Best Attack Strategy For TH5 in Clash of Clans

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You should know how to deal with air defenses and CC troops. It would help if you defeated them with a simple strategy. If you can’t beat CC troops, you should have an air defense that can be easily defeated. This attack strategy is the best way to get a lot of gold in Clash of Clans without using air defenses and CC troops.


If you’re new to Clash of Clans, one of the best attack strategies for TH5 is GoVaHo. This strategy requires at least one golem and 2 Valks to be effective, but with the correct configuration, you can get away with using low-level Valks. You can also use GoVaLo, which requires just a single golem and no bowlers.

When attacking a TH5 base, GoVaHo is the best way to maximize your resources and make it difficult for your opponents to defend. This attack strategy combines two essential features of Clash of Clans: low damage and high defense. It’s also cheap to build, so before investing in a powerful army, it’s worth considering. This attack strategy also has the potential to 3-star any TH8 base and push trophies during multiplayer battles.

To begin the attack, you should scout the area to know how the enemy defenses work. Then, you should deploy your hog riders in places with more minor gaps, making your opponents’ defenses crumble. You can also use lightning spells to target the castle’s defenses. To finish the attack, you should place 8-12 archers around the Clan Castle, while the rest of the reasons should be taken care of by the other troops.

As long as you have decently upgraded defenses and recommended CC troops, you’ll be on your way to winning in Clash of Clans. GoVaHo is the best attack strategy for TH5 in Clash of Clans! Once you have mastered the GoVaHo army strategy, it’s time to move on to the next attack strategy.


The most reliable 3-star strategy for TH5 and TH6 is the BarchLoon. It involves luring enemy clan castle troops into a trap and destroying their air defense with max hogs. This one is much more effective than other TH5 and TH6 attack strategies. This barchloon attack strategy can 3-star any TH5 or TH6 base. Make sure you have 2 level 1+ heal spells.

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This attack strategy uses two different methods. The first strategy is to lure your enemies into a corner and kill them. The second strategy involves dropping wall breakers in groups of two. Once the enemy has been drawn into a corner, use heal spells on your giants. The final process consists in destroying your town hall. Once this strategy has worked, it will be easy for you to get 50% defense.

This strategy requires Barbarians, Archers, and Hog Riders. The Hog Riders should be deployed in the air sweeper and air defense, while the rest of the Barbarians should be placed on the other side. Heal spells should protect the Hog Riders to prevent splash damage. Balloons can be deployed in groups of three or four around the base. By deploying them in groups, you limit splash damage from wizard towers and minimize the number of enemy towers.


A strong attack composition is GoWiPe. It consists of three main troops, Golems, Wizards, and PEKKAs. Golems are like tankers, absorbing all damage, and PEKKAs squish everything in their path. Wizards can turn buildings into rubble, too. GoWiPe is best used during war attacks, and trophy pushes.

When attacking an opposing village, it is best to drop units near a defensive structure. This way, your teams will prioritize the defensive system before returning fire. While the opposite wing of your village will not be hit, your cc will not draw out all of your units. You can also use the cc on units in the defensive zone to isolate the units.

GoWiPe without Hog Riders

When you use GoWiPe without Hog Rider, you can beat any TH5 level. It is also possible to 3-star any TH8, but most players will surround them with defenses, splitting up the Hogs. You should deploy storage, Barracks, and Collectors directly above and below your Wizard Tower. It would also help place your DBB directly south of your Wizard Tower.

A GoWiPe attack is an excellent way to get a second or third star in a battle. Golems are great for this because they can detonate explosives. You can also use Golems to surround the defender’s Clan Castle and attack the defensive structure. This attack is best for early and late TH9 and TH10 levels. However, be aware that this attack strategy is not as effective against advanced, well-developed bases.

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The wizard is an excellent troop for TH5. It is very effective from TH6 to TH5. You can also use a Wizard in TH7 if you want to vaporize a level 6 AD. It is important to note that a Wizard is very dangerous, so you must protect him with a barb.

