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Back To My First Love

Twelve years ago as I was wrapping up my career as an antique dealer I started a website.

I've always written even though I didn't follow it as a career when I was younger because I never thought I would be good enough or have something important enough to say.

Over the years I realized that not everything that is written needs to be deep, thought provoking and intense. There are many times that light, interesting and fun is just what is needed.

I have had many different careers but always in the background I continued to write and for a time I even did so professionally for a newspaper. What finally pushed me to start my website was that I had sent an article idea to a prominent magazine and got a very nice reply saying that they couldn't use the idea but please continue to send more. About a year later I was sitting in a waiting room and casually glanced through the same magazine to see my idea used in the magazine with the editors by-line.

I wanted to protect my writing so the idea was that I would continue to pitch my ideas to magazines and if they were not accepted then I would print them in my website. 

But I loved writing for my website where I had total control and after a while lost interest in writing for magazines. While the writing came easily for me the technical part did not. I knew virtually nothing about how to build a website or anything about social media and the learning curve was painful. There were many times that I would howl at the computer in frustration because I could not understand what was going wrong.

Just at a time when everything seemed to be coming together and I was making a success of my website, I had a weekly podcast, I had the outline of several books,  I became ill. I actually became very, very, ill and the next 5 years were spent having numerous surgeries.

I tried to keep my website going but life kept getting in the way and there were other projects and commitments that I had to put my energies towards. But in the background I always thought, when I have the time I would really like to reboot my website.....

Life, is unexpected. As I write this on April 15th 2020 like most of you I am in self isolation with my family. All my projects and commitments have been put on indefinite hold and some of them will never happen now. I opened up my website a few days back thinking I would give it a quick tidy and update and fell in love with it all over again.

I have never stopped designing, creating and thinking about how to live life with more style than cash, I just stopped taking pictures and writing about it. 

So I am back. I am back to the original concept of this website that has both a daily blog and articles on creative ways to live with more style than cash. I am going to be putting back original posts that were removed when I switched my web host and the posts didn't transfer.  I am going to ask you to have a little bit of patience as I work out some technical glitches and update some older posts. 

I did finish two of my e-books, one which is still available on Amazon, Kobo and many other devices (Make Inexpensive Gift Baskets That Look Expensive) and I am thinking of dusting off some of my other ideas...but I will be writing more about that later.

I am also going to be trying an new medium for me and start posting on Instagram morestylethancash. It will be an easy way from me to keep you up to date on projects that I will be writing about or just share easy ideas that you can do.

So wherever you are in the world right now, I hope that you and yours are keeping safe and I look forward to writing for you ideas and projects on how you can live life with More Style Than Cash.