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Canada Day Table Arrangement

A Canada Day table arrangement that is so simple it's almost embarrassing!  This is such a fast and easy arrangement but it really does pack a punch. Add some simple elements and you are ready for your Canada day breakfast, lunch or dinner in a flash!

Canada Day is a big deal in our home and we have many traditions that we follow. I do up the house inside and out (see my Canada Day Bunting here).  I designed this table arrangement for anyone who wants a bit of drama for their table but was just a beginner in table arranging. 

Canada Day Table Arrangement Details

Before I start on the arrangement I wanted to show you how you can pull together some very basic elements to make a sophisticated table. Everything I used is either red or white so if you don't have any of these items then just look around your home to see what red and white items you do have!

I am using my everyday dishes and cutlery for this for an easy clean up, everything gets put in the dishwasher except for the glassware.

With white dinner plates, white table cloth and my everyday stainless steel cutlery I start the layering with a plain red paper napkins folded in half and put on the plate. It is the first punch of colour.

Next comes the famous Canadian red glass drinking glasses that were given away as a premium at gas stations during the 70's.  There are still found at cottages, garage sales and thrift stores throughout Ontario and are easy to pick up. Whenever I use these with guests I always get the comment that they had these glasses growing up.

These collectible and inexpensive glasses were made in France and the gas stations had a multitude of sizes that they gave away, everything from small sherry glasses to over-sized wine glasses and dessert glasses. I usually pay between 50 cents to $1.50 for them.

The red glasses we use as our beverage glasses (mostly juice... or it could be that Canadian classic a Bloody Caesar) and I added large wine glasses for our water.

I designed this printable place card that you can get HERE. A simple design of the Canadian flag and a Happy Canada Day. It adds another small splash of red to the table.

Onto the table arrangement itself. I bought 8 bunches of red dahlia like flowers at our local dollar store for $1.50 a bunch and $12 in total. Separate into two piles of 4 bunches each.

Along the middle of the table lay out the bunches starting at the far end so each bunch lays on top of the one before it and hides the stem of that bunch. The last bunch should be in the middle of the table.

Take the other four bunches and lay them out the same way, starting at the other end of the table and working your way into the middle.

You will probably have to  move them around a bit so that they are even on both sides and that all the stems are hidden.... And that's it! If you cannot find artificial Dahlias look for any other red to dark red flower that comes on a bunch. You want the arrangement to look full. 

The finished table with all the elements pulled together.  Your Canada Day Table Arrangement, fast, easy and very Canadian!

Happy Canada Day!

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