Easter Carrot Box Printable

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This Easter Carrot Box Printable is a fun way to give gifts at Easter. Filled these small boxes are a perfect addition to your Easter Basket or you could use them as a small gift or as a table decoration!

It is best to print this off on card stock if you want it to be sturdy but if you just need a decorative one-time-use little box then regular paper will be OK. You would have to tape all the edges for added support and once opened it would be finished.

So what to put in this little Easter Box? You could put in a special candy, a small piece of jewelry or the beginning clue to a treasure hunt, the options are endless.

Carrot Box Printable Tutorial

These are  PDFs that you can print off. The first one is plain, so it you have decorative paper that you want to use you can print the template on it. 

The second pattern has a small check, the third has tiny white polka dots on an orange background.

Easter Carrot Box Template.pdf

Easter Carrot Box Template Checks.pdf

Easter Carrot Box Template Dots.pdf

Cut out the template on the dark dotted lines. Score the light dotted lines with a bone folder or the dull side of a butter knife.

Fold the box together with the leaf flap on the outside. Glue the two tabs to the leaf flap and glue the bottom tab to the inside

Punch a hole in the top of the box and pull a loop of green ribbon through.

Knot on the inside and secure with a piece of tape.

Fill the paper carrot and if you want you can add a small sticker to the side to keep the box securely closed.  

I just used a very small piece of clear tape.

I have shown these filled with jelly beans but when I actually use them I put the candies into a plastic snack bag and then into the carrot box for extra security.

If you add something very light inside then you could hang these boxes from branches as part of a Easter centerpiece on your table and then give the filled boxes as gifts after your Easter breakfast.

These delightful little boxes are perfect for many Easter occasions, easy and inexpensive to make and a joy to receive.

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