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How to Make a Beaded Bubble Wand

Trying to make a beaded bubble wand? You can do it at home! First, gather your supplies. You will need pipe cleaners and wooden beads. Then, cut the cording into lengths that will fit on a dowel or a piece of wood. You can buy wooden beads from a craft store or purchase them online. Once you have assembled your materials, you will be ready to begin making your own beaded bubble wand.

Begin by combining two different types of beads. Place a few beads on each end of the pipe cleaner. Try to make a pattern, if possible. After the beads have been placed, fold up the bottom half of the pipe cleaner. You can then dip the end of the wand into the soap mixture and blow bubbles with it! Be creative! Be creative and have fun! By following these simple steps, you can make a beaded bubble wand that is both fun and functional.

Next, you will need a container of bubble solution. You can purchase this solution at Target or on the Internet. A funnel is helpful as it will help pour the unused solution back into the bottle. You can also wrap a pipe cleaner around the bubble wand to hold more bubble solution. This method will make the wand more durable and longer-lasting. You can even make your own bubble solution if you’d like!

Perler beads are another easy craft material. You can purchase unique shapes at Michael’s craft stores. You can use them for many other crafts as well. Keep your eyes open for more posts featuring this wonderful material. If you’re a crafty kid, make one of these adorable DIY bubble wands to give as a gift! It’s perfect for both kids and adults! So get crafting and enjoy the summer!

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Next, you’ll need wire. You can purchase this product online or from craft stores. You’ll need two wires that are approximately 3 inches wide and eighteen inches long. Once you have your wires, twist them together to make a loop in the middle. You’ll need to make the loop large enough to form a shape. Be sure to buy enough wire to make the wand long enough.

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