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Canada Day Place Card Free Printable

Canada Day decorating ideas

Canada Day Place Card Free Printable is a great way to add the Canadian flag to your table for Canada Day!  Super easy to print off on any colour printer and if you don't have a colour printer then download the pdf and have a copy center print if off for you!

Canada Day Place Card Free Printable Pdf

This place card is one of the details I used in the table setting Canada Day Table Arrangement. A simple but stunning arrangement of red and white to celebrate Canada Day!  No matter what your table setting is this Canada Day place card free printable adds a touch of celebration to it. 

I prefer to print these off on card stock but you can print them off on regular printer paper. The place cards are marked on the sides on where to fold them. Simply place a ruler across the tiny marks that are on the sides of the place cards. This is a guide for you to use a bone folder or dull knife to score the paper for the fold.

When you cut out the place cards make sure that you are doing it on the inside of the dotted lines so they will not show on the finished place cards.

Place cards for Canada Day

If you want to add your own names from your computer onto the Silhouette place cards then you will have to convert the PDF into a Word document. You can find many free conversion programs on line.

These cards are also great to use on a buffet to describe the food that is set out. This is especially useful if you want to add ingredient warning for any type of allergy. For anyone who is allergic to food this is a great way to let them know what does and does not contain their allergic foods and saves you the effort in telling everyone over and over again.

Canada Day table decorations

It is often the little details that make an occasion special and I use to be surprised when guest would remind me years later of a place card that I used during a meal. I started doing it so there would not be that awkward moment when everyone comes to the table and wonders were they should sit.

I also found that children would ask to take the place cards as mementos of the celebration!

Happy Canada Day!

Canada Day outdoor decorating

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