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Christmas Pinecone Teddy Bear Tutorial

If you’re interested in making a beautiful and unique Christmas pinecone teddy bear, look no further than this tutorial. Not only will it provide you with the knowledge needed to make one of these adorable decorations, it’s also safe enough for your little one to tackle. If you’re unsure about the glue needed to stick the pinecones together, use an adult-grade glue and remember to keep small children out of reach.

Once you’ve gathered enough pinecones for your craft, you’ll need a large paper plate or other flat surface to work on. After gathering the pine cones, apply a thin layer of puffy paint in swirls and squiggles. Then, sprinkle with loose craft glitter. Allow to dry completely. Once the craft has dried, you can hang your pine cone decorations to celebrate the season.

Another adorable Christmas pinecone teddy bear craft is a penguin! This cute little craft uses a pine cone as the body and a wooden bead for the head. Once the pinecone is dry, you’ll need some felt or pipe cleaners to make the penguin’s beak and wings. Finally, you’ll need twine to hang your finished penguin.

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