Best Attack Strategy in Threshold Heroes 7

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There are many different types of attack strategies available in TH7. Several common ones include Giant/Healer, Mass Hogs, and Dragons + Balloons. This article will discuss three of them and explain why they work so well. Besides the cost, they also help you gain a lot of gold! Also, this strategy is a good choice if your A.D.s are on the outside of the base.


The Giant/Healer attack strategy in Threshold Heroes is the most common approach used by players to dominate other teams. A healer will buff up the Giants and restore their total health. A healer can use their ability when necessary to clear buildings and bring the giants to full health. In addition to this strategy, you can also use wizards to heal up the Giants and restore them to total health.

Another helpful strategy is to place CC Hog Riders near enemy air defense. Having CC Hog Riders close to the air defense is very useful as they can keep the Giants alive and help your team break the walls. A second healing spell will help your Giants and the Hogs, especially if you have a lot of defenses in the area. You can also drop another healing magic to the Hogs once they have about 50% H.P.

A third strategy that can help you dominate the Giant/Healer is to use the Archer tower. You should be able to target the Archer tower while using the Giant/Healer combo. If the enemy has mortars, drop two or three lightning spells if your healer is in the base. This can be an effective strategy if you have a TH7 clan castle.

The Giant/Healer attack strategy is good for the game’s early stages when the town hall levels are lower. This combination of healers will give you plenty of power to achieve three stars on any base. In addition, a healer can also be used to help out other types of troops, such as archers and barbarians. Another option is to use stronger wizards.

Dragons + Balloons

One of the best attack strategies in TH7 is Dragons + Balloons. This strategy uses a hero with balloons to drag CC troops away. Once dragged out, dragons can help take out air defenses with three fits of rage. Dragons can also get around air defenses by using Lightning spells. This attack strategy works well if you’re trying to destroy a barbarian king’s huts.

When using this strategy, you can use both dragons and balloons. While balloons are the best attack strategy, dragons can help target A.D.s and nested archer towers. A barbarian king can also help you tank. You should send balloons after dragons have already activated all three teslas, but not before. You can also place balloons on different base sides to avoid the CC.

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If you’re planning to use a Barbarian King, make sure you use him early or late in the attack. He will help you clear obstacles near the perimeter air defense and help dragons funnel towards it. He’ll also help you clear out buildings that block the path of the dragons. However, it would help if you evaluated the Barbarian King individually. The Barbarian King will work better if used late in the game or last.

While it’s true that the best attack strategy for TH7 is Dragons + Balloons, this strategy also involves a bit of brute force. You can’t spam your dragons all over the map. The key is to focus on air attacks. The best way to do this is by utilizing CC balloons and a dragon to target defensive structures.

Mass Hogs

If you’ve ever wondered why the best attack strategy in TH7 is Mass Hogs, the answer is simple. Mass Hogs are a great way to break through an opponent’s defenses and overwhelm them. However, if you’re at a TH7 or higher, you can also use the Mass Hog strategy to destroy your opponents’ defenses. The best way to do this is to place clean-up troops after the hog rider attack. They’re best deployed wide to avoid the hogs’ defenses. This is a great way to finish off two-star hogs, allowing you to move on to a three-star hog attack in Town Hall 7.

This attack strategy involves sending mass hogs through a map. When a player has two hogs, they should use one of them to attack an enemy hero and clear the path to their base. Mass Hogs can also be used to kill Archer Queens. Remember to remove the opposing clan castle’s defenses before sending Hogs when using Mass Hogs.

Another common mass hog strategy involves using Hog Riders to destroy defensive buildings. The Hog Riders will destroy buildings immediately, leaving your other troops to clear your base. Mass Hogs also employ Giants, Wizards, and Archers to wipe out the enemy’s base. You need to level up your Hog Rider to level two to achieve this attack strategy. Mass Hogs can also destroy certain clan castle troops and outside structures.

Mass Hogs are the best attack strategy when the enemy has high defenses. When combined with the Archers and barbarians, these units can quickly kill the enemy’s troops. Alternatively, you can lure the enemy into a building and then kill the rest of your forces with your Hog Riders. This strategy is most effective when deployed after drawing the clan castle.

Heal spells

If you’re looking for the best attack strategy in TH7, a simple combination of two Rage Spells and one Healing Spell will do the trick. While a good healer won’t trigger traps, the exception is Skeleton Traps. Players should make sure to check the location of the second air defense as it may ruin your attack at any time.

