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Cheap Easy Garnishes for Parties

Cheap easy garnishes for parties and celebrations. 

While it would be great to have serving dishes for all your different parties and holiday events most of us just don't have the space to store dishes that we would only be using occasionally and cost could get out of hand.

How do you spruce up your everyday serving dishes so that they seem more special? 

Do as the large hotels and fine restaurants do and use garnishes on your serving ware. We've come a long way since the days were a few sprigs of parsley were suppose to add some style to a dish. While there are food experts out there that specialize in plate displays there are many simple and easy garnishes that you can do that will add impact to your table. 

With a simple knife and a bit of time you can create some wonderful garnishes for whatever the occasion. 

Do's and Don'ts of Garnishes

The first rule of garnishing is that nothing should be set out that can not be eaten. It might not taste that great but it means that if your Uncle Henry absentmindedly eats the garnish it's not going to send him to the hospital.

Never put garnishes on the tray that have hidden toothpicks in them , if they can't see the toothpick and it gets accidentally eaten then the end results can be quite nasty.

If you are making up garnishes for a buffet table you can be more creative but if it is to decorate a platter that will be handed around then keep the garnish low and simple so it won't topple over and if it does get damaged it will be easy to repair.

Ideally what ever garnishes you are adding can be made in advance and just place on the tray when needed, there are so many other things that you have on your mind when you are entertaining if you leave the garnishing to the last minute it probably won't get done.

If you are getting platters of cold cuts made up at the local deli, ask them if they will use your serving dishes instead of the standard ugly black plastic or aluminum ones. It will look much better and once you add your garnishes the presentation will look superb.

You don't need a lot of garnish on a tray, think of it as the bow on a gift not the wrapping paper. If you have several trays out on a table it will look more pulled together if they all have a similar garnish on them or if part of the garnish appears on each tray.

Cheap Easy Garnishes for Parties Tutorial

This very sparkly garnish that is fast and easy. Here I used endive as the green but any curly lettuce would do as well. Pomegranate seeds are like small jewels. If pomegranates are not available then use raspberries, red currants or some other red berry that is suitable for the season.

Tear the endive in small sections. Start at the top middle lay then on top of each other in one direction, then go back and do the same in the other direction. Lay one piece on the center top to hide the stems. Add pomegranate seeds.

You could do this on only one side of the platter or on either end. For a cold cut tray, cheese tray or any Italian style dish this looks great.

I gently cleaned the radishes with a damp paper towel and cut them in half with the tip removed. I cut a small notch in the top for a small piece of parsley to fit in behind it. On the top radish I cut a small design using a paring knife. For the bands I cut two parallel lines and then went back and gently cut one on an angle to remove the skin. The cross was made by cutting two wedges.The skin on a radish is very thin and it can be very difficult to cut a sharp design.

This is a great garnish to use at Valentines as the radishes do resemble hearts. You can also carve different simple designs into the radish for whatever the occasion is.

A cucumber flower is a very satisfying garnish to make as it takes very little time but looks complicated. I only put one here but you could have three of the grouped together to have more of an effect.

To make these you need an English Cucumber and a paring knife and a peeler.

Peel a thin slice of the cucumber making sure that you get the skin on one side so you sill have a green edge. On the green edge cut a fringe making sure you don't cut through the slice. Staring from one end roll up the peel and set it so the fringe is on top. Fluff out the fringe a bit to make it look like a flower.

I like using these on summer buffet trays as they look fresh and bright.

While I used cranberries for this garnish any round type berry can be used. I even have done this with green grapes. 

Chose enough of your berries to go around your platter. Cut these in half length wise and place around the platter to form one ring and then use the remainder to make another ring. For Valentine's Day you could do a heart instead of a ring.

For the bow on top I just cut the roots off two green onions and cut a three inch length from both. With a paring knife I sliced the green onions length wise keeping the ends intact. I cut a small piece and sliced it to make a band that covered the two green onions where they meet.

This is a very strong presentation but you want to put something in the middle that won't detract from the colour and that you can remove with a fork so you will not jostle the berries.

All of these cheap easy garnishes for parties are easy to make but will make your entertaining platters look fabulous