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How to Sew Bunting For Canada Day Decorations

To make Canada Day bunting, you can follow these steps. Fold the card stock horizontally and use the two top corners of the sheet as a guide. Then, draw two lines from the top corners of the rectangle to the centre. Once you have cut the piece in half, fold it into triangles. To embellish the bunting, apply crochet lace trimming to the triangles with a hot glue gun. Apply the glue in a non-uniform fashion. Next, hot glue buttons to the triangles.

Canada Day bunting can be hung anywhere you want. You can hang it on a mantel or behind a food station. The bunting gives the table a charming feel, and you can decorate it further by placing Canadian-themed foods on the buffet table. It will be a great addition to your Canada Day celebration. If you are unsure how to sew Canada Day bunting, you can check out this step-by-step guide.

You can use repurposed materials to make your bunting. The fabric should be about an inch wide. Fold the blue fabric in half to create a hem of about half an inch. Repeat for the white fabric. Then, fold the white fabric over the blue swag. This time, make sure that the hemmed edge is on the front side. Once you have folded the fabric, pin it in place. Sew the center pleat by hand, as it will be too thick for a sewing machine.

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