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Using Heal spells is an excellent option to get the upper hand in battles with hog riders. A heal spell will help your hogs stay alive, and a poison spell will slow down your opponents’ defending troops and make your hog rider attack easier. It’s essential not to use your heal spells too early, or they will be wasted. You should be able to take out hogs with your heal spells while they’re at 50% health.

A heal spell also stacks with rage spells, allowing you to cast two at once during the heavy part of your base. Though some players argue that healing is a waste of time, heal spells reduce the amount of A.D. damage you deal with your enemies and provide an excellent solution to the recovery of seeker mines. You can find videos of placing your heal spells in TH7 in various ways.

Attacking with Heal spells is the best strategy in TH7 because it gives you the most support for your troops. Your archer Queen and P.E.K.K.A.A.A is the most effective attack strategy in TH7, but you also have the Barbarian King and Golem to provide more defense and support. These support troops are crucial to your success in the game.

Wall Breakers

If you’re looking for the best attack strategy in TH7, consider playing as a Wall Breaker. These are potent troops that are specialized in attacking other villages. They can be very effective against buildings with walls, as they have a high hit level, and they can cause splash damage that deals 40 times the wear of regular troops. The best way to use them is to send them after the closest wall, as they’ll aim for its inner layers. Once they explode, they’re gone.

If you’re facing a clan castle, send out Wall Breakers at the first chance. Please make sure they’re at least 1/3 outside of the enemy base. Then, deploy Archers at the front and back to break down the walls. Use Wall Breakers to attack the enemy’s defenses every few seconds. You can use rage spells on these units to destroy them.

If you face a base with several Dark Elixir storages, Wall Breakers are your best bet. They can quickly destroy the walls and take down their Dark Elixir storage. Barbarians or Archers will do the job just fine if you’re not bothered about Dark Elixir. They’re also suitable for farming if you don’t mind the Dark Elixir.

Wall Breakers is the best attack strategy in Town Hall 7. It’s the most common attack strategy in TH7, and it’s excellent against opponents with low air defense and easy to tackle. It also works well in clan wars and can win you star rewards. It will even help you win Crystal League trophies if you have the skill. Additionally, it’s also more cost-effective than other attack strategies.

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The TH7 base is an amazing one to use for your strategies. The main reason why I like it so much is that I can take down TH7 players with my 10 Dragon army. This army has a lot of advantages over other TH7 and TH8 accounts, including trophy base and mass Dragons. In this article, I’ll show you how to take down a TH7 base with your hog rider attacks and trophy base.

Taking down TH7 players with a 10 Dragon army

Taking down TH7 players with ten Dragons is possible. A 10 dragon army will reliably clear TH8 bases since many enemy players don’t level their Air Defense towers. A Dragon-based attack will result in a massive resource reward and three stars. Read on to learn how to do it. Here are some tips:

If your opponent is using Air Defenses, spread your Dragons out. They will be attacking anything near your towers, including friendly troops. Don’t be too surprised if you get destroyed, though. You can also use Barbarians and Archers to destroy buildings in corners. Remember that a Dragon has high H.P., so be sure to spread them out.

Another tip for a ten dragon army is to use your dragons as cutters. A Dragon’s CC attack is equivalent to an archer’s funneling ability. If your dragons can reach the farthest air defense structure, you can use their rage+healing spells. It is essential to use dragons wisely. You can’t expect your dragons to be thrown away in a single attack, but they can be very effective if they are correctly used.

The next tip is to use three Lightning Spells. Against TH7 players, lightning is the best spell to use. Lightning allows you to guarantee a solid attack while costing only eight to 10 seconds. It is good to deploy dragons before using lightning since lightning takes 8-10 seconds. It can make the difference between a two-star attack and a three-star one.

While upgrading traps, mines, and storages are essential for upgrading your troops, they add little to your army’s weight. You can also upgrade single and multi-target towers and special TH10 and higher towers. But be careful: don’t upgrade walls until they are TH7, or you’ll be dropped from the war or clan. It will damage your team’s chances of winning.

Taking down TH8 players with a mass Dragons + Rage Spells

One of the best strategies for destroying TH8 players in C.O.C. is to use mass Dragons and Rage Spells. Dragons are powerful and can kill most enemy units. They also have splash damage to deal with any CC troops. An excellent way to get more dragons is to use a Cc dragon and Hero in the center of your army.

