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Easy Bunny Sewing Pattern

Easy bunny to sew for Easter.

With this easy bunny sewing pattern you can whip up the perfect Easter Bunny this year. This bright cheerful little guy is quick to sew and fun to give.

Pop him into an Easter Basket as a lovely gift or make him as a decoration that you can place on a shelf or make him a mascot on your desk.  It is a super easy bunny to sew and take only 11 x 15 inches of fabric.

You could sew up a bevy or bunnies! My easy pattern and sewing  instructions are simple enough for a beginner and fun for an experienced sewer to whip through.

Toss a few on the mantle to welcome Easter and have a line of bunnies.

Bunny Sewing Pattern Tutorial

Print off the PDF of the Bunny Pattern on a piece of card stock, if you don't have card stock then print it off on regular paper and trace it onto to a thicker board like cereal box cardboard.

Free Easter Bunny Stuff Toy Pattern.pdf

Cut out the bunny pattern and on a piece of fabric that has been folded over, so it is now 11 inches by 7 1/2 inches  right sides together. Trace out the pattern with a pen or pencil, one one arm you will mark the dashes.

Take the fabric to the sewing machine and sew on the line all around the bunny EXCEPT the arm that is marked with dashes, do not sew this area, you will be using it to turn the bunny inside out and to put in the stuffing.

When the bunny is sewn trim the fabric to about 1/4 from the stitching. 

Carefully where the arm opening is turn the bunny inside out. You will have to use a blunt point on the ends of the ears, feet and arms to get them completely turned, I use the end of a pencil.

When the bunny is completely inside out start stuffing with fiber fill or product of your choice.

Don't over-stuff. At the opening fold in the raw edge of the arm neatly and stitch close.

Tada! Your finished Bunny!

You can chose a variety of different fabrics to give this bunny a completely different look.

Bright primary patterned fabric would look fun and modern while floral or soft colored fabric would have a cottage feel to it. 

This Bunny Sewing Pattern is a great first project for someone who has always wanted to sew.

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