GoWiPe is the best attack strategy for TH5 because it combines three different troops: PEKKAs, Golems, and Wizards. Golems are a good tank for a TH5 attack, while PEKKAs and Wizards will smash everything in their path.

GoWiPe with Night Witches

To begin your attack, deploy your war machine on the top left and attack with its ability. This will almost guarantee a one-star attack. Make sure your night witches are deployed near the war machine. Your war machine can destroy enemy buildings with its ability. After deploying the war machine, you should deploy your night witches in the exact location. When attacking with a multi-mortar, keep your night witches nearby. This will keep them protected from the fire spewed by the multi-mortar.

A golem has more HP than any other troop. It also splits into smaller units and is immune to spring traps. Golems will do a lot of damage. If your clan can win a war, it will have a profit from attacking TH10s with this strategy. If you are a new player in the game, here are some tips.

A good GoWiPe with Night Witcher-led army will help you win TH5 battles with minimum effort. As a night witch, you must remember that the cc will attack any nearby unit first before returning fire. So, drop units near defensive structures as early as possible. Generally, they’ll be killed first before returning fire.

The most effective attack strategy for TH5 is to down the Town Hall. A 50% downgrading attack will get one star. A 100% damage attack will give you two stars. Remember that you only get two attacks in war, so always remember to plan accordingly. If you don’t have the right strategy, you might have to start over again.

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There are several different strategies to win games in Town Hall 8. The best method for loot will depend on what you’re playing for. Generally, a good plan will consist of Goblin/Archer/Giant/Wall Breakers. This article will explain how to make the most out of these units and make your base more robust.

Goblin/Archer/Giant/Wall Breaker army composition

Goblins are a versatile troop that can take down several walls in a base, especially if Archers surround them. They can also be used to take down storage structures and are very effective under a Rage Spell. Giants, however, need to be deployed in a large clump. If they’re not deployed properly, they’ll be destroyed by towers, traps, and explosions.

The best way to build a Goblin/Archer/Giant-Wall Breaker army composition is to research these creatures. These units are better than Barbarians and Archers because they have special access to deeper storage units and require less training. However, if you don’t have the time to build a Goblin army, consider using Barbarians instead. These units will be much more effective in the long run.

You can also use the Builder Base to get a loot-heavy village, which can only be attacked by itself. This is also an excellent time to use the Healers, who can heal ground troops but can’t heal themselves. But be careful – Giant Bombs can easily wipe out 20+ Archers in a row! The Wall Breakers will attack the first helpful wall. Giants are cheap and can be used to draw fire away from other troops.

Archers are another excellent choice for a Town Hall 8 player. These are two of the first troop types and can still be relevant well into the game. Archers are helpful for many reasons, including bypassing walls, attacking air units and surrounding defenders. Archers are an indispensable troop when raiding. They require two troop spaces and can also be used to flank a wall.

Using Mortars to take out Goblins

Using Mortars to take out Gobs for loot is an overall strategy, but it can be risky if misused. The first thing to remember is never to place two Mortars in the same Walls pocket. Their range overlaps and creates a kill zone for your troops. In addition, you may find it difficult to place more than one Mortar at a time.

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One way to take out Goblins quickly is to use mortars and wizard towers. The latter is excellent for removing resource collectors from the perimeter of a base. Archers and Goblins can finish them off. You can place these units to direct Goblins toward the center of your floor, but it’s best to test first to make sure they will head that way.

While Mortars are suitable for taking out Goblins for loot, they have some disadvantages. First, they fire slowly. If they hit the enemy, they will take damage for less than a second. They can’t target air units or balloons and therefore need to be paired with other troops with a high attack speed. Also, Mortars take a long time to reach their target, meaning that fast troops can easily dodge them.

If you don’t have a lot of gold to spend on Goblins, a barbarian/archer army is a great way to take them out. They are fast and cheap, but their attack power is moderate and can be easily destroyed by solid bases with significant splash damage. For best results, use barbarians in an arc around the tower. Using barbarians on a flanking strategy is a great way to take out Goblins without spending too much.

