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25 Things My Mother Taught Me

Here are 25 things my mother taught me that will always stay with me. What I have left out of this list is how she would tell me. Most often in her native language of Estonian but also in her beautiful accented English. She had a beautiful speaking voice and it was one of the many things people admired about her.

When my daughter left for university I keep wondering if I have told her everything she needed to know.

Like my mother and grandmother before me I seem to be a fountain of constant information (so my daughter tells me) and yes, she has heard this all before.

Quite frankly it is what mothers do, try to make sure that their kids are prepared for when they leave the nest. So I thought it would be most appropriate to share this list for Mother's Day.

25 Things My Mother Taught Me

1.Our life is made up of small moments, never be too busy to enjoy them.

2. Understand that you can not spend more money that you make and continue to be happy.

3.If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

4. Procrastination robs you of your happiness.

5. No matter how painful a situation you will feel better someday and it is often sooner than you think.

6. Your health matters, never take it for granted.

7. Make good food a priority in your life.

8. People will judge you on how you look so always be neat and tidy.

9. Keeping your home clean matters. Make your bed every morning and have a clean kitchen every night. It will make you feel in control.

10. Always make sure you get the credit for the work you have done.

11. Keep your resume up to date, you never know when opportunities will appear.

12. Be curious, about life and people. Things are not always how they seem.

13. Always be polite and kind to the people that serve you, they take as much pride in their work as you do in yours.

14. You can't do it all by yourself all the time.

15. Make use of all the technology around you. We live in amazing times.

16. Keep everything you own in good repair.

17. Keep in touch with your friends, it is easy for years to slip by without seeing them.

18. Keep up to date with what is going on in the world, stay informed.

19. Never let anyone have complete control over your money.

20. Television (and internet) can be addictive, don't watch them mindlessly.

21. Don't bring things into your life that you don't have the time to look after properly (plants and pets).

22. Always trust your instincts and your first impressions. Even if they are not 100 percent true there will be a sliver of truth to them.

23. Men overrate their abilities by 30 percent while women underrate their abilities by 30 percent. Know your own value, it's more than you think.

24. Successful people learn from other people's successes and admire them instead of envying them.

25. Moisturize.