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A golem can trigger a giant bomb in the center of the map and then go for the big hit! Using the right GoHo attack in TH8 and TH9 can be highly effective. It can also be effective if you use hogs, which can trigger a giant bomb in the center. This article will give you tips on attacking the TH8 zone with you.

Dragons with three lightning spells

When attacking TH8 dragons, new players should always deploy their dragons before using their three Lightning Spells. This is simple: Lightning is the most forgiving spell and is guaranteed to hit a solid target. Lightning costs eight to ten seconds to cast, but it can differentiate between a two-star attack and a three-star attack.

The best way to use a dragon with three lightning spells is to use them in a mass attack on the A.D.s. By avoiding the A.D.s, you will spend less time sending dragons in. Using three dragons in a mass attack allows you to use every dragon in the army. The CC troops can also help you bolster your main dragon force by clearing the path for your main point.

Air defenses are another huge hindrance for dragons. You are likely to win if you can eliminate at least one of the three air defenses. Lightning spells will only affect air defenses at or below level six. The king and one dragon can form a funnel by dropping three lightning spells on the air defenses closest to the dragons. As a bonus, you can use rage spells to get through the high hit points on air defenses and haste spells to make them go faster.

The other best-attacking strategy is to use a hero + one or two dragons in a mass attack. This way, all your dragons will be in the same area, preventing the dragons from getting stuck in a single group. By doing this, the dragons will do the maximum damage while spreading out evenly. The goal of using this attack strategy is to have all your dragons in range of the A.D. when the enemy takes the first shot.

While it isn’t possible to make a dragon 3 Star at TH8, it is possible to make it 2 Star if you’re careful. Dragons are powerful units with significant damage. However, their lack of 3-star attack capability makes them a risky asset in Town Hall 11. You can’t rely on them for 3 Star attacks in any base. Moreover, air defenses will quickly take down Dragons like flies unless you have three lightning spells to counter them.

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If you have the resources and the necessary skills to attack TH8 bases, you should try using DragLoon. This attacking strategy involves using your Dragons to swarm a target and casting a Rage spell. The Rage spell will boost your Dragons’ damage every second. You can also cast healing spells on your Balloons. Besides, you can use your Barbarian King to draw attention away from Archer Towers and clear out outside structures.

In addition, you can use your rage spells to take out air defenses. You can use the first two to funnel the dragons to where you want them to go and attack the air defenses. You can also use your third rage spell to help your balloons reach their target. If you don’t want to waste time casting spells, you can also use the drags to attack the target.

If you want to make sure that your Dragons and Balloons are well-prepared, you should use the DragLoon attacking strategy. This is the most basic attack tactic used in clan wars and multiplayer battles. It works well on sweepers and weak air defenses. Unlike DragLoon, Hogs can directly attack enemy clan castle troops, resulting in two-star victories.

Another attacking strategy that is popular among gamers is GoVaHo. It uses Dark Elixir to damage enemy units, which is excellent for war attacks. The Golems act as a tank, and the Valkyries and Hog Rider mop up the rest of the base. This attacking strategy allows gamers to get three stars in minutes. If you want to use this strategy, make sure that your Grand Warden is high enough.


If you are trophy hunting, the Balloon is the best attacking option. This strategy uses Balloons and Minions to destroy bases and produce high loot. In the masters league, it can easily result in 50 percent destroyed bases and 350k seizures. Moreover, you can use this strategy with the TH8 troops in lower leagues to get 500k+ loot quickly.

To effectively use this attack style, you must know its limitations and weaknesses. For example, if you use it to attack towers, you should release it after all the dragons trigger all three teslas and 50% of your base is destroyed. You must know that balloons do not have significant damage when using this strategy. The balloons are very fragile and can be easily destroyed by your minions.

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Another good attacking strategy is DragLoon. This more fundamental approach works well in clan wars and multiplayer battles. You should use 10 level 2 dragons to perform DragLoon on any weak air defenses or sweepers. It would help if you also cleared the enemy clan castles before using this strategy. This attack is effective for three-star attacks and can be used on most bases.

Another great attacking strategy is using CC troops and dragons. These units are powerful and will take out groups of soldiers quickly. If your opponent’s defenses are not strong, you can also use Lightning spells to destroy them. This is especially useful for attacking a castle with multiple levels of CC troops. This strategy can only work on TH8 if you use it properly.

Night Witch

Night Witch is one of the most vital units in the game and is often considered the best-attacking strategy in TH8. Night Witches can take down the entire base in one shot when appropriately used. Depending on the game mode, she can also use her abilities to kill the enemy. Here are some tips for playing her. Once you’ve mastered this strategy, you’ll be well to a competitive win!

If you can place a Night Witch in a corner, you can distract an enemy by using a Battle Machine and a Multi Mortar to target a single enemy unit. A Night Witch will often follow the Battle Machine to the base, which means that your opponent’s Multi Mortar will be focused on your Battle Machine. Night Witches will also follow you to your floor, so you’ll have a higher chance of success if you place them near the Battle Machine.

Another essential thing to remember when using Night Witch is that she is a very heavy troop and will face many tough opponents. If your goal is to defeat a Night Witch, you should try to focus on her Bats, as they are vulnerable to Multi Mortar, Air Bombs, and Roaster. Single Mines in air mode will effectively destroy a swarm of Bats. Additionally, a Giant Cannon or a Lava Launcher will effectively damage the Night Witches that hide behind tanks.

You can also try an air attack strategy in TH8. The best way to defend against an air attack is to position an air bomb in the center of the base. Using a roaster, Mega Tesla, and air bomb will give you more damage than any other troops. The last one is especially effective because they make air attacks more difficult. Once you’ve got that, your night attack will be much easier.

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It would help if you also remembered that Night Witch has a unique ability that spawns Bats when killed. When the Night Witch is maxed, she can spawn up to 4 Bats on the battlefield. Then, when she dies, her bats will explode and turn into bats. Once they reach the base, the Night Witch can also spawn Skeletons and single-target melee air units.

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