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Blue Printable Place Cards

These blue printable place cards were done for a setting where I wanted to pop more color into my tablescape.

With white linens and dishes I need just a tad more blue and this  place card was perfect.

It matches a lot of my blue and white collection without me having to add to it. 

Blue and white china is some of the most collectable plateware in the world. When the British discovered blue and white porcelain from China they started to import boat loads of it in the 17th century and it was collected by Kings and aristocracy.

People still collect modern, vintage and antique blue and white plateware as there is something timeless and beautiful about it. 

My own collection of blue and white is mostly modern copies of century old designs but I do have a few antique pieces.

I love to mix different patterns of blue and white in my dining room and will have plain white plates to contrast the blue and white.

Blue Printable Place Card PDF

There are 4 place cards on each sheet. Download the

Blue Place Cards.pdf  

If you want to place names on the place cards from your computer you will have to convert the PDF to a word document and add a text box to the new doc. There are several free conversion programs that you can find on line.

Print the place cards out on card stock.

Card stock is a heavier grade paper that is better for place cards that regular printer paper. While in a pinch you could just use printer paper for your place cards they might look a bit flimsy on your table and will easily be blown over by the slightest gust of wind.

Cut out the place cards inside the dotted lines so they will not show on the finished place card. Make sure you don't cut the fold line unless you want to use the place cards in place card holders.

Using a bone folder or dull edged knife, score on the dotted line and then fold to get a clean edge.

I pulled the pattern for this place card from a vintage miniature tea set that I have. The blue is a little on the darker side but it matches the rest of the blue and white that I own.

How much do I love my blue and white ware? Well I painted my dining room a specific periwinkle blue that complements all my blue and white.

These blue printable place cards will look lovely in any setting.

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