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Cheap Fun Halloween, Fall & Thanksgiving Ideas

Ideas to make your autumn special without breaking the bank.

Cheap & Easy Indoor Halloween Decorating Ideas

Check out some of my ultra cheap ideas on how to decorate indoors for Halloween!

I have over a dozen easy idea to make your house more festive for Halloween.

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DIY Halloween Prop Pumpkin Boy

A fun and very easy Halloween project when you don't want anything that is scary. My Pumpkin Boy is a charming addition to your outside decorating. You can also read about the Lord of the Pumpkins that he is standing beside.

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Halloween Bat Place Cards Free Printable

Planning a spooky dinner for Halloween? Well you will need your victims, I mean your guest, know where you want them to sit.

From a casual dinner with family to a dressy affair with friends these Bat Place Cards set the mood at your Halloween table

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Halloween Skull and Body Prints Free Printables

These medical prints of skulls and bones are great to use at Halloween.

Place them in frames around your home or leave them lying on table tops for your guests to wonder why the sudden interest in anatomy....

See how I used them in my own dining room.

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Cheap Halloween Decorating Ideas with Spooky Portraits

Ahh, family photos at Halloween. Let's see there was Uncle Charles who was half werewolf, Aunt May who liked her husband to keep her head for her and Cousins Melvin and Mary who would walk around town in their protective gear.

These Spooky Portraits are fun to mix around your home at Halloween! 

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Free Printable Halloween Banner

Something Wicked This Way Comes is the dire warning in this banner. With every letter in a different font and a spider web in the O it makes a for a graphic look.

Easy to pop out on your printer it looks good on a window or over the fireplace mantle.

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Printable Halloween Sign

This old Scottish prayer is perfect for Halloween! Everyone wants to be protected from Ghosties and Ghoulies and Long Legged Beasties!

Sometimes it is the subtle things that can scare you at Halloween, I mean you weren't even thinking about Ghoulies until I mentioned them.

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Halloween Center Piece with Carved Apples

Now here is something a little different as a center piece! These grinning apples are in the Halloween spirit!

Fast and easy to do they are wonderful for your Halloween table, be it just the family before you go out to trick or treat or a fun luncheon or dinner with friends.

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Easy Inexpensive Printable Halloween Treat Bags

Whether you are having a party and want your guest to leave with a little something or handing out some very special Halloween treats these little treat bags are ideal.

Enclose them with clip on spiders and send them off on their merry way.

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Halloween Pumpkin Carving Basics

If you have never carved a pumpkin before or if every pumpkin you have ever carved before has been a disaster then here is a basic primer so you can have a good looking Jack o Lantern!

A few tips and tricks and you will be on your way.

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How to Roast Pumpkin Seeds

It's that time of year when pumpkins are being hallowed out to make all sorts of wonderful creatures.

What do you do with all those seeds? Roast them of course. Roasted pumpkin seeds have been a treat since colonial times.

Easy and delicious and addictive to snack on.

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Make a Fall Flower Center Piece

I think I might love fall flowers the best of all (or do I say that about all the seasons).

The colors of orange, yellow, dark pinks and burgundy are a shot to the eye before everything is dying off and the winter comes.

Learn how to make this centerpiece for your home or event. 

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Make a Twig Wreath

It is amazing the things that you can make from what you might have thrown away!

I was trimming a bush in the back yard and thinking about needing a wreath for the fall when I stopped and realized I had all the raw material I needed here.

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Make Thanksgiving Corn Husk Doll Place Cards

I just find her so charming and my guest where thrilled to have this as a small gift from my Thanksgiving dinner a few years back.

You could just make just one or two for yourself and use them as part of your table centerpiece. A colonial craft these are a reminder of a simpler time.

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Free Fun Thanksgiving Place Card Printable

When setting the table for Thanksgiving don't forget the place cards!

I designed these fun place cards that have the image of two turkeys in an antique card from a vintage postcard. For when you don't want your table to be too serious or if you are making a separate children's table these are ideal.

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Thanksgiving Table Ideas 2018

Here are my ideas for a Thanksgiving table for 2018.

For me it is a lot of fun to tweak my designs and have something interesting every year. If you like bold colors then you will love my design that starts off with a fabulous orange table cloth.

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Easy Thanksgiving Leftover Containers for Your Guests

Be the hostess (or host) that thinks of everything and send your guests off with containers that look great but don't need to be returned PLUS they cost almost nothing for you to make up! Make these before hand and you will retain your title of the Host(ess) with the Mostess.

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