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Best Places For Learning Pencil Sketching Online

Many online drawing courses are available, but none are as comprehensive as Nolan’s Drawing Academy. The system includes over 300 pages of lessons, including a PDF manual that you can view on your computer. In addition to the lesson manual, the course consists of a welcome video in which Nolan introduces himself and shows how he works in his studio. It’s worth noting that you can learn more about sketching from Nolan’s manual than from any other online drawing course.


Pencil sketching is a popular art form, achieved with a graphite pencil, eraser, and piece of paper. There are different pencil sketching techniques, including cross-hatching, mark-making, blending stumps, and many others. Udemy offers a variety of classes, including a beginner’s course. Its favorable feedback policy encourages constructive criticism and allows all students to post their comments and thoughts.

This course is broken into modules and includes free downloadable exercises. Students will benefit from the instructor’s patience and clear directions without the jargon and art lingo common in most online courses. Materials required are a pencil, sketchbook, and textured paper. Once completed, students can continue learning and practicing pencil sketching for a lifetime. These courses also include a lifetime membership to Udemy’s community.

Students will learn to draw plants, trees, skylines, and more. Students will learn how to apply linear perspective and study proportion. They will also learn about shadows and light. As a bonus, they’ll also learn about incorporating these techniques into their paintings. Udemy also offers courses in pastel drawing. There are hundreds of courses to choose from. There is something for everyone, so there’s no need to choose between a handful of classes with the different subject matter.

Another great resource is Pencil Kings, an online community where you can learn from instructors. This website is constantly updating its library and includes over a hundred different courses. Pencil Kings offers everything from anatomy to figure drawing. In addition, the site also provides classes on concept art, animation, and visual development. In addition to these courses, Udemy has a broader selection of subjects.


You’ve probably seen several online resources for pencil sketching, but you’re not sure where to turn for the best instruction. Thankfully, Proko is the best place to learn this skill online. These courses are created by renowned artist Stan Prokopenko and can take you from absolute beginner to accomplished professional in no time. Whether you’re just starting or looking to refine your skills, Proko has a course that will teach you all the basics you need to know.

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The course begins by delving into human proportions and explains why they are essential. Students learn about shading and exaggeration, two different ways to give an image more life. They’ll also learn about materials and the importance of sharpening a pencil. Lastly, they’ll learn about basic terminology. A Proko course will also cover basic vocabulary and teach you how to sharpen a pencil.

There are plenty of free courses on Proko, but they lack the extra features of premium systems. Premium courses are downloadable and include many examples, critique videos, and assignments. But if you’re looking for something more detailed, try Proko’s Portrait Drawing Course. You’ll learn to draw a portrait from different angles and master the anatomy of the eyes, lips, and nose. The tutorial also features two full-length demos of portrait drawing so you can see how your skills are progressing.

Shinigami Arts

If you are new to pencil sketching, you may be wondering what the best online resource for learning the basics is. Shinigami Arts’ YouTube channel is an excellent resource for learning how to draw anime characters. In the videos, artists sketch the characters step by step, noting essential details, tools, and tricks. The site offers free and paid access, and you can try it out before investing money.

Drawing a portrait is one of the most popular ways to learn this art form. Then, in the modeling section, students learn about the properties of light and shadow. After that, they apply textures to their portraits, such as hair, skin, and wrinkles. This is a fun, rewarding way to learn how to draw pictures. There is no better way to master this skill than Shinigami Arts.

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Whether you are an absolute beginner or a veteran, the Shinigami Arts website has something for you. With thousands of videos on the site, it’s easy to learn how to draw a cartoon or manga character, no matter your level. Shinigami Arts offers an extensive online pencil sketching tutorial for beginners and advanced artists. It’s affordable and promises to give you confidence in your drawing ability.

Super Easy Drawings

If you are a complete beginner and are interested in improving your skills in drawing, you might want to consider signing up for a free drawing class online. You will learn new techniques and improve your overall drawing skills. There are many different art classes online, but one of the most popular is Super Easy Drawings. This website offers both beginner and advanced-level tutorials.

