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Canada Day Table Decorations

Canada Day decorations for the table.

Here is some fast and easy Canada Day Table decorations that you can pull together for July the 1st!

If you are getting ready to have a lunch or dinner on Canada Day here are a few ideas that you can use to really make it pop!

Our family's Canada Day includes a Canada Day Parade, usually a swim when we get home and   dinner in the gazebo.

With Canada's colors being red and white it is easy to pull together a fun patriotic table.

Grab anything you have that is red, white and red and white to see what choices you have to decorate with.

Red checkered tablecloth or place mats are ideal. You could always use clean, crisply ironed red checked dishtowels as place mats.

I use my everyday dishes that just happen to be white or red and white. 

White dinner plates, red rimmed soup bowls are mixed with red edged luncheon plates which unfortunately are no longer available but Prairie Garden Red which is another set that I really like and would work well for Canada Day, Christmas and Valentine's!

Glassware doesn't always have to match for a meal. Here I pulled out my vintage collection of red, white and black glasses.

With most of your table already being red and white it just takes a few little items to make it patriotic.

I made place-cards that simply read Happy Canada Day that have a Canadian Flag lapel pin in each one. Write the names of your guests (or family ) under the pin.

The pin is a take away that they can use when they travel overseas.

Or you could print off this free Canada Day Place card HERE.

Canada Day Table Decorations - The Flowers

While I could have made the flower arrangement in a mix of red and white flowers I decided to just use red so the Canadian flag toothpick flags would stand out.
Canada Day flower arrangement with small flags

The greens in this flower arrangement are Emerald Gaiety euonymus from my garden. I like using them in arrangements because the white is a very crisp white and the green is a dark green.

I made the arrangement using a flower frog (read more about making arrangements with flower frogs HERE) adding the euonymus first and filling it in with red carnations and red alstroemeria, two very long lasting flowers.

The flag picks are just gently placed through out the arrangement and are not placed into the frog.

Canada Day table with red and white plates, glasses, table arrangement and tablecloth
A white folding side table is great to have for extra space to hold drinks, ice cubes and more glasses.

The outside of the gazebo was decorated with bunting. Learn to make bunting HERE.

This traditional decoration is very easy to sew and can be used year to year. 

If you don't have a gazebo or other structure then consider placing the bunting on your back windows so you can admire them from where you are eating

The final table has a red checkered tablecloth, white napkins, white and red plates, plain stainless cutlery, a mix of vintage red, white and black glassware, Canada Day place-cards and a red flower arrangement with Canadian flag toothpick flags. On a white folding side table there is checkered dish towel, white tray, milk, cranberry juice and a bowl of ice.

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