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Bathing In Chocolate Dessert for Mother's Day!

Bathing in Chocolate Dessert...Ahh, chocolate. Isn't it every woman's fantasy to be able to bathe herself in chocolate? Well you might not be able to but you can share the fantasy with this whimsical cookie dessert. Doesn't she look comfortable? Don't you wish you were her? 

This funny little dessert is actually rather easy to pull together. I designed it about 10 years ago and decided it was time to show it off again. The cookie is a basic sugar cookie with icing that has been strategically placed in a bowl of chocolate pudding.  No fancy knowledge of cookie decorating is needed. You will be using 1 batch of icing divided in half and colored two different colors and chocolate sprinkles and red sprinkles for the face.

The taste is simple but satisfying and presentation is perfection. While I designed this for Mother's Day feel free to use it at anytime of year. 

Use your favorite sugar cookie reciepe or this one from allrecipes.

 Pre-heat the oven to 375 F.

Bathing in Chocolate Dessert Instructions

I did a design on card stock and cut that out to use as a cookie template. It is easy to design the cookie. The head is a 1-1/4 inch circle, draw a neck and then draw a 3 inch circle. (I used the rim of a vase and a small bowl to make the circles). Draw a line across the top third of the circle and you now have the basic shape of the head, neck and shoulders.

Draw hair on either side of the top of the forehead and then on either side of the head to the shoulders. Add a 2 inch base to the bottom of the shoulders. 

When the cookie is in the pudding the shoulders will be visible and the base will support the cookie so it will not sink into the pudding. Decide which bowl you will be using and place the template into it checking that the base is not too long. Draw a pair of crescents to represent closed eyes and a crescent as a smile. You will be using these as a guide.

Flour your rolling surface and roll out the dough. Place your cookie template on it and using a small knife cut around the template. Remove the excess dough and using a spatula place the dough on a cookie sheet and bake for 8 minutes (approx) at 375 F.

Let the cookie cool completely. Don't worry if the cookie looks a bit mis-shapened at this point. The icing will fix everything.

I use this Allrecipes icing recipe because I find I can halve and quarter it without any problem.

Divide the icing into two bowls and color one bowl light pink (or whatever other tone you would like.  

The smallest amount of food coloring will be enough, just a tiny bit on the tip of a toothpick) and one yellow (or what ever hair color you would like). Outline face with icing using the template as a guide and flood area. Place the icing in an icing bag with that has a small tip.If you have 2 Reusable Couplers it will make the job easier.

Outline the hair area with the yellow icing and flood that area with the icing.

I used chocolate sprinkles for the eyes. Find two chocolate sprinkles that have a slight curve to them. If they are too long then carefully with a knife cut them down. Use a pair of clean tweezers to put the eyes in place. When you are satisfied to their placement gently press them into the icing.

I used a red sprinkle for the mouth. Find a large red sprinkle with a curve and again using the tweezers put it in place and gently press into the icing.

Let the icing set for an hour.

If you have a great recipe for chocolate pudding make it up but I decided to use a store bought instant pudding.

I used my Corelle Livingware 12-Ounce dessert bowls as they were the perfect size. (I use these for so many different things, dipping sauces, individual nut dishes, as a small soup bowl etc.)

 I first filled the bowl with water and measured how much was used so I would know how much pudding to make. Following the instructions prepare the pudding, pour into the bowl and let it set until firm. Carefully slide the cookie into the bowl on an angle. If you find the cookie is too long then gently pull it out and with a knife cut the bottom of the cookie and replace it into the pudding. I jiggled the pudding so it would cover the front of the cookie.

Don't put the cookie into the pudding more than an hour before you are going to serve it as the cookie could become very soft.

You don't have to just make these for Mother's Day, you could  make several for a Spa Party or make one for a friend who is feeling under the weather or for yourself. If you can't bathe yourself in chocolate you should at least be able to indulge in some!