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Spirograph Cards

Spirograph cards are a great way to create custom greetings. You can purchase a kit that includes 8 cards and four sheets of punch-out shapes and borders. You can also purchase a set of gift tags that can be used as gift wrapping. You can also purchase several different radii and use these to create multiple patterns on one card. This fun craft kit is suitable for kids ages six and up. It is also available in a set that comes with fine-line pens and ribbon.

The Spirograph Card Making Kit comes with everything you need to get started making beautiful, unique cards. You’ll receive eight cards, 8 envelopes, 4 punch-out shapes, three sheets of adhesive foam squares, and a pen. You’ll also receive a set of stickers and full-color cards to decorate your cards. If you want to add more embellishments to your cards, you can buy additional Spirograph drawing sets.

Spirograph designs can also be used in sophisticated craft projects. A rainbow of Spirograph designs can be made on old book pages, or you can follow the instructions on Kahootz Toys’ Instagram page. You can also follow the Spirograph collage tutorial from Kahootz Toys or create your own with free patterns from Flash Bug Studio. These are two great sources of inspiration for Spirograph patterns and tips.

A general parametric representation of a spirograph is y = rt-a cos(t) where R is the radius of the rolling circle and a is the distance between the point P and the center of the circle. A spirograph drawing has a constant height and ratio based on the radius of the circle. The spirograph system includes a stencil with simple figures and a fixed circle.

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