I have always believed that elegance and style have almost nothing to do with money. (Yes you need a bit to get going but not as much as you think.)

I have worked as an antique dealer, florist, in high end retail, the food industry and as a small business consultant. I have learned from people and business that throwing a lot of money at something does not make it better.

You need to think creatively.

Everything that I write about is from the heart. I have used all the suggestions that I tell you about, all the decorating tips I share, all the recipes that I post, all the gift suggestions and party ideas that I show you.

If it doesn't work for me I don't write about it for you.

I love luxury and I find many ways to bring it into my life without spending huge amounts of money. I think everyone deserve luxury in their lives.

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I love figuring out perfect inexpensive gift ideas so I can give the ultimate affordable gift that I know people will love.

Do you have a mountain of gifts that you need to buy every year and you don't know what to get anyone?

Here is my suggestions for all sorts of gift giving that look fabulous and are appreicated but don't cost a fortune.

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