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how to sell your clothes for cash
Selling or trading your clothes makes perfect sense if you want to re-coup some of the money that you have spent to maintain your wardrobe.

You might have clothes that were gifts and never worn, or clothes that you bought and then quickly discovered that they made you look terrible. 

You hate the idea of just giving it all away.

While many charities survive on the generous donations of clothes that are given to their thrift shops don't feel that you have no other options to get rid of your good quality clothes that you no longer need. You can make some cash from your closet.
Southworks Antiques Canada's Largest Indoor Antique MallSouthworks Antiques is Canada's largest indoor antique mall. It spans 30,000 square feet and has over 100 dealers.

If you love the thrill of the hunt then this is the place for you. It has everything from fine antiques to collectible comic books. 

Southworks is located in Cambridge Ontario, about one hour and 20 minutes from Niagara Falls or an hour from Toronto. 

Set in a former foundry building the 1800's limestone and timber structure is described as "Canada's most beautifully restored retail space."

Opened every day except for Christmas Day and New Year's Day it is a great place to visit and prowl around for a deal.

10 Free Things That Will Improve Your Life

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ten free things that will improve your lifeWe all want good stuff to happen to us, but you can't just sit around waiting for things to happen.

Taking charge with the smallest things can drastically change the quality of your life.

Our days our made up of little things that are strung together, so when you start changing those little things you start changing your life.

Here is a list of 10 free things that you can easily do that will improve your life. They just are small things that will just free up time, money or worry but they can change the course of your life.

Where to Buy Good Stuff Cheap - Part 2

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Where to buy good stuff cheap
In Where to Buy Good Stuff Cheap - Part 1 I listed numerous places where you could shop that you might not have thought about.

I am continuing the list of where to get great bargain.

While many people just drift off to the mall to do their shopping there is other alternatives and these places can save you a lot of money.

Here is part 2 of Where to Buy Good Stuff Cheap.

Where to Buy Good Stuff Cheap - Part 1

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Where to buy good stuff cheapIt's been 5 years since I originally wrote this list so I thought it was about time for an update.

Everyone wants to know where they can buy good stuff cheap and there are more places to shop than you would imagine.

For the savvy shopper there are so many other places to get top quality goods at a fraction of the cost that you would pay at the mall. 

It  might take a little more time but the savings can be so substantial that it is well worth it. The trick with most of these places is to be prepared with a list of what you need and don't be side tracked with deals you don't need but think are to good to pass up.

The Ultimate Best Time To Buy Anything List

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The ultimate best time to buy anything listAre there best times in the year to buy things? You bet! I have pulled to together my Ultimate Best Times To Buy List for you.

As you are going through this list remember that I am writing for my particular area, that has cold weather November through March and school starts in September. If you live in a region that is different from mine then your best sales might be the month before or after I have listed here.

The best thing about knowing when sales will be on is how you can plan to use a sale item from one season and repurpose it for another (flip flops bought on clearance in August and Champagne bought on sale in December can be used for a Spa Party you hold in February) . You save money by planning and thinking outside the box.

So here is my list and if you have anything you would like to add I would love to hear from you!

Ten Ways to Bring More Luxury Into Your Life This Year

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ten ways to bring luxury  into your lifeEveryone deserves some luxury in their lives. We all have those things that just make us sigh and realize that life is wonderful.

Why not make it a goal to have more luxury in your life this years. 

Luxury doesn't necessarily mean expensive - some of the best luxuries just need a bit of planning.

So how about this year you tweak your thinking a little bit. Make luxury more of a priority in your life. 

Here is ten ideas of how to do it.

How To Sell Silver Plated Silverware and Flatware

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how to sell your silver plated silverware or flatware
Knowing how to sell silver plated silverware and flatware can at times be tricky. I was in the antique business for over 15 years (and I still dabble) and silverplate was one of the things that I loved to buy and sell.

I found that most people are not very knowledgeable about silver plate and there was a lot of misconceptions out there about how much you could sell silver plate and flatware for and where to sell silver plate and flatware.

It doesn't matter if you have a houseful or just a few items, it you are looking at selling silver plate  there are a few things that you should know so that you get the most cash for what you have.

Do's and Don'ts For Shopping At Thrift Stores

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do's and don'ts for shopping at thrift storesWhat are the do's and don'ts for buying at thrift stores?

You know that not everything in there is a treasure but you don't want to overlook any hidden gems either.

You can become an expert thrift store shopper knowing what the best strategies are.

No one can deny you can save money in thrift stores but you have to know how to spend smartly. 

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