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Presidents Day Place Cards Printable

Print out blank presidents day place cards and fill them with fun facts about each president. Then, use the cards as flashcards to remind your guests about the various presidents. You can print out the blank presidents day place cards on card stock and cut them out, or use construction paper and lamination to make them durable. For a more impressive presentation, laminate the cards for extra durability. Once they are dry, you can use them as presidents day place cards at a formal dinner party.

To celebrate Presidents Day, consider printing out these place cards in red, white, and blue, and addressing them to your guests. This way, everyone will have a chance to see which one of the four presidents is seated next to them. It’s a wonderful way to honor our country’s presidents and show your national pride. For more ideas, check out our printable place cards! These are perfect for any special event. They’re also great keepsakes and can be kept for years.

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