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More Style Than Cash Podcasts

Social Climbing for Fun And Profit#content_48983823

Social Climbing sounds like something from the 1920's but it is alive and well and is now called networking. Ingrid Talpak talks about the 10 things you absolutely need to know about social climbing, how social climbing is not a dirty word and how social climbing can help you lead a more fun and interesting life. For program notes read her post Social Climbing for Fun and Profit

Is Your Luxury Worth It?

We all deserve a little luxury in our lives, the big and little things that make us feel fabulous, but is your luxury worth it? For the money that you are putting out are you getting the biggest bang for your buck luxury wise? Ingrid Talpak talks about honing in on the luxuries that bring you the most joy, money sucking luxuries and how not to get trapped in financing someone else’s ideas of luxury.

Valentine's Day From Jet Set to Budget

There is a lot of pressure on Valentine's day if you are trying to impress, how do you even start to pull together a great Valentine's day that will live up to the image?  From Jet Set to Budget Ingrid Talpak talks about great ideas that will make you Valentine's Day memorable. Even if you are not with someone with year, treat yourself with these fabulous Valentine’s Day ideas.

Logistics of Living Well

What are the secrets of living well? Logistics can be your best bet when you want to live the life you have always dreamed. Ingrid Talpak talks about some of the logistics you can follow to start living a more exciting life and gives some of her insider secrets on how she lives well without spending a lot of money.

One Minute Organizing

January is the month that everyone seems to be organizing and stores push their products of clutter control. But is the organizing mantra that everyone following doomed to fail? Like the diet industry is it just setting you up to buy more products? Ingrid Talpak talks about One Minute Organizing a no nonsense approach to truly organize your life. She talks about the organizing pitfall that everyone is susceptible to and how to use everyday products that you already own to organize your life.

Making Money On Antiques?

As requested this week Ingrid talks about her years in the antique business. From how she got started to some of the tricks of the trade she discusses if the antique business could be profitable to get into now. What are the pit falls and what are the payoffs? An enlightening show for anyone who is interested in making money with antiques.

Living With Luxuries

The French have a saying that “It’s impossible to overdo luxury.”

Luxuries help make life feel so much better when you are going through tough times or when you just need to pamper yourself. Ingrid Talpak talks about how no matter how tight money might be there are many things that you can do to give your life luxury. She also discusses the things that you must have before you can actually enjoy luxuries.

What are your favorite luxuries? Share them on More Style Than Cash.com

Get The Most Use From Your Stuff

Are the things that you own living up to their full potential. Are you even using them right? When was the last time you read the instructions to the electronics that you own. In this fun talk Ingrid Talpak helps you rediscover the wonders in your own home. takes you through a tour of the items in your home that you might not be getting the full benefit from and talks about how you can really utilize items that you already own.

What To Do If You HATE Your Gift

Got a gift that you truly hate and now want to know what you should do with it? Ever wonder why you keep getting truly horrible gifts? Ingrid Talpak talks about the perils of gift giving and receiving and why some people over and over again give horrible gifts.  With some sensible advice Ingrid will tell you what you can do with gifts that you hate and how you can help insure not to get them in the future

How To Find Your Joy

There has been much talk about how to find your joy and Ingrid Talpak believes that some things that keep getting repeated will end up making you ore unhappy in your life. In her unique style Ingrid list 8 ways to bring more joy into your life and while some of these ideas might make you think, others you might totally disagree with. Listen to this thought provoking show on How to Find Your Joy.

Gifts Under $5

Think getting anything good as a gift for under $5 is impossible? Think again. Ingrid Talpak helps you give great presents from the practical to the funky for under $5 that you will be happy to give and they will be delighted to receive.

From the fashionista to the little ones in your life there is something special that you can give that won't break the bank

High End Christmas Decorating Tricks

Every wonder how high end decorators get the WOW factor with their Christmas decorating? Ingrid Talpak in her former career as a florist shares the secrets that she uses to get the moneyed look. Find out how it doesn't cost a lot to have a spectacular Christmas display with these high end Christmas decorating tricks.

