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How to Make an Easy Heart Shaped Box For Valentines Printable

If you want to make a box for your loved one this Valentine’s Day, here are some simple steps. You can use the printable templates from the internet or make your own. After you have chosen the template, you can cut it out. You can use scissors to make the box or a craft knife to cut it out. First, cut the sides and insert the hearts. Now, you can cover the tabs with decorative paper.

Fold the side pieces to form the lid. The good side should be facing down. Put glue along the inside edge. Then, fold the tab along the fold line and glue it around the edge of the heart. Cut off the fringe on the right side of the heart. Now, you can put a heart-shaped box with its lid inside. Once you have completed making the heart-shaped box, give your loved one a heart-shaped gift.

Cut out the hearts. There are a variety of heart-shaped patterns available on the internet. The most popular ones are 3D heart-shaped boxes. You can also try using heavy cardstock for this project. If you want to create a scalloped version, use decorative acetate. Using acetate to make the heart-shaped box will add a fun twist to the project. Also, the bow material should be easy to bend.

To line the box, cut a heart-shaped piece of felt from scraps. Make sure to cut it to the right size so that it fits perfectly inside the box. You can add a small lock or a bow and glue it on top of the heart. Once the box is lined, you can decorate it with ribbon or silk flowers. You can use any color of ribbon you have available to match the theme of the gift.

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Another way to make a heart-shaped box for Valentine’s Day is to use recycled cardboard or your favorite patterned duct tape to create the shape. It can be a great way to package a small gift or even a secret admirer mailbox for kids. Either way, this project is easy to make and makes a great family activity. Make it a point to decorate the box with different colors or patterns.

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