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This course is free, though a premium membership offers access to its four premium courses. Premium members will access the course dashboard, where they can stream all course materials at their leisure. Each lesson is presented in a 720p video, ensuring you’ll see important details. You can also expect extended demos and classes. All videos are well-scripted, and a free trial offers plenty of information.

Another excellent choice for those looking for a tutorial is the YouTube channel Super Easy Drawings. This channel provides an extensive selection of drawing tutorials, including using a pencil. The videos feature artists sketching simple objects with a variety of techniques. Despite being free of complex art theory, these videos benefit beginners. Some of the tutorials also feature digital drawings. You can easily find the perfect lesson to start with pencil sketching online.

Shinigami Arts’ YouTube channel

Shinigami Arts may be the best resource if you’re looking for a place to learn pencil sketching online. Its how-to videos can teach you to draw specific characters, including male versus female anime protagonists. Additionally, the channel’s tutorials cover essential features, tools, and tricks to consider when sketching an anime character. You can also follow several accounts of anime artists to improve your drawing skills. You may even meet others who share your passion for drawing.

Another great place to learn pencil sketching is the YouTube channel of Hiroshi Shimizu. This legendary animator has over three million subscribers and has created dozens of tutorials for beginner anime artists. His work has appeared in such anime as Dragon Ball Z, Princess Mononoke, and Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. As a bonus, he regularly uploads how-to videos to his channel.

You can also try learning Japanese characters from the Shinigami Arts YouTube channel. If you don’t want to spend any money on online art classes, you can always use Doodles. These are great for learning how to draw characters and Japanese characters. Shinigami Arts also features tutorials on drawing technical objects like human anatomy and facial expressions. In addition to their YouTube channel, they have many other online resources for learning pencil sketching.

If you are wondering how to draw anime hair, you have come to the right place. There are many techniques for drawing anime hair. Here are some tips for drawing straight and curly hair. You can also learn how to draw shiny and spiky hair. Keep reading for more information! We will cover the most critical steps to attracting anime hair. It will help you create an excellent anime character. So, what are you waiting for?

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How to draw straight anime hair

To draw the hair in an anime character, you can break it down into sections, like sides, back, and top. While removing straight hair is a relatively easy task, different hairstyles require a slightly different approach. Rather than draw each part separately, try to think of the hair as a whole. You will find it much easier to place the front portion of the hair in the right spot. Once you have a general idea of how the hairstyle should look, you can try drawing a few variations.

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The first step in drawing hair from an anime character is determining the style. Then, you’ll need to define the hairline and the head. For example, long hair requires you to draw the entire crown and hairline separately. Short hair, however, does not require as much attention as long hair. The following procedure can help you remove fire hair in anime characters. This tutorial will provide step-by-step instructions if you’re new to manga drawing.

To create spiky hair, begin by drawing the hairline. The hairline is where the hair starts. Even characters with bangs do not necessarily need a hairline. The hairline is an essential step because it helps you visualize the proportions of the face. Once you’ve completed the hairline, you can add shading and color to your drawing. You can use a darker color or add some highlights if you’d prefer curly hair.

Another step in drawing hair from an anime character is to make the outline of the head and the hairline. Concentrate on the direction the hair strands flow. Once you’ve completed the system, you can start adding details. Once you’ve completed the hairline, you can color it however you want. Once you’ve finished drawing the anime character’s hair, you’ll have a fully-realized hairstyle to display!

To add texture and dimension to your drawing, start with the hairline. This line will be the final guideline for all of your lines. After that, you can use these lines as your guidelines for drawing the final hairline. If you have too much hair, draw an outline that includes the clumps. Make sure to make the lines overlap. Once you’re done, you can add lines for shadows or highlights where strands cross each other.

How to draw curly anime hair

If you’re an anime fan, you might be wondering how to draw curly anime hair. After all, there are countless variations of the style. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to emulate the look without spending much time drawing the character. Start by sketching out the outline of the head and shoulders. Next, decide which types of curls you’d like to draw and where they’d be coming from. Next, remove the hair with curly lines.

