but when turned they look like vampires or monsters).

Placed around my home these have an added ghoulish effect since I mingle them amongst  genuine photos of relatives! The first time my son saw these he couldn't quite believe his eyes since he had grown up seeing our old photos of relatives and at first thought these were just some more that I had put out.

Cheap Halloween Decorating Spooky Portraits Tutorial

While I love the look of the angle portraits I'm not so enamored with the "frames" that they come in and decided that I could do something better.

Using a pair of scissors that will cut through hard plastic, cut off the frame leaving the image intact.

I was lucky that the first image fit a 5 by 7 frame so I simply placed it in the frame and put the easel backing on it so it would stand upright.

My second image was an odd size so I made a cheap and easy mat for it. 

The width of the mat depends on how much extra you need to add to your image. Since my image was 6 by 8 and the frame I wanted to put it in was 8 by 10 I needed to add 2 inches all around, so 1 inch on each side.

I cut out 2 one inch strips by 10 inches and 2 one inch strips by 8 inches. I laid them out in a rectangle with the corners over lapping each other.

I then taped the corners with masking tape. I drew a line on each corner from the outer corner to the inner corner.

I cut along this line so I would have two corners that perfectly butted next to each other, then taking a strip of paper I glued it over the corners and let it dry well.

I decided that the black mat didn't give enough contrast so I made a second white mat 1 3/4 inches around that I put on top of it. 

Here is the completed mat with portrait in a frame.

I found the frames that I used at garage sales and thrift stores. I was looking for vintage and antique metal ones because they make the pictures look more genuine.

For my second set of portraits I went hunting on Pinterest to find things that were a little weird.

There was a craze in the late 1800s and early 20th century to make headless portraits. I choose two of these to put in a small double frame. Vintage 3 inch by 5 frames and other small odd sized frames are ideal for these photos as when you copy them the images are quite small. You can enlarge the images but they tend to get grainy looking.

There are also a huge variety of weirdly scientific photos and antique photos of women dressed up as witches available on Pinterest. For some of the pins I have saved check out my Halloween Photo Pinterest Board.

Your last decision will be where in your home you should place it to get the best effect.

Last year I place mind on the front hallway table so as anyone enters their eye might catch it but this year I think I will be more subtle and have them on the end table in the living room.

Cheap Halloween Decorating Spooky Portraits!

Happy Halloween!

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