Attack Strategies For Town Hall 4

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After upgrading the Town Hall, a player must concentrate on farming and looting. He can use cheap troops to do this. There are two types of farming attacks; the first targets gold collectors, and the second target elixir collectors and storage. The third type focuses on dark elixir. These are the most common types of attacks in Town Hall 4.

Queen’s Walk

If you’re unsure how to use the Queen’s Walk, you should try it out on practice games before the actual game. The attack strategy involves placing the Queen at the right corner of your base and having your healers do their job. It would help if you kept an eye on the Queen to make sure she’s not being damaged. You can also use a Rage Spell to increase your Queen’s healing speed.

You should never forget that a Queen’s Walk attack can fail if you don’t make the right moves. Make sure to watch replays and analyze what you did wrong. If it’s your first time using this attack strategy, it may be a good idea to wait for strategic targets and if you think it’ll help you to get the highest score. However, it would help if you tried to avoid wasting resources on useless buildings.

A Queen’s Walk attack strategy is one of the most common starting strategies in a war. It starts with the Queen and five healers. Then, you deploy rage spells to deal damage and scout the walk line. Try not to get in the range of a single-target inferno or cc. After all, your Queen will be in the middle of the fight, and your healers will be able to replenish her health faster.

Electro Dragoon

One of the most common strategies for attacking with Electro Dragaloon is funneling. This attack strategy makes use of heroes and Minions. When placed at the corners of your base, they cover a large area and provide an excellent line of defense. The most important part of the electro drag strategy is the funnel. However, if you do not have enough experience to use a funnel, you can use other troops to cover the army.

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You can also use your Warden with Electro Dragaloon to help clear out enemy air defenses. Just make sure that you use it near the single-target infernos. This will prevent them from being able to clog your base with heat. Moreover, do not use Skeleton Traps at this point, as they will make your opponents’ base more vulnerable.

The Electro Dragaloon is an effective troop for th11. This attack is ideal for anti-3* bases, as it allows your troops to go underground until they’re close to a building. The advantage of this attack strategy is that it can help you get three stars and use it in multiplayer attacks or clan wars. It would help if you had a high Archer Queen in your army to make this work.

Baby Dragons

There are many ways to use baby dragons. Depending on the type you have, they can help funnel troops into the center of your base, or they can tank the air bomb. Baby dragons are excellent for tanking, and when combined with balloons, they are highly effective against Seeking Air Mines. Just make sure to keep an eye out for Air Defenses, though. This attack strategy is ideal for small bases.

The Baby Dragons are an excellent option for CC. While they take up half of the space of a Dragon, they can deal almost as much damage as the complete Dragon. They can be used alongside ground troops, which frees up space for premium CC troops. Here’s why Baby Dragons are an excellent option:

Baby Dragons can take out buildings and prepare the Queen for funneling. If deployed with a Queen Walk, they’ll destroy Air Mines and provide a boost to the Queen. However, they don’t steal Healers from the Queen and take half of the Baby Dragon’s housing space. If you don’t have the freedom to place Baby Dragons, you can use balloons instead. Balloons will do the same job as a Baby Dragon, but they cost half the amount.

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Giga Inferno

You should know its limitations if you consider using Giga Inferno in your attack strategy. While it can be an excellent option to wipe out smaller enemy troops, it can also significantly hurt larger ones. You can avoid the effects of the explosion by utilizing the Grand Warden’s Eternal Tome ability. This spell can also freeze enemy troops and cause significant damage. To minimize the impact of the Haze of Ice, you can also burrow troops near your Town Hall before the explosion occurs.

The Giga Inferno has five upgradeable levels. Each level provides more devastation, but at level 3, it shines. This tower explodes when Town Hall 13 reaches zero hit points. The explosion deals damage to any enemy units within its range. You get the ice haze bonus effect if you upgrade this tower to level three. When upgraded to level four, it slows down enemy units for a short time.

The Giga Inferno is an effective defensive building. It works like a multi-mode Inferno Tower and can deal damage over time to a large number of enemies. Giga Inferno is a great tool to add weight to your base and kill large numbers of attackers. You can also upgrade it to the town hall 13 levels, which improves its defensive capabilities. The next step is to find sufficient resources to boost the Giga Inferno.

Giga Tesla

A Giga Tesla is a great way to attack your opponent’s, Town Hall. When it is level 1, it is easy to activate it and deal significant damage. However, Giga Tesla can only be started when your Town Hall is damaged and is no longer a defensive building. To minimize the damage, you deal with Giga Tesla; you should take advantage of Grand Warden’s Eternal Tome.

A Giga Tesla’s trigger is inspired by the King’s Tower from Clash Royale. When upgraded, this defense will not defend itself, so you can use the Freeze Spell to stop it from causing damage to your troops. Once you upgrade your Town Hall, you can replace it with another defensive option, the Giga Inferno. But this attack strategy is only effective if you’ve built the proper defenses.

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You can use Giga Tesla to deal massive damage to your opponents. It can cause up to ten damaged tiles and take most of your army. You can also use Freeze Spell to stop Giga Tesla attacks, but you should remember that level 5 explosions are immune to freezing, so you can still use Giga Tesla. Therefore, you should carefully plan your attack strategy to maximize its potential.

Inferno Towers

The Inferno Tower is a powerful offensive tool that can disrupt the majority of an opponent’s offensive strategy. Because the Tower of Babel can only attack one troop at a time, it is recommended to spread your troops out to protect them. This way, you will be able to minimize the damage done to your entire army. Use 6 Giants, Bowlers, Miners, Hog Riders, and Valkyries to protect your weaker troops. When attacking the Inferno Tower, use Skeleton Spells to distract the flame so that you can drop more soldiers nearby.