Great Inexpensive Gift Giving Ideas
Part Two

Christmas is coming and gift giving is on everyone's minds. What are great gifts and how do you get them without going broke? Ingrid Talpak talks about your gift giving strategies to get everyone gifts that they enjoy without going into debt. She has great ideas in this two part program, from the small to the big and when you need to think about not getting gifts at all.

Great Inexpensive Gift Giving Ideas Part One

Christmas is coming and gift giving is on everyone's minds. What are great gifts and how do you get them without going broke? Ingrid Talpak talks about your gift giving strategies to get everyone gifts that they enjoy without going into debt. She has great ideas in this two part program, from the small to the big and when you need to think about not getting gifts at all.

Saving Money on Fabulous Thanksgiving Entertaining 

 Make your Thanksgiving fabulous without splashing out a lot of cash! Ingrid Talpak talks about tricks from catering that help you have a great Thanksgiving dinner that will wow your guests but won't cost you a bundle. 

From where to pick up dishes at a great price to ending your meal with spectacular deserts this show is for both the expert hostess that wants to polish her presentation to the brand new host that has never invited anyone over to Thanksgiving before.

With the Ultimate Party Checklist and  free printable Thanksgiving place cards Ingrid helps you enjoy your Thanksgiving as much as your guests will.

Best Dressed Woman in The Room - Accessories

This second part of Best Dressed Woman in the Room deals with accessories. What are they and where can you find them at the best price. Ingrid Talpak takes you on a whirl wind of information on how you can look for and find great accessories at great prices, how to educate yourself to look for bargains and what common luxury accessory you should avoid. Ingrid also discusses her new book that will be available next spring.

Where to Buy Good Stuff Cheap

Always looking for a bargain? The mall isn't the only place that you can find good sales. If you want to find out Where to Buy Good Stuff Cheap Ingrid Talpak has the scoop on where some of the best bargains out there are. Go off the beaten path and find things up to 70% off or more on this insiders show on where to get great sale on quality goods. 

Motivation To Live With More Style Than Cash

What motivation do you need to live your ideal life? How do you start to live an amazing life with more style than cash?  Motivation is something that we all need at some point to get us back on track to the life and goals aspire to.

Ingrid Talpak has some great ideas and suggestions to get you living your life, a life filled with the things that you enjoy. Sometimes it just takes a little push to get you to an amazing place.

How To Be The Best Dressed Woman In The Room

Want to know how you can be the best dressed woman in the room regardless of circumstances, money or occasion? Ingrid Talpak talks about the 3 things every woman needs to know if she wants to dress well. This funny, insightful show will have you nodding your head in agreement and picking up the tips you need to be the best dressed woman in the room.

Losing Opportunities By Being Too Cheap

You pride yourself by being a savvy shopper and getting everything at the best price but are you losing opportunities by being too cheap? There is a big difference between cheap and inexpensive and not knowing the difference can be expensive.

Ingrid Talpak explores the idea of when not spending enough money can cost you in the end. From job promotions to your health, when doesn't it pay to be cheap.

How To Live An Upscale Life

Living an Upscale Life is not an impossible goal! Recognizing lifestyle inflation and deciding on the things in your own life that make you feel luxurious is how you start living a life that is perfect for you.

Ingrid Talpak talks about how most people are still trying to keep up with the Joneses and talks about how you will learn how to recognize the things that you get the most from. 

Learn to live an Upscale Life, without going broke.

Knockoffs- Savvy Money Saving Shopping or Bad Bargains 

Everyone knows about knockoffs, especially designer knockoff that let you have the same look as high end goods but at a fraction of the cost. So is buying knockoffs savvy shopping or are you getting bad bargains?

Ingrid Talpak of More Style Than Cash talks about the high end fashion business, why knockoffs became so popular and what is says about people who buy knockoff.  She also talks about where to get money saving deals on quality goods.

From funny stories about chasing down knockoffs to surprising information on where it can lead this show is a must hear for anyone who wants to look good without splashing out a lot of cash. For the money saving diva in all of us.

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