Using Wall Breakers to take out Giants

Using Wall Breakers to take out Giant for loot is a great strategy to gain ground access to deep storage structures. The key to this strategy is the composition of your army. The Giants can rile up defenses around DE storage. On the other hand, archers can clear out perimeter buildings and open up a compartment. Having Archers nearby helps to clear out enemy buildings.

When using Wall Breakers, it is best to deploy them as pairs. They must be able to penetrate multiple layers of walls. Then, you can use them in combination with spells to do more damage. If you use a Rage Spell, you will get an additional damage bonus. For maximum damage, you should deploy Wall Breakers in pairs. Once you have them deployed, the next step is to attack with the Wall Breakers.

In town hall 8, you can upgrade your Wall Breakers. Giants are rigid and slow, but healers can back them if you choose. You can also use the Super Wizard. He will attack a target and damage up to nine nearby targets. Another good option is using Inferno Dragons, the super version of Baby Dragon. These dragons deal more damage when they target the same target. The only downside to the Inferno Dragons is that they don’t have the speed and attack bonuses that the Baby Dragon does.

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A third strategy is using Archers to kill resources and towers. Archers help take out outside buildings. However, be careful not to overuse them, as the Giant Bomb will wipe out clumps of 20 Archers if they’re not placed quickly. If the enemy plans to set up a Giant Bomb, drop your Archers as soon as you spot it.

Using Queen Walk

Using Queen Walk for loot can be a beneficial strategy for playing a high-level character. This type of attack is not always successful, and you can miss out on three stars if you use it the wrong way. Fortunately, there are several ways to overcome the common challenges you may encounter while using Queen Walk. The following guide explores the major threats you may face when using this strategy.

You can use Queen Walk to take out strategic targets before deploying your main army troops. This is especially useful if you want to destroy a portion of your base without deploying Eagle Artillery. A valuable objective to take out with this type of attack is killing the Clan Castle troops, which will protect the rest of the army troops. Likewise, a Queen Walk can also be used to destroy Air Defences and Queens.

When using Queen Walk for loot, ensure that you have some protection for your Queen. The Queen’s ability has the same effect as Queen of the Night, but you have to be careful as it can be targeted and knocked out by Area of Effect traps. Another way is to use an Eagle Artillery nearby, but don’t forget to make sure the Queen is under cover or protected.

Before you use a Town Hall, defend it from enemies. This is a sure-fire way to get free loot in town hall 8. But make sure that you don’t get too greedy when using this method. Otherwise, you’ll pay more than you should for loot in town halls. It’s a very effective strategy and is very powerful.

Using Town Hall 7 to attack a town hall with eight players for loot

Using your Town Hall 7 to attack a Townhall 8 player for loot can be a profitable way to gain extra gold. You can shoot them at a more challenging level to defeat, and it is much quicker than trying to sneak past them. In addition to attacking the opponents, you can also earn trophies by killing them. This strategy is very effective in the game’s early stages and requires you to be careful.

TH7 is one of the most accessible levels to farm as far as farming is concerned. Before this level, it was tough to raid other players’ bases because TH7 players would often wipe yours clean. The most significant benefit of this level is that you will have more time to upgrade your units, which means more loot. In addition, TH7 gives you an extra Army Camp, which is excellent for increasing the size of your army.

To maximize loot from a town hall attack, players should be at least in town halls with trophy ranges between 1,100 and 1,400. This range will ensure that they don’t run out of easy TH6 targets, and TH7 players can easily pick on TH8 players, who will have two thousand Dark Elixir to steal.

Using your Town Hall 7 to attack a Townhall 8 player for loot is easy when you know the best tactics. You need first to clear the opposing clan castle, then deploy hogs. This attack strategy is known as GiWiHe, and it is a simple, effective strategy. The Giants can distract your opponent’s defenses while your healers can easily counter their attacks.

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