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Cheap building supplies from the Re-store

Cheap building supplies are available if you know where to look. When ever I am looking for craft or building supplies the first place that I am off to is my local ReStore.

Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit, ecumenical Christian ministry with the belief that every man, woman and child should have a decent, safe and affordable place to live. They are a world wide organization that was founded in 1976 by Millard and Linda Fuller. Their organization has helped to build over 500,000 decent, affordable houses and served 2.5 million people worldwide.

The ReStore(s) are building supply stores that are run by affiliates of Habitat for Humanity. They accept new and used quality building materials that are resold and the money raised supports the work of Habitat for Humanity. The majority of the items that you would find at a ReStore have been donated by people that don't want to see quality usable materials end up in the land fill. 

ReStore has also partner with stores that donate building supplies that are returns, that are still usable but they are unable to re-stock, items that are discontinued and items that they can not sell due to packaging or other problems

As their supplies are coming from donations the range of items that you will find can be quite outstanding. You also might have to come back regularly if you are looking for a specific item but for cheap building supplies they can't be beat.

Cheap Building Supplies Available

Don't be afraid to ask the staff if they might have something in the back as they hold items when they first come in to be priced and sometimes there is not enough room to put everything out.

These curtain finial where marked down to $5 and would be fabulous as the tops of garden ornaments.

There are many unused items in their original packaging. Hinges, door knobs, door stops etc. These hinges are priced from $1 a package.

While you might only be able to find one set of these hinges they would be perfect for small projects like a memory box that you want to put a lid on. They would also be ideal if you are refinishing a yard sale find like a hope chest that needs new hinges.

Handles and knobs, starting at $1, are a perfect way to spruce up a tired looking piece of furniture. The day I looked there were bins full of vintage and new handles and knobs. 

These are great for craft projects like making your own serving trays from cheap building supplies

I found solid brass knobs and handles that I placed on an old dresser that I use in my family room to store all our photographs and travel memorabilia.

Wall paper rolls are marked from $1 for a partial roll to $5 for a new roll. 

If you are doing a small bathroom or a accent wall you can be lucky enough to find enough rolls to do your whole project for a fraction of the cost if you were to get them from a design store. Cheap building supplies from the ReStore can save you up to 75% on a project.

This is a range of the ceramic tile, glass tile and stone that was available the day I was there. 

The quality and amount ranges considerably but there is often enough high quality tile to do an accent area in a bathroom, powder room or laundry room.

If you have an outdoor potting shed you might be able to find enough to do the full floor.  In tumbled stone it would look fabulous. These cheap building supplies can make a simple shed look like a million.

Everything including the kitchen sink is here. Starting at $25 these used aluminum sinks can obviously be used to replace one you have in your kitchen but also if you are trying to put a second kitchen in your home they are a real deal as aluminium just needs a bit of a shine to make it look great.

(I am looking for a single small sink as I want to build a potting bench outside that I will attach water to and let the sink water drain into the garden.

The lighting options range from the sublime to the interesting. Again they might have retro lamps that would look great in an older suburban home but they also have modern lighting starting from about $25.The light shown here was on sale for $75

(There was also a stunning glass chandelier that day for $95 that I lost my heart to but I really don't have anywhere in my home to put it.)

New and used cabinetry for the kitchen or laundry room always seems to be available and the prices vary depending on the condition, whether they are new or used, the style and other factors but you still will be paying a fraction of the cost that you would from a building supply store.

If you are looking to build storage in your basement or garage then these cabinets could be ideal and if they are used they will be cheap enough that a lick of paint will make them look great and they will still be a deal

This is another item I spied when I was there. I really tried to think where I could use this in my own home. 

It would make an amazing storage unit in a craft room with plenty of drawers to hid everything away. And why was this here? It took me a minute to see but two of the drawer pulls were drilled in the wrong place. 

The price for this solid wood cabinet? $225 which included the counter top.

While they don't generally carry furniture they did have this dining set for $135 and a patio set that was just being put out and was not priced yet. 

In the background of this photo you can just see bathroom vanities, windows and doors.

What haven't I mentioned? Antique doors that start from $10 (would make unique headboards), trim which sells from 10 cents and up a foot, toilets from $35 and up, bathroom sinks from $15, paint and much more.

You truly don't know what you will find in the ReStore and when I asked the staff what the most unusual item they ever received they answered a clock...from a submarine.

The ReStore is a great place to get bargain cheap building supplies while supporting a wonderful cause.

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