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Using three rage spells against a TH8 player is a common mistake that new players make. While tempting, this is a bad idea since they do not stack. It’s better to use two fits of rage and one healer instead of three. Lightning costs eight or ten seconds, but it can mean the difference between a two-star attack and a three-star attack.

If you’re playing with a TH8 player, you should use a GoVaHo attack strategy. This strategy uses the Dark Elixir, best used in war attacks, and quickly overruns bases. Golems can also be used as tank units, and a Valkyrie can demolish the core of the ground. A Hog Rider can mop up the rest of the base. GoVaHo is one of the best ways to get three stars quickly and easily.

While it is possible to use A.D.s to kill TH8 players with a mass Dragon and Rage Spells army, this strategy is not recommended for beginners. It’s not adequate to send in mass Dragons one by one. It will cost you more time than you think and result in a loss. If you can’t use dragons and rage spells, consider getting a high-level A.D. and CC balloons. They’ll help you clear the path and bolster the main dragon force.

A mass Dragons + Rage Spells attack will only work well if you can cover most of the base with a GoWiPe army. In addition to that, it’s also effective when you can build two Lava Hogs in the ground. Air sweepers will give you more time to attack while your Dragons are in the air.

Attacking TH7 players with hog rider attacks

Attacking TH7 players with hog rides is easy, especially if you have lots of them. They can break through any defense in town and even 3-star any level of Town Hall. However, they won’t succeed against Multi Inferno Towers. They should be deployed with careful planning. It would help if you used a combo of hog rider attacks and a clean-up troop to do this.

The best way to deal with hog riders is to use the three-star attack. This is one of the best ways to finish a TH7 War Base. However, you will have to use several attacks to make it three-star. The higher your Town Hall, the better your chances of winning the battle. If you use a heal spell, you can also get a few hogs to help you clean up the battlefield.

A hog rider attack can be very effective if you use it correctly. It is essential to use a group of eight hogs and two archers to maximize its effect. To make the attack more effective, you can also drop a poison spell on the building where the hogs are so that they get a lot of damage. A hog rider attack can kill several enemy troops while luring out clan castle troops when used correctly.

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To keep hogs alive, you can use heal spells and poison spells. The last attack will slow the enemy’s troops when using a hog rider. Besides defending TH7 players with hog rider attacks, you can also use a war base. This one is useful for a Master League push because a Town Hall protects you.

Dragons are also an excellent way to attack TH7 players. Dragons can be level 1 and destroy enemy air defense towers, so you’ll have plenty of time to use your Dragons before the TH7 players get to the Clan Castle. If you don’t use a dragon, you should wait until you have four or five units and then attack. The best way to do this is to scout around Hidden Tesla.

Taking down TH7 players with a trophy base

Taking down TH7 players with trophies is a viable strategy for Town Hall 7. It allows you to stockpile more items than you would have with single storage. The Trophy Base is a good layout for this, as it has several small compartments around the center that protect Dark Elixir Storage and prevent cheap steal approaches. In addition, the base also has traps that will eliminate attacking troops and watch your Dark Elixir Storage.

There are a couple of things to consider when attacking a TH7+ base. First, you’ll want to grab their complete resource collectors. To do this, you can use a combination of Barbarians and Archers. Having five or six of these soldiers will give you the advantage. Also, be sure to keep the Town Hall safe so that your team can push for the trophy.

Secondly, if you’re a strong player, you can raid other players’ towns with your Town Hall. You can even take down TH8 players in your town. This will give you an upper hand over TH7 players. A good TH6 base will have 150k of each resource type. A good TH7 base will have even more resources than that. Dark Elixir’s leading resource at TH7 is hard to farm, but it’s still doable if you have an ample supply.

As mentioned earlier, it is possible to 3-Star a TH7 War Base. However, you will have to get some attacks before this. For this, you’ll have to have a higher Town Hall player. You can use a combination of th7 attack and resource loot to achieve 3-Star. However, no base is perfect, and it will not be effective for everything.

While this strategy can be effective, it is essential to note that the best loot is not in the highest tiers. The higher trophy count will mean more difficult defenses and a more challenging time getting all loot. Also, higher trophy counts mean more active players. However, this does not mean that you should underestimate the power of trophy collectors and trophy base raiders.

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