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After choosing your favorite style, you can draw your anime hair. Because anime hairstyles often have realistic-looking hairstyles, you can use these techniques to pull a ponytail. You can also remove a small split on end or a bump on the head. It’s similar to drawing a “Hime Cut,” except that you’ll be erasing parts of the bottom line and revealing head details.

Straight anime hair is more accessible to draw than curly ones. You can break it into sections like sides, back, top, and shoulders. You can draw that section separately if you have long, straight hair. Alternatively, you can remove the whole thing as one. Then, add secondary rhythm lines below or inside the main outline to cover the lack of detail. You’ll soon be able to draw curly anime hair in no time!

To create a more realistic look, you can draw splits. This will give you a natural look while erasing the parts of the head that are covered by the hair will make the hair look a little messy. Anime hairstyles usually include a ponytail and a ponytail with no sides. The ponytail can be split into two parts, the top section, and the back section.

If you’re drawing hair from an anime, you may have to add a bob or long bob. It would help if you also gave the hair buns variations, as the main characters often have drastically different looks. Adding different styles to your feelings will benefit your audience by distinguishing which character belongs to which and will make the whole piece memorable. When drawing curly anime hair, remember that different styles require different styles.

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How to draw spiky hair to curly hair

If you’ve watched an anime series or read manga, you probably noticed many characters have beautiful, curly hair. It fits the style perfectly and is a fun way to add your twist to the character’s hairstyle. To draw this look, start with a short messy ponytail and break the line into several thin constructions or reference lines. Next, sketch the front and back hair, take care to draw each part separately, and then remove the rest in smaller clumps, like a messy bun.

First, draw a head-length outline for the hair. Then, remove a ring of highlights around the head. Draw the circle as if the hair was already curly so that it looks like it isn’t flat. Once complete, draw the spiky strands and use thin strokes for the hairline. Highlight each strand with a dark gray or another dark color.

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If the anime character has long back hair, add a clump of wavy hair at the back. This makes the hair look more authentic. If you don’t like the curly pigtail, draw the ponytail in two parts: the top and back. Then, pull a ponytail in the middle of the back and add a bit of curl to the top of the head.

Drawing hair in anime is not difficult if you follow some basic drawing guidelines. Breaking the hair down into its parts is the key to drawing different styles. Once you have these components down, the entire process of removing hair becomes much more accessible. There are many different styles and techniques for drawing hair, so try these simple methods. You will be surprised how easy they are once you get used to them.

How to draw glossy hair

To draw shiny hair, the first thing to do is to pay close attention to the light source in the image. Ask yourself, “where is the light coming from?” and what color is it? Hair generally has a glossy surface and bounces light, making highlights visible. This is one of the most exciting aspects of drawing hair, but highlights can also ruin your drawing if you don’t place them correctly. Here are some tips for creating a realistic-looking hairstyle.

Highlights: To create the illusion of shiny hair, ensure you have plenty of highlights. Highlights are the highlight areas in your drawing. Highlights are thin lines that make your hair appear shiny. They can be joined into tiny zigzags. There is one main area of highlight for anime hair, while manga hair may have several different highlights. If you want to create the illusion of multiple highlights, add more shades to the highlights.

Shades: The shading of anime hair is pretty simple. While the light is intense above, shadows will form at the bottom. One good way to achieve this is to use a generalized shading technique. This will work well in most scenes. Use generalized shading on the sides and bottom of clumps, giving the impression of folds. This is one of the easiest ways to create realistic-looking hair.

Highlights: Make sure you define the hair volume around the face first. You can use a blue pencil to follow the waves of the hair around the face. Then, ink the highlights using paint brush markers. Taper the tip of the title, and use your index finger as a guide. If you want to add some highlights, use white opaque fluid. Then, erase the lines, and you’re ready to begin drawing anime hair.

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