Printable Black and White Wrapping Paper

Printable Black and White Wrapping paper is a fun way to wrap a gift. The modern look of black wrapping paper can be appropriate for someone who just doesn't like fussy gift wrap paper. Alternate stripes, thick stripes, dots and zigzags are the patterns that you can print out. Perfect for the minimalist in your life.

This wrapping paper is used in my book, Make Inexpensive Gift Baskets that look Expensive, to make small bags in the gift baskets.

Printable Black and White Wrapping Paper Printing Tutorial

The gift wrap is in PDF form so just click on the style that you want below and print it our on your printer or store it on your computer and have it printed out at a print shop.

As this is printed out on your printer the size of the sheet will be 8.5 x 11 inches, which is fine to wrap a small box or to make a small bag.

If you need a larger sheet of paper then print out 4 of them to make a sheet of 17 x 22 inches. You can print out as many sheets as you need to make large sheets of paper to cover any size gift. 

Depending on the type of printer that you are using you might have to lay the sheets of paper out flat for a few minutes for the ink to dry. This usually isn't a problem.

If I have several gifts to wrap for the same person I like mixing up which gift wrap I use on which gift. It add a bit of variation to the gifts while still making them look unified.

This looks particularly good if you have graduating sized boxes that you stack on top of each other. 

To keep with the modern minimalist look you don't have to add a bow... but if you just have to add a bow consider using a colored bow in white, red or gold. 

A black and white polka dot bow would look great on any of these wrapping papers

This paper is great to use in last minute emergencies, have a gift you need to give at the office but no paper? Print off one of these designs and you are set!

This timeless Printable Black and White Wrapping paper is definitely one of the gift wraps that you should have on hand.

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