Another good attack strategy for Inferno Towers is to use heroes to destroy air defenses. You should deploy your Stone Slammer and Lava Hounds near the air defense and the Balloons. It would help if you also used the leftover Lava Hound on the opposite side to take out the inferno towers. This attack strategy requires a lot of practice but can earn you three stars in multiplayer and clan wars. However, it would help if you had a high-level Archer Queen to use this attack tactic effectively.

Inferno Towers can effectively destroy a single enemy village or an entire town. However, they must be reloaded periodically to remain effective. Unlike other towers, they use Dark Elixir instead of elixir and take two minutes and eight seconds to deplete their ammunition. Inferno Towers are an excellent option for farming, but they require careful planning to ensure that you have them appropriately equipped.

Defending Eagle Artillery

Defending Eagle Artillery is an effective attack strategy in Town Hall 4. The main reason for supporting this powerful troop is to create a dead zone around it, which can be easily broken by strafing it. Its hitpoint density is relatively high, so it can easily overwhelm an attacking force. You can spread out your troops to prevent this dead zone and keep the Eagle Artillery focused on attacking the enemy tanks.

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The Eagle Artillery is a fantastic attack strategy in Townhall 4. This unit can target formidable enemies with its exploding shells. It is not active until you have a large number of troops deployed. As an attack strategy, you should be sure to activate it when you’ve already deployed your main army. Eagle Artillery starts after 180 or 200 troop spaces.

When deploying this troop, it’s essential to keep it in a neutral area, away from the enemy Queen or Clan Castle. By doing so, you can quickly gain value inside your base. You can also support your Eagle Artillery with Air Defense to destroy air troops. You can also cover its blind spot by building a Wizard Tower. Another essential thing to remember when defending Eagle Artillery is to offset your Eagle Artillery to keep firing even when your troops have a lot of value inside your base.

When choosing the proper army for your T11 build, the strategy is the most important thing to consider. Most of the best TH 11 attacking units are in Clash with Ash. Another great army for the 11 is the BoWitch army. This army is powerful and effective in 3-star attacks. Here are some strategies you can try:

Hybrid attack with hogs and miners

Read this article if you’ve ever wondered how to make a hybrid attack with hogs and miners. This method will help you get maximum gold in no time! You can start by preparing your hogs and miners for battle. Once you’re ready, you can choose to use them in a hybrid attack. You should use one of each type to maximize the amount of gold you’ll earn.

Zap Dragon attack strategy

If you want an attack strategy to 3-star almost any TH11 base, Zap Dragon is the one for you. This TH11 attack strategy can tear down a floor in mere seconds. To get the most out of this attack, level your Clan Castle above 7.

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Whether you choose to use CC or rage+healing spells, they can be deployed from behind dragons. This can help you get to the most profound air defense structure and use magic spells to hit it. If your opponent uses air defenses to block your attack, use CC troops to penetrate this structure and CC spells to deal with the farthest one. If your team is defending a base with the most profound air defense structure, you can use a lightning spell to strike it.

Stone Slammer attack strategy

A powerful attack strategy for Town Hall 11 (TH11) is the Stone Slammer. This hero can be acquired from your Clan Castle and effectively against most TH11 bases. Stone Slammer requires you to destroy two Air Defenses, Lightning spells, and two earthquakes to 3-star the ground. Your heroes should kill the first hitbox of the Stone Slammer attack before moving on to the second hitbox.

The second part of the Stone Slammer attack strategy involves destroying the last remaining Air Defense. This means that your main army must destroy the air defenses. Using the Stone Slammer, you can damage these units and activate your Grand Warden’s ability to destroy them. Once you’ve killed the last Air Defense, you can deploy your dragons. This attack strategy also works well against the Archer Queen and Eagle Artillery.

Baby Drag attack strategy

The Baby Drag is a versatile TH11 hero that works in any village. It’s especially good at Town Hall level 9 and 10, where most players have trouble gaining stars. This level of TH11 also has Eagle Artillery, which can kill heroes with maximum level. You can use a Baby Drag attack strategy to counter this powerful TH11 hero. The Baby Drag attack strategy also works well against Freeze, Rage, and Jump heroes.

The first step of the Baby Drag attack strategy is to take out the enemy’s air defense. The air defense should be based in the center of your base. It would help to take out the enemy’s cc troops and sweepers. In addition, the electro drag is the most potent attack in th11.

Super Archer attack strategy

The Super Archer is one of the most dangerous heroes in the game. The archer has significantly increased arm agility, and her arrows can penetrate buildings. Moreover, she can perform one-shot attacks to send enemy troops flying off the map. The following strategies help play Super Archer. The Super Archer attack strategy for th11 includes using “Angel of Deployment” and buildings as cover.

A good Super Archer attack strategy for th11 will make use of the long-range attack of the unit. To get the most out of this strategy, it is essential to destroy any Eagle artillery and deploy Archer Queen and 5 Healers. Super Archers should be deployed in the same direction as the Archer Queen, and healers should take turns to protect her. If you are using Archer Queen and Archers as a tank, you can also use Witches to help extend the lifespan of your archers. They can also be helpful for out-ranging certain defenses and moving through bases quickly.

A Super Archer attack strategy can help you dominate almost every TH11 base in the game. You can get the Stone Slammer from Clan Castle and use it to help you three-star most of the grounds. The first step in this attack strategy is to destroy two lightning spells and two earthquake spells. Then, use your heroes to attack the other two defenses with a Rage spell.

After upgrading the lab and the regular archer, you can unlock the Super Archer. Depending on the level of the Archer, it will take a few days to boost your archer. Once fully upgraded, you can fire a single arrow penetrating multiple buildings. This way, you can deal damage to several buildings at once. And, if your opponent’s super archer has a high-level Archer, he can quickly destroy them and cause havoc.

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