Best Inexpensive Shopping

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I will show you the Best Inexpensive Shopping and the amazing places that savvy shopper know about where you can  get top quality goods at a fraction of the cost.

From diamonds to socks there is the high end shops where you pay a premium and then there are the deal shops where you can find them for pennies on the dollar.

Everyone wants to know where to buy good stuff cheap and there are more places to shop than you could imagine.

Looking for the best inexpensive shopping might take a little more time but the savings can be so substantial that it is well worth it.  The secret about finding gems is to keep your eyes opened in the most unexpected places.

Best inexpensive shopping for quality is out there!

If you think that you are a savvy shopper and you don't shop at least one of these places you are leaving money on the table.

Best Inexpensive Shopping

The List of Where to Go for the Great Deals

There are so many places that have amazing deals where the best inexpensive shopping is! 

  • Liquidation Stores - best inexpensive shopping for almost everything! A good liquidation store can be a savvy shoppers paradise
  • Antique Malls - not just antiques at great deals but a fabulous source for jewelry, china, artwork, furniture, barware and more
  • Thrift Stores - forget about the tatty image they use to have, real bargain hunters know they are a treasure trove!
  • Auctions- from vintage collectables, everyday furniture, garden equipment, vehicles and anything else you can imagine auctions can have you saving over 50% on retail
  • Dollar Stores - the INSIDER SECRETS of what are the great deals
  • Outlet Malls- where to go for the real outlet malls with the deep discounts
  • Restaurant Supply Stores- you will be shocked at the great deals you'll get  buying inexpensive shopping for your kitchen here
  • Inexpensive Kijiji, Ebay Classified & Craigs List- where some of the best bargains are
  • Office Furniture Outlets- not just for the office, see what else you can snag here
  • Inexpensive Garage Sale Bargains - the ultimate money saving shopping, learn what the best deals are at garage sales and what to look for
  • Warehouse sales - so good they never advertise but I can help you find them
  • Cheap Building Supplies for craft projects or remodeling on the super cheap.

Get It For Up to 70% Off

In the last 50 years commercials have done a great job in convincing us that new is better than used. The mind set is  that if it was owned by anyone else then there must be something wrong with it. But the value does not last!

It does not matter what you buy, as soon as you walk out of the store with it, it depreciates.

2nd Hand Doubts?

Don't think you can find "good" stuff second hand? Try this.

Price out a sofa from IKEA on-line and then look for it in a larger urban area on Craigs List, Kijiji or Ebay Classified. Now that you know the store cost (remember to add tax) you will see how great the re-sale prices can be!

It doesn't matter if it is a Rolex Watch or a patio chair, no one will pay full price for an item that has had a previous owner even if the item was never used or is in perfect condition. (The exception being rare items of course.) Your item has depreciated by up to 70% by the time you bring it home.

You can use this to your favor when you need to buy something.

We live in a very mobile society and people are constantly having to pack up and move to different places and when they do many times they would just prefer to sell their things off than lug them around.

If you are still a bit uneasy about buying second hand think about this, second hand glass, ceramic items, dishes and cutlery are easy to clean with a bit of soap and bleach, and probably has been used less than most restaurant dishes that you have eaten from. 

One immaculately groom woman who is selling off her designer clothes (that you would have dry cleaned anyways) is going to be considerably cleaner than some item that was on the sale racks that has been tried on by dozens of women.

Learn the Term - Never Worn, Tags Attached

Never Worn-Tags Attached (often just shortened to Tags Attached)  is a term that you will start seeing in the re-sale market which states that someone bought it and just never used it. (Think of all those shopaholics that have closets stuffed full of clothes that they have never worn.)

Even though the item is technically brand new it is still considered 2nd hand or used. People want to re-coop at least some of the money they have splashed out and might ask for a higher than normal 2nd hand price for it. If you really want the item then offer them something lower and leave a contact e-mail. They might get back to you after a few days if no one else has made an offer.

You need to get into the mind set of buying second hand. Think of what you need, research the regular price of it (remember to add the tax) and then start looking for it in classifieds on-line, in newspapers and don't forget to check out second hand stores and thrift shops.

While many women are lured to the idea of Buying Inexpensive Knock-offs I want to tell you how not only your wallet might get damaged if you do but what it might be saying about you.

There is a lot of money to be saved if you are willing to do a little bit of work and wait for the perfect bargain to show up.

Remember to have fun when your out on the bargain hunt. These are all great places to start looking for real deals but be prepared to walk away with nothing if what you are looking for just isn't there. 

Be patient, buying something on sale just to make you feel like you have not wasted your time is no bargain. Sometimes, no matter how the inexpensive shopping is,  you just have to walk away, even if it's been marked down 90%

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