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The Ultimate Best Time To Buy Anything List

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The ultimate best time to buy anything listAre there best times in the year to buy things? You bet! I have pulled to together my Ultimate Best Times To Buy List for you.

As you are going through this list remember that I am writing for my particular area, that has cold weather November through March and school starts in September. If you live in a region that is different from mine then your best sales might be the month before or after I have listed here.

The best thing about knowing when sales will be on is how you can plan to use a sale item from one season and repurpose it for another (flip flops bought on clearance in August and Champagne bought on sale in December can be used for a Spa Party you hold in February) . You save money by planning and thinking outside the box.

So here is my list and if you have anything you would like to add I would love to hear from you!

Ten Ways to Bring More Luxury Into Your Life This Year

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ten ways to bring luxury  into your lifeEveryone deserves some luxury in their lives. We all have those things that just make us sigh and realize that life is wonderful.

Why not make it a goal to have more luxury in your life this years. 

Luxury doesn't necessarily mean expensive - some of the best luxuries just need a bit of planning.

So how about this year you tweak your thinking a little bit. Make luxury more of a priority in your life. 

Here is ten ideas of how to do it.

How To Sell Silver Plated Silverware and Flatware

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how to sell your silver plated silverware or flatware
Knowing how to sell silver plated silverware and flatware can at times be tricky. I was in the antique business for over 15 years (and I still dabble) and silverplate was one of the things that I loved to buy and sell.

I found that most people are not very knowledgeable about silver plate and there was a lot of misconceptions out there about how much you could sell silver plate and flatware for and where to sell silver plate and flatware.

It doesn't matter if you have a houseful or just a few items, it you are looking at selling silver plate  there are a few things that you should know so that you get the most cash for what you have.

Do's and Don'ts For Shopping At Thrift Stores

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do's and don'ts for shopping at thrift storesWhat are the do's and don'ts for buying at thrift stores?

You know that not everything in there is a treasure but you don't want to overlook any hidden gems either.

You can become an expert thrift store shopper knowing what the best strategies are.

No one can deny you can save money in thrift stores but you have to know how to spend smartly. 

How To Buy A Castle

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how to buy a castle
One of the main points of More Style Than Cash is to save you money on the small things so you can enjoy the really big things in life.

In case you have squirreled away a sizable chunk of change and was thinking about upgrading to  something a little more palatial I thought we could discuss the ins and outs of buying a castle.

Castles come up for sale more often than you would think and they are not like buying other properties as they have their own set of challenges you should know about.

Even if your budget doesn't let you splurge quite yet here are somethings to think about.

Shoe Repair - Ten Secrets From An Expert

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Shoe repair
Shoes can be heartbreaking. You find a gorgeous pair of shoes on sale in your size and life is glorious. But when a heel breaks, a strap snaps or a seam splits that joy can turn to regret and sorrow.

Your best friend can be a shoe repairman. But is there something you should know about shoe repair even before you lose your heart to those perfect pair of pumps.

Joe Goias of the Village Cobbler has been in the shoe repair business for over 25 years and has trained and worked with some of the best in the business. He has seen the good, bad and ugly in shoe repair and has a wealth of knowledge that he is always willing to share.

Here are his top 10 tips to get your most from your shoes and shoe repairs.

Ten Money Saving Things To Buy That Will Pay For Themselves

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things to buy to save money light bulbWe budget and we save and we still spend, spend, spend. No matter how smart and frugal you are there are items that you have to put money out for day after day, year after year.

You can tighten the rein on a lot of items you buy. Saving money is easier when you know what you should be buying in the first place that is money saving in the long run.

While sometimes you might be putting out a bit more money in the beginning your saving will be showing within a year.

So here is a list of ten things to buy to save money.
Knockoff curseThere is a joy to owning something that is made of quality. A Chanel bag, Gucci purse, Louboutin shoes. They shout to the world that you have money and style. But if you have to pinch pennies then the sad truth is that these items probably are out of your reach. 

Savvy counterfeiters know that people crave these expensive brands and over the years have flooded the market with knockoffs at affordable prices.

Fashion houses hate knockoff for many reasons, they are cheaply made, they ruin the brand and they take money away from the real thing.

While many fashion forward women will buy knockoffs with the justification that it really doesn't hurt anyone, new research is showing the person that gets hurt the most might be themselves. Owning a knockoff might be making you into a liar and a cheat.

Money Saving Basics - Stocking Your Home with Luxury- The Bathroom

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Stocking your bathroom with luxuryYou bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. It is also a money pit because you constantly need to restock it.

While saving money is one of your first concerns sometimes it makes sense to spend a little more to use quality items that last longer.

When should you save and when should you splurge when stocking your bathroom?

Here is my money saving ideas of how to stock up the basics for your bathroom.
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