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Birthday Cake Topper

Birthday cake topper

A Birthday Cake Topper made with your glue gun and confetti! It is shockingly easy to create fun, memorable and unique cake toppers for any occasion.

Using your glue gun and a pattern you can make any number to fit the birthday boy or girl. Best to make a day before you need it so you won't be rushed.

Let your imagination go wild in what colors you would like to make these numbers. 

I wanted mine to have the look of cake sprinkles!

Birthday Cake Topper Tutorial

Print off the PDF of the number you want to use. If you are designing your own numbers them make sure they are not too thick as the confetti goes beyond the edges of the numbers.

I made these easy number to use that you can easily download.

Birthday Topper Numbers 123456.pdf

Birthday Topper Numbers 7890.pdf

Take a piece of parchment paper the same size as your number sheet and tape it to the number sheet.

With a hole punch, punch out 60 confetti of each color, red, orange, blue, yellow, purple and white.

It is easiest if you fold the paper in half so you will be only punching 30 times.

Place a tooth pick on the edge of the number or on one of the sides, depending on what the number is, and secure with a dab of hot glue.

With a glue gun, outline the number, the same way you would be outlining a cookie with icing that you were going to flood.

Flood the inside of the number.

Very quickly before the glue has a chance to dry sprinkle the confetti over the number so it is equally covered.

Let this dry and cool completely.  If you try to move it while it is still hot and not set up then the number will twist.

When it is dry and cooled, very carefully pull the number off the parchment paper and flip it over on it's back.

Repeat what you did on the front on the back side.

Outline with the glue gun, fill the outline and cover with confetti.

Again let dry and cool completely.

An easy birthday cake topper is the perfect way to finish off either a large cake during a big celebration or a small cake for a small celebration!

Let your imagination run wild with this and think of other shapes that you could do this with for a unique and interesting cake topper.

I would love to see what you come up with!

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