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Cheap and Easy Indoor Halloween Decorating Ideas

cheap and easy Halloween decorating ideas

Cheap and Easy Halloween Decorating Ideas are the perfect way to get into the Halloween mood! I think everyone secretly wants to be THAT HOUSE at Halloween but when you start checking out how much everything costs we quickly change our minds. 

While I do deck out the outside of the house I spend just as much effort decking out the inside because that's were we are most of the time!

Here are my favorite cheap and easy Halloween decorating ideas that won't break the bank.

Cheap and Easy Indoor Halloween Decorating Ideas

Outdoor decorations can look amazing inside, just because something is meant to go outside doesn't mean it has to.  I have been collecting blow-mold pumpkins and other Halloween decorations for a few years. I've paid between 50 cents and 3 dollars at garage sales and thrift shops. (But you can get the same effect with fake foam pumpkins.)

Here are two of them on either side of the fireplace.

In a casual family room they can look great. The orange glow really sets the mood for Halloween.  

Over the mantle I have a faux leaf wreath which I quickly made up from a metal wreath form and wrapped 3 garlands around.  I used the wreath in my Thanksgiving decorations previous and you can see an better photo of it HERE.

Turn all the other lights off and bask in the glow of Halloween Pumpkin String Lights. On the mantle I had Faux Gourds and some dancing skeletons.

Lighting is everything so forget about the bright and cheerful overhead lights you have in your home and go for the dimmer table lamps. 

Floor can lights are the ultimate in setting a spooky mood, placed on the floor they will add instant creepy elegance.

How is this for fast decorating, I had some black fabric that I draped over the curtains in my dining room, added black ribbons and plastic skeletons to the chandelier and hung up my Free Printable Skull and Body Prints in frames!

If black ribbon is a bit too somber for you then add orange satin ribbon to your chandelier. You don't need to add anything else! Other pops of orange color around your dining room will pull the look altogether.

You could tie large orange ribbons to the backs of your dining room chairs as well.

Learn how I made these fast and easy Spooky Portraits from adding vintage frames to pictures I copied off the internet and portraits I bought from the dollar store.

Don't keep those great photos you have of the kids at Halloween hidden away! Pull them out and display them! Here I made a grouping with Halloween photos in  Dollar Store plastic frames with a leaf dish in front and three little figurines I also picked up from the Dollar Store. 

Here is another way I have decorated in my dining room with the Free Printable Halloween Banner  I designed, "Something Wicked This Way Comes", a Greek bust of a satyrs, and  Spooky Halloween Portrait in a Frame

There is also a black crow from the Dollar Store that's just hanging out. You don't have to fill your room with all things Halloween. Sometimes just a touch or two will give the mood that you are looking for.

Black bats are super easy to make from card stock or construction paper. You draw out one side of the bat on a fold and then cut out the bat. Open it up you have two identical sides and the perfect bat. Make them in all different sizes and using either a bit of double sided tape or regular tape, place them all over your hallway or other room you wanted to decorate.

Or get these 100 Bat Wall Decals Stickers !

Simpler even than that would be to cut out the word BOO in black paper and just put it in an unexpected place. Here I have it on the back of the staircase so you will see it as soon as I open the door.

It is a little decoration that epitomizes the feeling of Halloween. You would think that it was meant to be scary but it really is just funny. You can add a BOO in any area of your home, like the inside of a cupboard or on the inside of a lampshade so you would only see it once the lamp had been turned on.

Drape some Fall Garlands around your staircase and again add some orange ribbon to make the hallway look fabulous.

There is something very elegant about white flowers in a black vase. This simple little arrangement of 5 Spider Chrysanthemums (an appropriate for Halloween). 

With a few simple decorations you can celebrate Halloween without going overboard. Use your imagination and look at things in a different light and you will find all sorts of items that you can incorporate into your Halloween decorating.

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